Niko Fisk


A lean, elfin fellow who must skip a lot of meals. He's short, roughly 165 centimetres tall. You judge him to be in his early twenties. His hair is an unkempt, wavy dark brown mess, his short beard unevenly trimmed. He has unremarkable blue eyes, high cheekbones, and a slender, slightly pointed nose. His lips form a thin line on his pale face. His teeth are brownish-yellow, possibly from overconsumption of salmiakki, poor dental hygiene, or both. His limbs seem almost disproportionately long, his fingers slender and hairy, almost simian. You notice that he's missing his right pinky and his left ring finger.

The top layer consists of a hooded white snow coat. A tattered fur cap is scrunched upon his head. On his body, he wears a thick wool overcoat a size too big, further exaggerating the lankiness of his limbs. Nondescript trousers hang loosely from his slim, bony hips. He has opted to tie a knot in his too-large canvas belt rather than punching new eyelets in it. A sheathed puukko dangles over his left thigh. His boots are worn, but at least appear to properly fit him.


Born in late 1915 or early 1916 in Juntusranta to Saku (father) and Ritva (mother). He had one sister, Taina, born 1906, who died in 1909 from tuberculosis. His father was a woodsman, and his mother divided her time between tending a small subsistence garden and working as a seamstress and tailor. It came as a surprise, then, that their child Niko should be born short in height and diminutive in musculature, his physique atypical of hardy peasant stock.

Because Niko was almost useless in all other regards, and the only surviving child, he spent more of his adolescence receiving an education and learning needlecraft and gardening from his mother. He's better read than most Finns, and had intended to somehow find a way to go to University abroad.

Niko served out his mandatory military service without distinction, and returned to his life with his parents in Juntusranta, helping to feed his parents by poaching whatever game he could, as he lacked knowledge of a marketable trade or the physique to perform strenuous manual labor.

Then the Soviets invaded…



Damage Inflicted & Received


  • Melee

@ Grenade

Left Chest 2

Right Chest 5 (Andrei)

Left Arm 3
Right Chest 6 (Dmitri)
Head 7 (Kazimir)

Right Arm 2
Right Arm 6
Left Leg 4
Right Leg 5
Right Leg 5*
Left Leg 2*
Right Hand 4*
Abdomen 5*
Head 5* (Drago)
Left Arm 8
Left Leg 4*
Left Arm 6*
Right Hand 5*

Right Hand 2
Right Arm 1

Left Leg 3
Left Arm 2
Right Arm 6

Right Arm 5
Head 3* (Bogdan)
Head 2*
Head 6* (Anton)

Right Arm 6
Right Leg 7
Right Arm 5
Right Leg 4
Right Chest 4
Right Leg 4
Right Chest 7 (Sasha)
Right Arm 4
Left Hand 5

Right Leg 3
Right Hand 7
Right Chest 8 (Ambrosii)
Right Leg 7
Left Arm 5
Left Hand 2@
Head 2@
Right Hand 4@
Left Leg 3@
Head 1@
Left Hand 4@
Abdomen 2@
Right Arm 3@
Right Arm 6@
Head 4* (Dmitri)
Left Arm 7 (Aleksei)

Right Leg 7
Left Chest 7 (Sasha)

Left Leg 3
Right Arm 5
Head 3* (Dog4)
Left Arm 3
Abdomen 1
Abdomen 6 (Kolenka)


Right Hand 7

Left Hand 8
Right Hand 7

Right Hand 4

Left Chest 4
Abdomen 2

Left Hand 5
Right Hand 1
Left Leg 3
Right Leg 4
Left Chest 8 (Yuri)


Andrei 1
Dmitri 2
Kazimir 1
Drago 1
Bogdan 1
Anton 1
Sasha 2
Ambrosii 1
Aleksei 1
Dog4 1
Kolenka 1

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