Coming Aboard

"Coming Aboard"

Who: Matthew, Watson, Kate, Joanna, Foster
When: May 1940 (RL Date: June 4, 2008)
Where: Command bridge and Radio room, HMS Viperous

What: Matthew and Kate exchange some harsh words. Meanwhile, Joanna reports for duty and Foster shows her around the Viperous' radar stations.

Logger: Joanna

Command bridge

HMS Viperous-----> > > > > THE GREATEST GENERATION < < <

It is currently daytime.

The sea around you is a glassy calm.

Type Name Brg. Hdg. Altitude Spd. Rng.

1. Steering Gear

Sub-Rooms :
1. Helmsman
2. Main Guns
3. Torpedoes
4. Captain


Flying bridge <FB> Radio room <RR>
Starboard rail <SR> Port rail <PR>
Captain's cabin <CC>

Matthew swears then says "Yes Sir…great..only Mick on a boat full of Brits.." his eyes dart Kate. "Yes Sir, I've seen her.."He whistles.

Watson arrives from the Radio room.

He apparently hasn't, or Matthew would know he's not the only mick on this boat! Kate's voice, once she actually speaks, is that sing song of a a distinctly nortern ireland accent. Belfast, for anyone who's really listening. She, fortunately, isn't looking back to the captain as he asks about her and actually assumes he's talking -to- her, not about her. "Look at'er, sir? I better have, I put the damned thing in but an hour ago. Just… got to get'er to fit proper." Indeed, it seems the space cleared for the RADAR's console is just -barely- big enough. It's going to take some good old sweat to get it in there and affixed.

Matthew eyebrows raise as he hears Kate's voice. "OY! Woman, Where you from?"

Joanna strides along the deck purposefully but pauses short of the command bridge, taking a deep breath, smoothing her uniform, making sure every line and thread is in its proper place. Even after she's flattened all imaginery out-of-place hairs she hesitates, clutching the folder in her hands tightly. But, finally, she runs out of excuses and makes her way onto the bridge.

Foster actually laughs, shaking his head back and forth at Matthew's whistle. "No, sailor, I'm talking about Her." With that said, he leans over to run his hand against the surface of the helmsman's controls. "The boat. Viperous." His eyes then dart to the clipboard, and he asks of the kneeling woman, "Who're you, then?"

Kate answers the other Irishman first because, well, he's the loudest. "OY! Man! I'm from Belfast, and ye?" And yes, she is clearly mocking him in tone and accent, though her grin that she tosses over her grease smudged shoulder is clearly joking. She then looks up to the Captain, about to give some sort of smart remark but she catches it in her throat as her eyes fall to his rank. She scrambles back up to her feet, "Sir! Er… Sorry.. Ensign Katherine McConnell, Sir. I… Fix this baby. Put it in just two hours ago." She nods towards the RADAR with a bit of new momma pride in her voice.

Kate has also not yet had time to steal a pair of pants. She's in her Wren's skirt and jacket, but the jacket is unbuttoned and all of it smudged in grease already. She has been working all day.

Matthew frowns. he looks at Kate. "Great..I'm the only true Irishmen on here.." He mutters and walks off.

Joanna blinks when she spots Kate, and the rest of them, though it's Foster who instantly grabs her attention. She does not approach him yet, just watching as he deals with the Irish mechanic.

"-Katherine- McConnell?!" Foster frowns, and his eyes scan the clipboard, flipping past the first page and onto the second. Well, there she is. His brows raise in surprise, and he actually shakes his head slowly before flipping the pages back into their proper place. "Well, that's going to take some getting used to. You one of our engineers?" He asks, apparently seeking some sort of common ground. Of course, Joanna's appearance on the bridge doesn't help matters, but he manages to give the woman quick nod of greeting… better get used to this quick.

"Must be the 'man' part of it," comes a quiet comment in Matthew's direction, from the Scotsman not far from the radio room door. Studying the various persons present for a few moments.

Matthew hears the comment and walks back, cracking his knuckles.

