New Ideals

Dr. Dario Cortez finds himself in a panic knowing that his days are numbered in Spain. This letter was written and sent to various Anarchist movements throughout Spain as Dr. Cortez begins to change his political ideals from Trotskyism to communist-anarchism.

“There shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.”
-‘The New Law of Rightenounsess’, Gerrard Winstanley 1649

Our mission in Barcelona has met with a tragic set back. The PCE, like a circus bear with its mighty strength but unable to think on its own, used sheer intimidation against the POUM movement in desperation of pleasing its ring leader, Stalin, for its repeated failures in Spain. It has failed to beat back the enemy on several fronts and now has turned on its own allies accusing them of false allegations on to why the war is being lost. The PCEs efforts have nearly placed all our efforts to a grinding halt and could have even set the war effort back many months. When will the PCE learn that this revolution is for the Spanish workers who want equality amongst their fellow man?

The soldiers I have treated during my tenure as a surgeon in Madrid are all poorly educated men and women. They have a strong sense of loyalty and their hearts and minds are in the right place, but due to PCE propaganda they have become nothing more then cattle. They will serve their purpose as pawns dieing at the whim of their leadership to protect ideals and beliefs. The most tragic truth to all of this is that their leadership stems from Moscow. It will never know, nor will it care that hardships, the pain, suffering, and joys that these men feel and have gone through. It is a shame that the leaders of their revolution had betrayed their ideals and unknown to them are setting up a Capitalistic Government which so many had bled and died to prevent.

The world revelation is at our door step, yet desperately Russia tries to interfere and continue their revolution within our home. What works in Russia, will not work in Spain. We must not have another Red Terror incident here within Spain. The thought of Spaniard fight Spaniard is tragic, but it is a fight amongst brothers and with time the wounds will be healed as that is how a family will always be. What Germany, Italy and Russia have done is will never be forgiven by the people. It has raped and pillaged our lands for their beliefs. Rather then fight each other globally; they fight here in Spain under the guise of ‘assist’ the revelation or counter-revelation. When will these countries learn that this struggle of class is not for any nation or any single man, but for the working class people of Spain? We will abolish the social hierarchy which has divided us for so long and focus on egalitarianism.

Dr. Dario Cortez
28 June 1937

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