The Spanish Doctor

This is the Spartan galley, or kitchen of the ship. The meals for the crew and officers of the vessel are prepared in this cramped, small space fitted with small gas stoves and rows of cupboards. Shelves of food and spices have been installed into the walls, complete with railings to prevent things from the contents from them in rough weather, and kettles and mugs hang from hooks under them. There are only a few small flat spaces here for actual food preparation, and no room for dining. Those flat spaces get used by the ships doctor as needed in battle, as well. Nice!

It is currently daytime.

The sea around you is a glassy calm.

Sub-Rooms :


Radio room <RR> Forward crew space <FCS>
Aft crew space <ACS>

Joanna enters the galley, slowing her pace as she has to move around shelves and tables, and duck the occasional piece of cooking equipment hanging from a hook in the cramped space. She seems to be on a quest of sorts, searching for something, frowning as she opens and closes a few cabinets without finding it.

Kate has arrived.
Kate arrives from the Aft crew space.

There is medical equipment stashed here and there, handy for when those countertops turn into surgical tables during the chaos of battle. All other times they're packed away in crates and shoved into the back of cabinets. And here stands Cristian Renteria, digging through one of the deep cabinets and making notes of their inventory of this and that. Being tall is no good for not bashing one's head into a doorway, but it's a wonder for being able to see into these deep hiding spaces in the galley. He's only a few cabinets down from Joanna's search, blocking the way of her going much further.

Joanna is rather intent on her search, so it's only when she sticks her head out of the latest cabinet that she notices Renteria. "Oh!" she exclaims, in mild surprise. "Pardon me."

It seems the snipe is deciding to take a break and she, for once, is actually just using a doorway to come into the galley. That truly means she's on break, no wrench in hand or wire cutters in her teeth. Still, from the state of her grease smudged/strewn form, she's been working all morning and could do with some coffee. "Please tell me 'ers coffee left?" Her northern Irish lilt inquires hopefully.

Renteria looks down, as surprised to find someone next to him as she is. A roll of gauze slips out of the box he was tugging on, hitting him in the face. "That's alright…" His voice is soft-spoken, and the accent is nothing from the British isles. Kneeling down, he reaches for the gauze roll, only to find it's rolled waaaaay under the row of cabinets. "I just hope you did not want gauze." Kate's voice makes his eyes glance up, but coffee? No idea.

Joanna turns her head to offer Kate a nod in recognition. "I'm not sure, actually, though there always seems to be a pot about. I didn't come for coffee, precisely." That said she directs her attention back to Renteria, eyes narrowing a little at the sound of his accent. Not Brittania, that. "Not gauze, no. I don't mean to poach but was looking for some thread. My sewing kit is rather low."

Kate lofts a single brow, looking between Joanna and the unfamiliar crew member. Kate just gives a hang dog grin in their direction, "Dinna come fer food, did ya? What'dya come fer, then, ma'am?" Kate teases, possibly just trying to get that glare out of Joanna again even as the grease covered girl ducks in father to the room to hunt down the coffee pot.

Matthew has arrived.
Matthew arrives from the Aft crew space.

Matthew walks into the galley. He turns to a table and refills his coffee cup. He sees Kate and Joanna. "Hullo Mates, hows the ship holdin up?"

Renteria stands back up after finally fishing the gauze roll out. Granted, it's all but unravelled, and he starts wrapping it back up with a very practiced hand. "There's some thread…" He lifts an index finger close to his face as he scrolls back through the searched cabinets by memory. "…there. I believe." He gestures to a rather high one two down from where they stand. "Blue and black. Take the blue, there's more of that." He turns around to lean back against the countertop as he keeps working on the unruly length of gauze, and glances Kate's face over before his eyes turn to the third voice entering the room.

Matthew looks at Renteria. He holds out his hand. "Hullo Mate, Warrant Medical Officer Matthew Burke, friends call me Matt."

"Thank you very much," Joanna says, moving down and standing on her tip-toes. Even then she's only /just/ tall enough to get it open and rifle with her fingertips, though she's rather resolute about not asking the taller men to assist her. Finally she manages to snag a spool and scoot it to where she can grab it properly. Matthew receives a small nod of recognition, once she's got that done. "Mr. Burke. Fine, as far as I know. Though it hasn't left port yet, so I suppose there's only so much that can happen to it."

Kate frowns just a touch as her somewhat dirty joke goes straight over Joanna's head. Perhaps it was best. She does, however, locate some coffee and a mug which at least has nothing growing in it. She nods in Matt's direction, "Burke." She growls out quietly before leaning up against the wall, there not actually room to sit and drink or eat here.