Not the time to hit the other Irish man but, well… to any which are looking the flare in Kate's eyes is dead serious as she turns in Matthew's direction and growls out quietly, "I am as Irish as the day I was born and I always will be. I think it be yer own town callin' ye a traitor for bein' up here if you pledge to all those boys in the south so dearly." Yes, she's -this- close to hitting him, but the Captain is asking her something so she forces herself to breath and turns a saccrine smile back to him, "Aye, sir. Electronics be most of my trainin'. Keep this girl workin' for the whole voyage. As long as we can start her workin'…" Apparently, the RADAR is as female as it's engineer.

Matthew eyes flash red. "-I- did -not- Join this. I was -Forced- into -IT-. Now you -Will- shut that She devil Mouth of yours." he snarls.

Joanna returns Foster's nod, coupling it with a salute and crisp, "Sir" for good measure. She holds herself straight and still, shoulders back, waiting until the captain is finished with his current business before adding anything more. Though she does offer a small not to Matthew and Watson when she notices them. She watches the interplay with Kate with a curiosity she can't disguise, blue eyes lighting a bit when she tacks a feminine pronoun onto talk of the RADAR. Matthew's snarling prompts no reaction, save that her posture goes even straighter.

"At Ease." Is Foster's only comment to Joanna, as the raised voices on his bridge have finally pulled his attention. He turns slightly and steps forward, interposing himself between Matthew and Kate. His voice is calm and cool as he looks up at the 6 foot and beyond height of Matthew. "I'm sorry, son, I don't think I caught your rank. Could you remind me of what it is again?"

It's possibly god's blessing that Foster has stepped in between the two as Kate, despite wishes, has a good feeling it would be a BAD idea to throw herself into her brand new Captain's back in attempts to attack a dirty southern Irish man. No matter how he deserved it. RADAR is forgotten for the moment as she leans to the side, glaring over at Matthew, "Ye weren't strong enough tae fight it then and ye certainly won't be now! Shut up and join up, man, or ye'll be learnin' lessons, you will!"

Watson offers a nod in return to Joanna, before he looks over at the Captain as the man intervenes with those two crazy Irishfolks, and shakes his head slightly as he looks around again.

Joanna relaxes, somewhat. She does not look particularly eased, but she unstraightens enough to comply with protocol. She tries not to gawk at the exchange between Matthew and Kate but she can't help rubber-necking in that direction. What she makes of the scene is difficult to tell, as her expression remains primly neutral.

Matthew frowns. "Excuse me -Captain-, but this is a matter of My -People-." He makes way to move around him. "We were strong enough to get -Most- of the Isle back you -Traitor-." He snarls at Kate.

Foster nods, one could almost call it meekly as he turns to follow Matthew's movements. "Maybe so, ensign. But there's one thing you're forgetting…" His voice then booms across the bridge, somewhat surprising considering his medium size, it is a sound Vikings would be proud to have. "I AM THE ONLY ONE THAT GIVES ORDERS AROUND HERE!!" Just as quickly, of course, his voice is in the same calm tone, his brow furrowed and eyes promising at least one of the things the Royal Navy is famous for. "Now get off my bridge."

Matthew snarls at the Captain. "Just remeber, I'm the ships -Only- Medical Officer." He snarls at Kate and walks off.

Kate really was going to yell something else but then the Captain sonic booms them all and she just stares, her previous anger falling away in sudden respect and clear appraisal of Foster. She looks over to him and suddenly grins wide, "That's it, sir! I like tae see a man who knows his way around his own voice! I owe ye a drink… if we ever get back to a port." And unless he shrugs a way, Kate claps Foster briefly on the shoulder and then turns back to finishing installing the RADAR like nothing happened. Irish. Go figure.

Joanna makes a soft, nasal "Hmph" sound, which seems aimed at Matthew and Kate both. Though she contains any reaction of that singular sniff. Foster's Viking booming makes her blink, but she does not seem particularly unnerved by it. In fact she half-smiles, before she catches herself and wipes her expression back to neutrality.

Kate does give a slightly wary look at the man's comment about being the only medical officer. Perhaps she's a wee bit worried… but she shakes her head and looks away just as quickly.

