Theater: The Spanish Civil War
Nationality: Irish
Formation: Republic of Spain
Position: K Company Commander
Rank: Captain
Status: Retired


Captain Liem O'Callaghan was of Irish desent and played a large role in the civil wars that were fought within his own country. Well educated, the man was captivated by the ideal of socialism and when the opportunity presented itself to fight in Spain, he did just that. With his education and experience, he was given a company to command within the revelution. With the war wrapping an end, Captain O'Callaghans where abouts became unknown. Some say that he died in combat, others say he was snatched up for not being a hardline communist, and there are other rumors that he went AWOL and now lives in Ireland. Either case, he has kept a low profile after the war to where no one seems to know fully of the Captain's where abouts.

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