Eyes And Ears

"Eyes and Ears"

Who: Logan & Joanna
When: May 1940 (RL Date: June 12, 2008)
Where: Radio room, HMS Viperous

What: Joanna asks Logan for some tips on sonar operations.

Radio room

HMS Viperous-----> > > > > THE GREATEST GENERATION < < <

The constant chatter of the radios and the tappity-tap-tap of morse code permeates this room. Radio equipment, log books, code books and coffee cups litter the variety of tables set into this cubby-hole of a room, hardly large enough to fit five people. A sonar station is set into its own little cubby-hole, manned night and day, usually by a bored operator.

It is currently night time.

The sea around you has a light swell.

Type Name Brg. Hdg. Altitude Spd. Rng.
DD (#15084)HMS Viperous 45 45 0' 4 0 yds

1. Radio (0% damaged)

Sub-Rooms :
1. Radar
2. Sonar

Death - 1. Radar

Forward to Command Bridge <CB> Down to Galley <GA>

Joanna arrives from the Forward to Command Bridge.
Logan arrives from the Forward to Command Bridge.

«Game» Joanna moves into Radar.

Logan walks in from the bridge humming a tune.

«Game» Logan moves into Sonar.

Joanna is at her post at the radar station, albeit not doing too much of interest at the moment. She keeps an eye on the machine's readings while idly flipping through a technical manual she's got open on her lap.

Logan continues to hum his tune, stopping for a moment to take a sip of his coffee and shine a smile to Joanna, "Ello Joanna year lookin especially smart t'day." Nodding towards the book in her lap.

Joanna looks up, clearing her throat and responding to Logan with a simple, "Thank you, Mr. O'Reily." She's polite enough but does not return the smile. She's all business when on duty. "I was just reading up on the sonar schematics. I worked a little bit with the system back at Portsmouth but it's not my specialty. Though it seems something of a a jack-of-all-trades mentality is called for aboard ship."

Logan nods to Joanna, "Aye that's the case it seems." He walks over to the sonar and flicks it on and off to make sure it's working.

Joanna flips another page in her book, squinting at it, before looking up at Logan. "You said you trained sonar officers back at your last post, yes?"

Logan nods to Joanna, "Aye back in the academy, I got transfered 'cause I hated teaching all of them, never been muc of a teacher."

Joanna smirks at that, closing her book. "Then you're not going to like what I'm about to say very much. I was hoping you might be able to give me a few tips on manning the sonar. In a manner of speaking. Not that I need classroom instruction, mind you. I had that much back in Portsmouth. But I didn't work much with it practically, even on-shore."

Logan scratches his small bit of auburn stubble, and smirks back at Joanna, "Well lass what do yea need to know?"

«Game» Joanna moves out of Radar.

Joanna stands, striding over to approach the sonar station. "Any practical tips you have would be most useful. You've been at it a good while, from the sound of things. I had to try and track a submarine the other day and I found the whole business devilishly tricky." She winces at having to admit anything less than machine-like efficiency. "They're like ghosts down there, those U-boats."

Logan moves over to let her stand by the sonar station, "Aye the first thing yea got to have is highly tuned ears, because when the sonar comes back to yea if it's really quiet it's far away but if it's kind of loud than of course it's close, you have to be able to distinguish that."

Joanna nods. "It feels rather like being a bat, doesn't it? Trying to find one's way by echoes…" She gives the machine a long look-over, as if staring at it might give her a better feel for it. "That's the bugger of it, really. It's relatively simple to get a fix on a thing's position over the radar. This thing makes it quite a game."

Logan nods to Joanna, "So the players must exercise, that's all you really need to know though, oh and don't ping unless the captain tells you too, it gives away your position."

Joanna nods at that. "The passive sonar isn't much different than the radar, though it doesn't give a target's exact position. Just a matter of watching - or listening - and getting a fix on the bearing. I suppose the active bit is more like a radio. You're sending out a signal, rather than just trying to receive one." She lets out a long breath. "Rather like the eyes and ears of a ship, this stuff. I just hope we can see and hear as well as the Viperous need us to."

Logan slips his hands into his pockets and it being rather strange that a man of his stature would know much about these things states, "Snakes see in the same way that active sonar works, they flicker their tongues against the ground and pick up anything in their path."

"Really?" Joanna leans back against the station, arms crossed along her chest, regarding Logan. "I've never heard it put that way before. Or been one for snakes, I must admit. But that's fitting, isn't it?" A faint smile quirks her lips. "She /is/ the Viperous, isn't she?"

Logan smirks at Joanna, "Aye tis why I said it." He chuckles a bit and goes back to periodically checking the sonar.

Joanna laughs as she returns to her own station. "True enough, Mr. O'Reily. True enough. I should finish my log for this hour. But do you mind if I observe you working occasionally. On the sonar, I mean. Just so I can get more of a handle on how it's done from someone more experienced."

Logan chuckles a little bit at this and glances back at her, "You can look at me any time you want to Miss Starling."

Joanna clears her throat, muttering, "Thank you, I'm sure," and returns to her duties.

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