Watson raises an eyebrow for a few moments as he sees this scene, but remains otherwise quiet for the moment, studying the various people a little thoughtfully.

Foster watches Matthew stalk off, and just shakes his head. "That's going to be interesting." When Kate's hand rests on his shoulder he turns then and levels that same glare on her. "You're no help barking back at him, lowlander or not. Keep the drink, and remember this is the -bridge-, not a tavern. Brawling and Bickering belong elsewhere." There is a snap of his heels as he turns toward Joanna. "So, what can I do for you?" There is a slight grin tugging at his lips, as if he's suddenly enjoying some private joke, but it slips away just as quickly.

Joanna clears her throat, squaring her shoulders as she steps forward to address Foster properly. Perhaps an attempt to make herself seem taller. "Sir," she says, presenting him with the folder she's been clutching so tightly. "You're Captain Foster, I trust? Radar Operator Joanna Starling reporting for duty, sir. Here are my papers. I trust you'll find them all in order. I had the clerks triple-check them before I left base at Portsmouth."

Well now they had an operator, they definitely needed to get the thing working! Kate goes just a bit quiet as she too is chided for the argument, "Yes, sir." She does manage to respond smoothly before turning back to her work. finally, she just puts both her palms on either side of the machine and with a grunt and sheer force of muscle, pushes forward to slide it down into place. There is the rather screeching sound of metal against metal, but it's done. She then drops to her knees, grabbing the proper bolts so she can finish securing it. "This… is just about ready to go."

Watson listens quietly at the moment, pausing a bit as he looks over at Joanna and the Captain.

Matthew walks back into the room, glaring at Kate. He turns to the captain. "How Long untill We see action -Sir-." he says in a thick Irish Accent.

Matthew heads off Starboard rail.

"Starling? Any relation to Commander Starling of the Barham?" Foster asked, his brows raising slightly in surprise as he lifts the folder and begins to sift through the paperwork. Nodding as everything seems in order after his cursory inspection, he actually chuckles. "Triple-checking means you don't exactly like what you got the first time, Starling. Something wrong with the Viperous?" The screeching of metal-on-metal it apparently something he's used to, because he doesn't quite look in the direction of the ruckus. "If so, you might want to let McConnel here know. She'll be your repair technician for that RADAR system."

Watson takes a few step over towards the RADAR and the person working there, studying the piece of equipment for a few moments, a bit thoughtfully.

Joanna winces a little at the screeching, glancing over her shoulder at the machine. It's a dubious glance, as she takes in the thing, but she tries to wipe that expression off her face before she turns back to Foster. She clears her throat when her name is recognized. She seem to have been expecting that, though it's hard to tell if she's happy about it or not. "Yes, sir. Commander James Starling is my father." She leaves it at that, her eyes widening, and she shakes her head quickly. "Oh, no, sir. Not at all. I only wanted to make certain everything was in order. I volunteered for this assignment, sir. I never dreamed I'd have the opportunity to serve at sea." She does not elaborate on the reasons why, as they should be patently obvious due to her female-ness. "The Viperous is a fine ship. The V class' contribution to the Great War is legendary." Oh so many decades ago. "I'm quite honored to be aboard her." Kate is given a glance and a nod when she's introduced, but Joanna's full attention is still on Foster.

Matthew arrives from the Starboard rail.

Kate gives a quick salute in the direction of the Captain and the RADAR operator. "Excellent. Be good to her. She's a fine piece of machinery." And with that, Kate leans down and carefully puts one last wire into place, the machine starting up with that eerie green wave of light and carefully circling line. "There we are." It's picking up all the other ships in harbour, obviously. Which means it's working. Kate gives a brief cry of triumph and slips the back panel into place, bolting it on as well. "All ready. Now I need to make certain the wires run from engineering to here are actually all covered. If you'll all excuse me." And she ducks out the hatch.

"Good." Foster seems to consider the explanation satisfactory, and tucks the folder of paper into the back of his clipboard. "Well, this is the bridge, I'm sure you'll be spending more than enough hours in the room." A pause. "So you're qualified to operate most of this bridge… how about repairs?"

