Night Recon by the Book

Night Recon by the Book - Heckenschutze

Coordinates : 4 6

There is something of a river valley here - more of a stream at this point. Hardy wildlife has cropped up on either side of the bank though. The conifers here are not tall, but they are amazingly tangled with branches making movement quite difficult in this compact area of woodland.

It is currently night time.

Sub-Rooms :
1. Front Line Trench
2. Slit Trench
3. Slit Trench

Bret - 1. Front Line Trench
Heckenschutze - 2. Slit Trench
Schwenkfeld - 1. Front Line Trench
Hans - 1. Front Line Trench
Kunze -2. Slit Trench
(#505) SfKfz. 251/1
(Item 1) Stielhandgranate Ranged Weapon / 3. Slit Trench
(Item 2) MG 34 Ranged Weapon / 3. Slit Trench
(Item 3) Granatenwerfer 36 Ranged Weapon / 3. Slit Trench
(Item 4) Flare Equipment / 3. Slit Trench
(Item 5) 50mm granatenwerfer x 32Ammo / 3. Slit Trench
(Item 6) 7.92-57 x 500 Ammo / 3. Slit Trench
(Item 7) 9mm Parabellum x 184Ammo / 3. Slit Trench
(Item 8) Flare Equipment / 1. Front Line Trench

Bret has partially disconnected.

Schwenkfeld looks over to Bret, "Out of water?" He gestures to the truck. "There's a keg of water in the back, but probably better than what's in the river."

Bret slips down into the trench and leans back against one of the walls, "I got some from the tent."

Schwenkfeld nods back. "Okay. Good, cause the days are hot down here."

Bret takes a sip of his water and ties the canteen back around his belt.
Bret picks up his rifle and turns around to lay on his stomach in the trench.
«Game» The enemy is near… Mount Olympus is now a war zone!

«Radio» <Company HQ radios> Forward OP, this is Company CP. We have a change of mission for your unit. Contact when able.

Bret looks up at Otto, "Where you going?"

Schwenkfeld moves towards the halftrack to apply more medicine to his hand. "Dressings need changing."

Heckenschutze says, "Shh, something coming in over the radio..hold on."

Schwenkfeld stops hearing that, pausing to look back to the radioman.

«Radio» <shadow 1 radios> Copy HQ **** by for orders.
«Radio» Heckenschutze radios, Copy HQ standing by for orders.

Heckenschutze fittle farts with the various knobs on the radio.

Schwenkfeld glances east while waiting for the report.

«Radio» <Company HQ radios> Aerial Recon has detected enemy activity in the wooded areas around 5,1. Deploy a small team to investigate the area and report any enemy activity in the area.

Heckenschutze says, "HQ wants us to send a small team to investigate the area at 5,1"

«Radio» <shadow 1 radios> Roger HQ read back send team to investigate 5,1 over
«Radio» Heckenschutze radios, Roger HQ read back send team to investigate 5,1 over

«Radio» <Company HQ radios> Roger. 5,1 and surrounding wooded areas.

Schwenkfeld groans but nods, "We will do it." His expression shows no thrill at the thought, wounded as he is.

«Radio» <shadow 1 radios> Copy HQ FOP over and ****
«Radio» Heckenschutze radios, Copy HQ FOP over and out.

Heckenschutze says "and the surrounding wooded areas." He purses his lips, "Someone hold a tarp so I can use a light to read the map by."

Schwenkfeld motions west, across the river. "Too rough for the truck. We'll have to head across the river on foot, then climb through the trees and rocks."

Heckenshutze looks at Schwenkfeld and says 5,1 is east.

Bret grabs his pack.

Heckenschutze gets under a tarp to hide the light light so he can read the map along with Schwenkfeld and Hans.

Schwenkfeld rechecks the map. "Oh", now that it's illuminated. He leans over the edge of the trench to peer in and see the details on the map. "On road ahead, at the next bend. Maybe quieter to scout on foot, no mines."

Heckenschutze says, "Here along the rocks on the other side of the road, yes?"