Renteria leaves the gauze draped over his left hand, giving his right to Matthew with one firm shake. "Sub-Lieutenant Cristian Renteria. Medical." He doesn't bother giving his second surname, having been around the British long enough to know how confusing it can get. "I think we'll be seeing each other often, Mr. Burke. Have you been on the ship long?" He glances at Joanna but doesn't offer to pull the box down, even if there's some mild amusement at the reaching.

Matthew looks at Renteria again and notices his rank. "Not long..I was kind of hoping you were my corpsmen..oh well..Two doctors are better then one I suppose."

Joanna clasps her spool of thread in her palm rather triumphantly. It's only after getting a proper look at it that she realizes its black, not blue. She frowns, putting one hand on her hips and scanning the kitchen. "Could you point me to a stool, please?" she asks Renteria. Before he's finished properly introducing himself. "Oh. Doctor." A faint smile comes to her face. "Good to have another aboard, I must say." But she's not fully focused on him, still half-looking for a stool.

Renteria gives Matthew a briefly appraising look, amused. "The fewer injured the better, hm? Quite young, aren't you? I hope you don't faint easily." He gives the younger man a slight grin, then looks back at Joanna. "There's one right over there." He points over by where Kate is standing, then to Joanna asks, "And you are?"

Matthew frowns. "I'm not that young, I've seen my fair share of work in Ireland, there's still fighting going on over there. Are you a surgeon..?"he asks Renteria.

Kate remains quiet, she fairly certain the new doctor is asking Joanna her name and not Kate, but Kate does realize she's probably blocking the way to a stool. She pulls it out with her free hand and drags it in Joanna's direction, "here ya are, ma'am. Er.. don't sit on that side.." Kate leans over, using the side of her pants to try and wipe off some of the grease from her hand which she's gotten on the stool now.

Joanna purses her lips, primly, when Matthew mentions 'fighting' in Ireland. But she does not comment. "Thank you very much, McConnell," she says, taking the stool and plunking it down in front of the shelf in question. She steps up on it, half-crossing her legs before she remembers she's wearing trousers. She nods a little to herself. So much the better. But she answers Renteria before she starts rifling again. "Midshipman Joanna Starling. Pleasure, Doctor Renteria." She gives him a long, rather curious look. Probably still trying to place his accent. But thread is her primary goal, so she soon gets to rifling.

Matthew looks at Joanna. "What are you looking for?"

"Yes." Renteria's warm green eyes regard Matthew again. "So you are from Ireland? A way from home." His accent turns the country's name into 'Ear-land'. Dipthongs, not his strong suit. Back to Joanna, he nods once. "Nice to meet you, Miss Starling. You'll find the blue in the back, look under the box with the pins in it." Then he looks at the quiet Kate. "And you are, miss?"

Kate narrows her eyes just a bit at Matthew at the mention of the fighting in Ireland. Yes… she is very tempted to bring it up again, but the new doctor turns her attention and so the northern Ireland snipe breathes in through her nose and gives Renteria a half smile. "Warrant Officer Katherine McConnell… but Katie works jus' fine. Or Mr. McConnell, if yer a certain engineer named Pearce." She chuckles at the apparently inside joke. It's funny to the blonde woman.

Matthew frowns at Kate. "I wasn't making a go at Northern Ireland Mate..just saying..street battles still happen."

Joanna is tall enough with the assistance of the stool to have an eye-level view of the cabinet, so she's able to locate the wanted item before long. "Thread, Doctor Burke," she replies, putting the black spool back before stepping down, holding a blue one. She stays well out of any talk of Ireland. Most of her focus is on Renteria anyhow. She's looking at him curiously, eyes narrowed a notch. "Where are you from, Doctor, if you don't mind my asking?"

Renteria nods to Kate. "A pleasure." He's finally done putting all that gauze back into a neat roll, and he deposits that back into place in the box he'd pulled down before he regards Joanna again. "Barcelona." His voice is neutral as he gives the answer, the smile returning only after it's said. "And you? I'm certain it's obvious, but I cannot quite tell the difference between these accents yet."

Kate waves it off with Matthew, "The fight is still goin' on, either way, nae matter what ye meant." She takes a good, deep drink of her coffee and leaves it there, not turning to Matthew otherwise.

Logan has arrived.
Logan arrives from the Forward crew space.

"Spain?" Joanna's eyes go from narrowed thoughtfully to slightly widened. In surprise, though as she looks at Renteria with this in mind, it's the most obvious answer. "Me? Bristol, for my part." The woman is pure English, down to her toenails. "Originally, that is. I was serving on base in Portsmouth before I transferred to the Viperous." She eyes the coffee cup in Kate's hand. "How long ago do you think that was brewed, McConnell?" she asks. As if considering risking the taste of it.