Watson has disconnected.

Joanna returns Kate's salute as the mechanic departs, then turns her attention to Foster again with a nod. "I'm no engineer, sir. Or mechanic, for that matter. But I know my way around an electrical system and I can manage to bandage one if the need arises." Her blue eyes dart around the bridge, taking in the various systems in place. "You appear to be equipped with the latest technology, sir." She sounds more surprised than she probably intended to. Still, it is an *old* ship.

Foster actually chuckles at that, nodding. "I was as surprised as you, Midshipman." He turns to the side slightly, gesturing toward the radar console. "Viperous, it seems, is going to be ready to live up to her heritage."

Joanna unstiffens enough to chuckle a little herself. A very little. "I'm quite certain she is." She manages to /sound/ sure of it, at least. "If there's nothing more, sir, do you mind if I go have a look at the Radio Room? I'm rather anxious to see where I'll be earning my keep, as it were."

Foster nods once, turning to move toward the Radio Room himself. "Yes, certainly. I haven't actually had a chance to give it a look myself. Too much paperwork." He pulls open the door, and after a half-second of hesitation, heads into the Radio Room.

Foster heads off Radio room.

Radio room

HMS Viperous-----> > > > > THE GREATEST GENERATION < < <

It is currently daytime.

The sea around you is a glassy calm.

Type Name Brg. Hdg. Altitude Spd. Rng.

1. Radio (0% damaged)

Sub-Rooms :
1. Radar
2. Sonar


Command bridge <CB> Galley <G>

Joanna offers Foster a brief nod of thanks as she passes through the door into the radio room. For a moment she just stops, taking a long look around. Then, slowly, she strides up to the radar station, brow furrowed as she regards it. She reaches out a hand to touch the controls, though she doesn't fiddle with them. She just gets a feel for them. She then moves on to the sonar station, doing a similar study of it, lips pursed.

Kate arrives from the Command bridge.

Foster is unable to hide a small smile of pride when Joanna moves her hands across the controls. For now, though, he's willing to allow her this moment of silence… and takes a moment to remember that not that many ago hours, he had done the same at the helm.

Joanna straightens, finally, folding her fingertips together and turning around. A faint, almost girlish smile, has come to her lips. The accommodations meet with her approval, clearly. "Well, not quite as tidy as things were in Portsmouth, but I think I can manage it." Her tone is almost joking. She's obviously more at ease here, surrounded by familiar machines. "I must say, sir, I am impressed. It must have been quite a job outfitting a ship like this with the latest hardware."

Kate steps into the room, or at least to the edge of the hatch, though as she hears the RADAR being spoke of she cannot help but remain back for a few moments, listening, as her sharp, pale eyes look over to that green glow in the room. Still working. Nothing she tugged on in engineering messed anything up, the power supply is constant and the screen is reading proper. Kate, grease smudged and rosy cheeked, couldn't look prouder as she listens to the Captain and other officer.

Foster hears something shuffle behind him, and he glances over his shoulder to see Kate in the doorway. He tips his head toward Joanna and smiles. "Well, I'm not the one to congratulate on that. McConnell here is."

Joanna does check the reading, nodding a little to herself. She turns, noticing Kate, offering the mechanic a short nod. "McConnell, is it? Sub-Lieutenant Joanna Starling, radar and radio operations. This place is in rather better shape than I was expecting, I must admit. Is everything in working order?"

Kate might actually blush, just a little bit, as the Captain indicates her in concerning the RADAR. Yes, it's her work, but even at the shipyards the men always took credit for what the women put together. It definitely seems to surprise her as she looks the man over for a heartbeat or two before offering her hand to Joanna. She actually bothers to wipe her palm off on her poor, stained skirt before sticking it out. "Aye, ma'am.. Wiring's all in, had to run a few things along some unconventional lines but it should be in solid now. Got everything covered and patched. How's she look to yer eyes?" Kate's voice lilts out warmly.