Heckenschutze looks at Bret and says with a smirk, "Do think you can keep your mouth shut long enough?"

Schwenkfeld motions due south, towards the river. "Wade through rocky creek, slow and quiet. If Greeks are there, they will expect the SS to drive on road."

Heckenschutze nods, "creek it is."

Heckenschutze readies his gear and says, "I'll take point. Remember, we are only to investigate, not engage."

Schwenkfeld nods too. The large man then turns to Hans, "Medic, are you coming along, Herr?" and to Bret, "This time must be quiet, move so we won't be seen before we see them."

Bret let's out a sarcastic sigh and follows it up with a nod to Otto.

Heckenschutze says "Ok as we move I'll keep eyes south, someone else watch east and it?"

Schwenkfeld nods a bit. "I will be looking east as we move."
Bret says "So we will be shooting them, yes?"

Schwenkfeld shakes his head to answer Bret. "No. We are doing recon. We sneak and look, not let them see us."

Heckenschutze says, "Ok Schwenkfeld and I will move one spot ahead, then give the all clear." He looks at Bret, "NO, only observe and report."
Bret lets out a mumble.

Heckenschutze switches out the light and folds up the map, "Ok Otto, lets go."

Schwenkfeld silently nods, already out of the trench himself.

Schwenkfeld checks to be sure he has a flare if needed, then his pistol and starts moving quietly down towards the riverbank's rocks with his rifle wielded.

Heckenschutze squats and peers out along the rivers edge before moving out.
Heckenschutze slips quietly down the slop and comes to rest beside a rock. He scans the area carefully.

Bret murmers a prayer before slapping some ammo into his rifle and standing ready.

Schwenkfeld starts advancing now, slowing lowering his boots foot by foot into the flowing water.

Schwenkfeld halts onces in the river, turning to look east.

Hans heads south with the others, as it were, keeping low to the ground, letting the riflemen sneak forward.

Heckenschutze slowly wades careful not to lift his foot from the water, making sure of his footing.

Schwenkfeld motions east, then gestures both hands from together to apart to signal clear.

Heckenschutze scans the southern approach.

Schwenkfeld holds here, waiting for Heckenschutze's signal.

Heckenschutze also gives the all clear sign.

Schwenkfeld nods, then starts moving up the swiftflowing small river's rocks again.

Schwenkfeld slowly steps on rocks and shallow pools, making sure his feet don't splash. Then, when far enough ahead, turns to scan the darkness of the road to the east.
«Ground Combat» You notice Kunze arrive at River.

«Ground Combat» Heckenschutze moves South <S>.

The river winds its way slowly and makes for a formidable hindrance for any advances. The banks are steep at some places and plane at others, but either case, once by the river everyone is on open ground. There is no place to hide.

===============================< In Your Location >===========================
Axis (#198) Heckenschutze I. Kar98k
Axis (#648) Wounded Schwenkfeld I. Kar98k

«Ground Combat» You notice Hans arrive at River.

Schwenkfeld motions towards the east with one hand, then brings them together and draws them apart to signal no contact sighted.

Heckenschutze motions the other two closer.

The river winds its way slowly and makes for a formidable hindrance for any advances. The banks are steep at some places and plane at others, but either case, once by the river everyone is on open ground. There is no place to hide.

Hans sneaks along, trying to keep his body low so that the white smock with red cross on it isn't too too visible.

Schwenkfeld slowly takes steps, not pulling his boots out of the water so they don't make so much noise.

Heckenschutze whispers, "when we reach the bend in the river, will slip into the trees to the south, if it's clear..agreed?"
Schwenkfeld nods in agreement, giving a single thumb up.

Heckenschutze gives the all clear and starts forward again..

Schwenkfeld starts advancing once more upriver as well, slowly.

«Ground Combat» Schwenkfeld moves South <S>.
«Ground Combat» You notice Schwenkfeld arrive at River.
«Ground Combat» Hans moves South <S>.
«Ground Combat» You notice Hans arrive at River.