Logan lumbers in humming a happy tune.

Kate looks down to her cup, then up to Joanna, her nose wrinkling a bit…"It migh' be better used as engine cleaner… but it ain't strippin' my voice like bad whiskey, so ye take yer pick." Kate shrugs and takes another sip, though she's fairly careful not to much let it touch her tongue in the way she drinks.

Matthew looks at logan. "Aren't we a happy camper eh lad?"

"If you know another Barcelona in this world," Renteria answers Joanna with a slight grin, "I guarantee it's not as beautiful as mine was." He then nods to her story, regarding both her and Kate as he folds his arms and leans back against the counter. "You'll excuse me, I am not used to seeing women on a warship." The statement contains no animosity, just mild curiosity.

Joanna considers Kate's answer, then finally gets herself a mug off a hook and braces herself for the coffee. She pours a cup from the communal pot, taking a few quick sips of it. To get her tongue acclimated to it. A faint grin quirks her lips at Renteria. "You're quite excused. My father's been in the Navy for decades and I think it nearly gave him a stroke when he heard my transfer here had been approved. No one's used to it but they seem to need every hand they can get for the war effort." She can't /quite/ contain her pleasure. Logan receives a nod of greeting when he enters. "O'Reily. Good morning."

Logan ruffles Kate's hair and looks to Renteria, "Well there's no danger of seeing any women here. He takes a seat after making himself of slude er…coffee.

Kate wrinkles her nose as her hair is ruffled and she swats her hand up, attempting to catch Logan's palm before he escapes her in that sibling wrestling style she has perfected…"Ye take that back, I am every inch the woman ye WISH ye could have!"

Renteria gives Logan a very amused look. "I may agree. The women I knew would have punched you." He, for one, is not going near that coffee. "Sub-Lieutenant Cristian Renteria, Medical. And you?" To Joanna he gives another nod. "A family tradition. You can ask him if the coffee was so bad in his day, too."

Logan looks down at the little girl, "I think I'd need a few more inches of women than you darlin." He gives her a smile and looks up to the man, after escaping the grasp and offers him a handshake. "Richard O'Reily, but don't call me that, I prefer Logan."

Kate flashes a grin over to Renteria, "Aye, but I keep punchin' that cement skull of his and skinnin' my knuckles. And I ain't sure Rich here can affard tae get any dumber, so I take it easy on the boy." She winks at Logan and then ducks to the side, doing her best to avoid any repercussions in t urn.

Logan flashes a sneer at Kate's calling him Rich and just sits down and takes a sip of his coffee.

Joanna chuckles faintly at Renteria's words. "I'm quite certain it was. Naval tradition and all that." She downs some more of the stuff, drinking faster now that she's prepared for it. The interplay between Kate and Logan draws a faint smirk. "How did a Spaniard come to be in the Royal Navy, Doctor, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Logan, entonces." The Spanish slips out unnoticed as Renteria unfolds his arms to meet the handshake. "Cristian is fine." He settles back against the counter again, and looks at Joanna. "When the Royal Navy needs doctors on their ships, they will get them where they can find them. One place they find them is the Spanish who have left Spain." He shrugs. "As you say. They need every hand they can get."

Kate stands up, finishing her coffee and giving a quick, curt nod in the direction of the room, "Well… I should get back tae it. Work is never finished on a bucket like this. Nice tae meetcha, Doctor… See you topside, Logan." And with that, she disappears back down the corridor.

Renteria only catches about half of what Kate says, guessing at the rest. He gives her a nod as she goes.

Joanna makes a soft "Ah" sound at Renteria's answer. She seems to want to ask further but something stops her from prying just now. Anyhow, she has her thread. And her horrid coffee. So she's gotten what she came for. "Every hand. Quite right. Well, I look forward to serving with you. I've never met a Spaniard before. From what I've read the country was…err…is quite beautiful." She clears her throat. "Anyhow. I should be getting to work. I still need to get some of my trousers in wearable shape before we set sail."

"'Was' is more correct," Renteria replies, blandly. He stands up straighter, pushing the box of medical supplies away. "And I need a cigarette. Pleasure to meet you, Miss O'Connell." McConnell, O'Connell, whatever.

Logan smiles to Joanna, "Well it seems we're going to have the same shift tomorrow when we shove off tomorrow. Hopefully I won't be too distracted to run sonar." He finishes off his coffee and hands it to a washer before starting to walk out.

Joanna flushes a little at the slip about Spain, and at Logan's comment clearing her throat again. She asks no more questions for now, inclining her head to the both of them before slipping out of the galley.

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