"I believe the official word is 'Damned fine', Midshipman." Foster offers, even though it's obvious the question wasn't directed at him. He moves then across the room toward the sonar panel. "Unconventional lines? Make certain Mr. Pearce gives it a look-over then, Warrant Officer. Last thing we need is a shortcut costing us time."

Joanna arches an eyebrow when Kate mentions running things through 'unconventional lines.' But, nothing appears to be on fire just yet, so she just nods, reaching out to claps the mechanic's hand and give it a shake. "Excellent. She looks quite…fine." An understatement. Joanna clearly rather likes her new accommodations, old and creatively-wired though they may be. She clears her throat before adding, "Damn fine. Quite."

Kate is blushing now. Dammit. Her eyes bow a moment as she tries to get it under control, but she's still smiling rather wide. "Indeed, I'll make certain to give Mr. Pearce a proper heads up but nothing should be too dangerous. I mainly did it to keep everything has high above water level as possible. Last thing we want is this baby shortin' out if we start taking on a few drips, ye know? But I will tell him. Was interesting getting her in this old dinosau.. ah.. Veteran craft. Just weren't made for today's technology." She pats the side of the console anyway, "But she's takin' to it just fine. Be the best ship in the fleet before long, right, sir?" Kate asks with that same booming pride. Goodness, she was a bit too bright eyed and young to be on a ship like this.

"That's what all of us good dinosaurs aspire to, yes." Foster is, despite his serious tone, grinning as he speaks. A quick look at the man proves that he's seen a few of his own 'veteran' moments, considering the flecks of silver that are visible in what bit of his hair isn't covered by his uniform cap. "Speaking of the retrofit, how are the rest of our electrical systems working out? I hear we're finally using a ship's comm system in the same way?"

Joanna allows herself to smile, faintly, with amusement at Foster's remark, though she doesn't quite go as far as laughing. He is a new captain, after all. Don't want to laugh too hard at his jokes about himself just yet. She awaits Kate's answer with interest as well, idly eyeing the sonar machine again. Nope, still not on fire. Promising.

Kate bows her head in affirmation, "Aye… it should be working… Mostly. Some parts of the ship were a bit harder to outfit with direct electric than others. Water and electricity aren't necessarily friends, and yet we all have to get together in this nice, happy family. So I'm keepin' workin' on it, crawling through where I can, stringing along what we need. If we had a year it'd be perfect. We got what.. a week? It'll be there, don't worry. Not perfect, but there. And it might even keep workin' too." She winks at them both, amusement easily flowing from her accented voice.

Joanna grins a little at Foster's words. They seem to strike her as familiar as well, though she doesn't comment on them. "I'm quite eager to see the radar put to use on the open sea. It's quite an amazing device, really. When I joined the Wrens I figured I'd end up on the wireless full time, but this has much greater tactical application."

Kate nods in affirmation at the question of communication with all areas of the ship. "Should be, sir. I'll go over it all with a fine toothed comb to the major areas of the ship before we leave dock. Hell, if I'm dismissed, I can start doin' that now, sir." She then looks over to Joanna, giving the woman an approving, quiet smile, "Ye take care of my baby, ma'am? And I'll keep her glowin' fer ya."

Foster turns to Kate at her mention of dismissal and nods quickly. "Dismissed. If the crew can't hear me across the ship, I don't know if my ego could bear it." He chuckles once more at his own joke, and turns back to Joanna. Tilting his head toward the targeted radar display, he asks, "Have you had a chance to work with one of the rangefinders before?"

"Of course, Warrant Officer," Joanna says, making it sound like a promise. To Foster she answers, "A bit. Mostly for radar surveying off the coast. I've studied a good deal of its application in targeting, albeit mostly in theory."

Foster nods then, and glances down at the console. "Well, soon enough, it'll be the real thing." He moves toward the door of the Radio room at that point, and gives her a quick nod. "Good Luck." And makes his way through the hatch.

"The real thing. Quite." Joanna says it with a touch of disbelief, and eagerness. Well, this is her first war. She's not experienced enough to have lost the eagerness yet. "Thank you, sir. I'll do my best for you and ship." For her part, she lingers in the radio room, studying the equipment a little longer.

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