Heckenschutze eases along the edge keeping to the shadows if he can.
«Ground Combat» Heckenschutze moves South <S>.

Schwenkfeld turns to look, checking out the direction of the road where it bends.

Schwenkfeld gestures clear with a motion east towards the bend in the road.

Hans creeps along behind the others, picking his way carefully over the wet rocks, trying hard not to slip.

Heckenschutze taps Schwenkfeld on the shoulder and indicates the woody area to the SE.

Schwenkfeld nods back to his fellow soldier, his eyes adjusted to the dark as best a human's can be.

Schwenkfeld then motions onwards, though, indicating south further upriver.
Heckenschutze gives the all clear.

Schwenkfeld takes the lead heading south again.

Heckenschutze motions Hans over.

Hans wiggles closer to Hecken.
Heckenschutze motions Schwenkfeld to remain still.

Schwenkfeld halts, looking curiously over to Heckenschutze now.

Heckenschutze whispers to Hans, "Can you wait for the others here? Have them setup to cover our retreat if needed? Then you can move up..ok?"
«Ground Combat» You notice Kunze arrive at River.

Heckenschutze motions Kunze to stay low and gives the shh sign.

Schwenkfeld spots Kuntze, and motions him over with a hand gesture towards Hans.

Heckenschutze waits for Hans before moving out.

Schwenkfeld looks back down the river again, as if noticing a squad member's still back in the darkness.

Kunze holds up near Hans as he's directed, keeping quiet and low.

«Ground Combat» Heckenschutze moves South <S>.
«Ground Combat» You notice Schwenkfeld arrive at River.
[Axis] Heckenschutze says, "so we're clear Hans is waiting for the turtles to catch up. Then have them stay there to cover any retreat."

===============================< In Your Location >===========================
Axis (#648) Wounded Schwenkfeld I. Kar98k
Axis (#198) Heckenschutze I. Kar98k
======================< Forest (4 1) >===================
Allied (#14517) Milton — (1) Foxhole I. Lee Enfield SMLE

Heckenschutze hold up his hand and singles one man south, foxhole.

Schwenkfeld blinks, crouching down and trying to get a look east now.

Milton watches from his position for any signs of movement.

Schwenkfeld urgently nudges Heckenschutze, and gives a motion of a tank's outline, then east again. Then he adds a gesture of 'heavy gun' and foxhole.

===============================< In Your Location >===========================
Axis (#648) Wounded Schwenkfeld I. Kar98k
Axis (#198) Heckenschutze I. Kar98k
======================< Forest (5 2) >===================
Allied (#14519) Cruiser Mk III Light Tank
Allied (#14514) Hutchins — (1) Foxhole I. Owen Gun

Hutchins looks over towards Walker to make sure the man was still awake and once he notes that, he keeps his eyes on the road as well.

Heckenschutze signals to leave back north.

Schwenkfeld slowly nods, then points east, then to his eyes, then north. It's repeated as if indicating the men spotted east is looking towards where he gestures, north towards the road.

Heckenschutze nods and starts heading back.

Schwenkfeld turns too, lowering his large frame even further as he tries to avoid splashes in the water while wading.

«Ground Combat» Schwenkfeld moves North <N>.
«Ground Combat» Heckenschutze moves North <N>.
Schwenkfeld wades slowly, moving his large frame through the water carefully in the direction of the men waiting here.

Bret glances as he sees the soldiers walk towards them.

Heckenschutze whispers, "We've got mgs and tanks ahead boys, get home."

Hans grins and nods, motiong for Bret and Kunze to fall back to the north.

Kunze nods his understanding before beginning to creep as stealthily as he's able back north.

«Ground Combat» Kunze moves North <N>.

Bret props his rifle upon his shoulders, "We could take them." He then turns and wades back north.

Schwenkfeld starts slowly moving with the others, step by step taken carefully so as not to splash the water.

«Ground Combat» Bret moves North <N>.
«Ground Combat» Heckenschutze moves North <N>.
«Ground Combat» You notice Hans arrive at River.
«Ground Combat» You notice Schwenkfeld arrive at River.

Schwenkfeld is trailing, slowly but quietly.

Bret turns to look at Kunze, he then points to his eyes before pointing south.

Heckenschutze says, "We can go faster from here I think. Just stay to the edge."

Schwenkfeld nods back to Heckenschutze. "Agreed. Standard movement, due north to FOP."

«Game» Hans changes his style to Standard!
«Game» Schwenkfeld changes his style to Standard!
«Game» Bret changes his style to Standard!
«Game» Kunze changes his style to Standard!
«Game» Heckenschutze changes his style to Standard!
«Ground Combat» Kunze moves North <N>.

Bret says "Someone cover south."

«Ground Combat» Hans moves North <N>.

Schwenkfeld starts wading faster, heading more to the shallow edge where he can step on rocks for speed.

Heckenschutze nudges Bret to keep moving.

«Ground Combat» Schwenkfeld moves North <N>.

Bret nudges Wolfgang, signalling him to go ahead.

Heckenschutze slips along the edge of the bank double checking his footing.

«Ground Combat» Heckenschutze moves North <N>.
«Ground Combat» You notice Bret arrive at River.
«Ground Combat» Hans moves North <N>.

Kunze just keeps up a steady pace back to base wordlessly.

Bret moves in quietly, his rifle still across his shoulders.

Heckenschutze crotches to watch the rear and motions everyone else to keep going.

Schwenkfeld whispers, "Almost there." motioning to the wooded riverbank ahead where the flow bends.

«Ground Combat» Kunze moves North <N>.
«Ground Combat» Schwenkfeld moves North <N>.

Bret taps on Wolfgang's helmet and whispers, "Don't do anything stupid, is my job."

Heckenschutze arrives from the South.

Bret has arrived.

Bret arrives from the South.

«Equipment» Heckenschutze has picked up Radio.
«Game» Kunze moves into Front Line Trench.
«Game» The enemy is near… Mount Olympus is now a war zone!

Schwenkfeld heads towards the trench to join the others. "Radioman. Call in the sighting."

Heckenschutze says, "Ok"

«Radio» <shadow 1 radios> FOP to HQ, Recon team has ** **
«Radio» Heckenschutze radios, FOP to HQ, Recon team has returned over.

Bret whispers as he enters the trench, "Who can man the MG 34?"

«Radio» <Company HQ radios> Company CP copies. Send up your report when able.

Bret turns to look into the river as he thinks he hears something.

«Ground Combat» Schwenkfeld moves into Slit Trench.

«Radio» <shadow 1 radios> Enemy Dug in enemy at 4,1 and 5,1. light infantry, Tank Cruiser MK III at 5,1. Repeat over.

«Radio» Heckenschutze radios, Enemy Dug in enemy at 4,1 and 5,1. light in**, Tank Cruiser MK III at 5,1. Repeat over.

«Radio» <Company HQ radios> Roger. Dug in enemy at 4,1 and 5,1. MK III also colocated at 5,1. Over.

«Game» Hans changes his style to Stealth!
«Game» Heckenschutze changes his style to Stealth!

Bret picks up a small rock and tosses it over to hit Otto in the helmet and points East.
Schwenkfeld hands Heckenschutze at the radio a note, the sightings he'd quickly jotted down.

«Radio» <shadow 1 radios> correction tank and support at 5,2 repeat tank and mg at 5,2 over
«Radio» Heckenschutze radios, correction tank and support at 5,2 repeat tank and mg at 5,2 over

«Radio» <Company HQ radios> Copy all.

«Ground Combat» Bret moves into Slit Trench.

Bret glances over at Wolfgang, "What are our orders?"

Heckenschutze says to Bret "We have no orders yet. We'll sit and wait and hold this FOP."

Schwenkfeld listens to the report, keeping low still as he's sat back down. "One man eyes east on watch, one man eyes south on watch. No surprises."

Bret nods to Otto and continues looking out to the South.

Schwenkfeld is currently looking south, himself.

Heckenschutze stays hunched over the radio, but keeps looking east.

«Game» Mount Olympus is no longer a war zone!


Bret lays against the trench with Otto, "So, which Italian?"

«Radio» <Company HQ radios> Forward OP, continue to hold position till you recieve further instruction. Company CP out.

Heckenschutze says "We have been ordered to hold this position until further notice."

Schwenkfeld looks back over to Bret, "Huh?" in a whisper. "You mean…." and squints a bit. "Italian scout from Albanian, who was in the garrison when we helped the Italians."

Bret glances back at Otto, "Well earlier I heard you say something about me reminding you of him."

Schwenkfeld gives a nod back. "Yes, you do some."

Bret while aiming south, "How is that?"

Heckenschutze mumbles something along the lines of "must have jabbered all the time too…"

Schwenkfeld grunts a chuckle with Heck's words. "He was young and brave. Wanted to go forward, eager to volunteer."

Heckenschutze digs in his pack and grabs out some dry socks and makes quick work of changing.

Schwenkfeld reaches for his rations too, not much but old bread and a tiny cut of very dry sausage.

Heckenschutze cautions the new men, "Get your feet dry as soon as you can!"

Schwenkfeld removes his boots while chewing the sausage, pulling off his wet socks to go barefoot for now. Not a Pioneer or special operations unit member, he just had normal combat boots issued for the SS.

Heckenschutze covers himself up under a tarp so he can use a light to write up the AAR while it's fresh in his mind.

Schwenkfeld looks over to Bret again, "Can't remember his name. He was the one Italian brave enough to come with us." A tiny grunt, "The only one who got hurt on that mission, too."

Bret looks over to Otto, "How bad was the injury?"

Schwenkfeld looks up with a squint for a moment, trying to remember. "Hit in the head, but he'll live. Didn't knock him out. I think his hand or foot got a nick, too, but not bad."

Bret gulps a little bit but shakes off the worry and goes back to covering the south, "I'll walk beside Hans from now on."

Schwenkfeld adds. "His CO, the captain, said he was one of those from Albania. The Italians there hate the Greeks." His eyes try to offer a bit of a smile over. "Lots of new boys forget to keep their heads down. A few battles and they learn, jah?"
Bret has reconnected.
Bret still looks down his sights, "I just hope I don't jump out of cover if that tank decides it wants to come around here."

Schwenkfeld slowly nods. "The shelling isn't the big thing. It's like we did with the halftrack…they aim their machine guns against soldiers on foot and shoot the big gun at the halftrack to take it out."

Schwenkfeld adds more quietly, "We don't have anything to fight tanks here. No gear for that."

Heckenschutze flicks off the light and comes out from under the tarp. He puts away his writing things, folds the tarp and moves to stand post once more.

Schwenkfeld looks down. "But that one did look like a small tank. One of their fast ones that don't have alot of armour." He smiles a bit, lifting a grenade. "Sneak up, climb on, use this, Schutze. Just like you were tackling a foot soldier to stab him with a knife, you climb on to engage and toss a grenade between its treads."

Bret unties his canteen from his belt and takes a drink from it before he ties it back and goes back to looking down the sights.

Schwenkfeld nudges over close to Bret, "Keep practicing how to move quietly, not getting seen. Believe me, it's what I did when I signed up for the Kaiser." "See this belly?" patting himself there, a large stocky man. "And how tall I am? I was not sneaky at all when I first started."

Bret says "The river was high on me, I barely had enough room to watch the east."

Schwenkfeld nods to that. "River slowed us too. Be glad we weren't seen. No cover in the river cause those rocks aren't big enough."

Bret lets out a light laugh, "You can't believe how excited I got when I heards that there were tanks and soldiers, I was so ready to take them down."

Schwenkfeld grins over with a chuckle. "If they were our tanks, I'd be happy. French tanks are big and hard to get through the armour. This one looked smaller." and nods a little. "Remember what I said about the grenade. That is best weapon we have here right now to use if it attacks us."

Schwenkfeld adds. "Have to do it from close up, right against it. That is why if it attacks, I'll be sneaking to close in on it."

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