Broken Things

"Broken Things"

Who: Joanna, Kate & Logan
When: May 1940
where: Flying bridge, HMS Viperous

What: Kate and Joanna mourn the wrecked Viperous systems following the second Battle of Narvik.

Flying bridge

HMS Viperous-----> > > > > THE GREATEST GENERATION < < <

The fly bridge is used for operations when the weather is nice. It allows for a wider view of the ocean as well as views down the side of the ship, useful when attempting complicated manoeuvers. Several stations are set for observation and communication, a variety of age-old voice-tubes for communicating with the other stations aboard the ship. Raingear is often worn, or at least a warm overcoat as one is very much exposed to the elements. The railings are wooden, helping to prevent unwary hands from being stuck to frozen metal bars.

It is currently dusk.

The sea around you has a light swell.

Type Name Brg. Hdg. Altitude Spd. Rng.
DD (#15084)HMS Viperous 90 359.73 0' 1 0 yds

1. Radar (102% damaged)
2. Searchlights (101% damaged)
3. Radio (102% damaged)

Sub-Rooms :
1. Searchlights


Down to Command Bridge <CB>

Joanna has had time to compose herself since the madness of the sea battle earlier that day. Or at least, she's had time to wash her face and smarten up her uniform, so she at least /looks/ somewhat composed. She's kneeling by the radio now. Perhaps she came up here with some illusion of helping to fix it. Now, she's just sort of looking at it and finger its broken innards with her gloved hands.

Kate is a mirror of her sister Wren, buried in the wreckage of the RADAR, but after them both sitting here, staring at electronics for almost an hour now, the sad conclusion must be reached. They cannot be fixed. Kate finally mutters a small prayer beneath her breath, shaking her head slowly…"It ain't even scrap part's, Jo…" She almost sounds like she's mourning the poor RADAR.

Joanna nods a little, her eyes still fixed on the destroyed radio system. She blinks, as if trying to clear the mangled wires from her vision. "No," she agrees softly. "No you're…you're quite right. It's completely wrecked." Admitting it brings a nervous tremor to her voice. She takes a certain amount of solace in the clear lines of vision and communication the radar and radio give them. That's scrapped right now.

Kate isn't going to cry. Dammit, she isn't… but she installed that RADAR with her own hands. It was like her first baby. She carefully scoops up a few more fried parts between shaking hands, shaking her head slowly and swallowing back the emotion as best she can. "I… I dinnae know it was possible… tae… tae just… explode like this… god…"

Joanna doesn't cry easily. Not where anyone can see, at least. But there's a carefully neutral blankness to her face. She can cry later. Her own hands are shaking, so she folds them in her lap, turning away from the radio. Away from the banged and fried pieces of the Viperous. She directs her gaze out ahead, along the North Sea toward Norway. "Thank God the crew came out of it better than the radar. God willing, it'll be clear sailing until we get back to port for proper repairs. The Germans should stay away for a time. We won." There's a trace of disbelief in her voice. As beaten as the state of the Viperous is, it's hard to believe they were the victors of all that.

Logan arrives from the Down to Command Bridge.

Logan climbs up kind of slowly, hand still bandaged, but never the less still wearing a smile on his face. He looks to the two women and with his injured hand raises his coffee mug to them, "Ladies."

Kate sees Joanna and, well… she is really feeling the same. Hell, she is on the edge of tears whether she's trying to fight them or not, her hands shaking, drown in the scrap parts of the shattered RADAR. She finally just turns and, unless the woman tosses her off, wraps a tight, brief hug around Joanna's shoulders. No, it might not be right, but dammit, she needs it right now. Just as a few tears are beginning to cut free, she hears that voice and abruptly pulls away, swearing and lookign straight down. Logan of all people is not allowed to see her cry. "…Richard." She greets quietly.

Joanna tenses a little when Kate touches her. She is *not* good with emotions, especially her own. But she doesn't toss her off, returning the hug briefly and tightly. She blinks at the sound of Logan's voice, not quite processing it right away. She gives her head a small shake, that mask of composure settling back over her face. "Sub Lieutenant O'Reily. McConnell and I were just…seeing what we could do about the repairs." Not much. The Battle of Narvik beat them up real good, winners though they were. "Though it's rather hopeless until we're back in port for the moment."

Logan being the opposite of the petite, rather cold Joanna, spots Kate's attempt to hide her emotions right away, rather it be his personality, or maybe it could be that they've been attached at the hip since they were kids. He walks over and wraps one of his large arms around Kate's small shoulders, "Yea can't hide it Katey, what's troublin yea?"

Awe dammit. It's always easier to stop crying when no one notices. If someone figures it out and actually seems to give a damn? Well, it's almost impossible to stop, even as Kate tries all the harder to fight the tears they come all the more. "…Dammit.." She growls out, sniffling a moment and using her greasy sleeve to attempt and clean off her smudged face. "Naethin'… jus' like… losin' a baby… the RADAR's dead… nae fixin' her.."

Joanna blinks her own eyes very rapidly. It's even harder to keep from crying if someone else is doing it. She hurriedly reaches into her pocket, fishing out a handkerchief. A blue one, embroidered with flowers of all things. She hands it toward Kate with a soft, "There you are, McConnell." Not the warmest attempt at comfort, but it's a sincere one. "It's all right. We're all alive. That's the important thing. And Viperous will be back in proper order, too, after we get her back to dock. You'll have plenty of time there to bring her back to working order."

Logan pulls his arm back and seems baffled by Kate's answer…oh wait, she's Kate. He slips his unused hand into his pocket and takes a sip of his coffee. He then notices Joanna's attempt to not cry and wonders if he asail on a sea of estrogen. He then just looks around, "So, 'ow about…them stars?"

Probably not a sea but… in this room, with women who love their electronics, well… there are definitely a few emotions running high. A few more tears streak down Kate's face as she takes Joanna's kerchief and nods a ragged thanks. "Thank ye… Jo… ye… ye bae a good lass. Ye take care o'the RADAR well… and the radio. Yer a good mum…" Kate really might have lost it now. But them, as Logan though, she is Kate.

Joanna does not cry, dammit. Certainly not in front of a *man*. She can bawl later. She blinks when Kate calls her a 'good mum.' But, after a rueful look at the wrecked radar, she has to shrug and nod a little to herself. It's fitting enough. "Thank you, Kate," she says softly. She doesn't seem to notice she's dropped the other woman's last name and rank, and she doesn't object to being called simply 'Jo.' "The stars? Oh, yes." She clears her throat, looking up at them. "You know, I used to beg my father to tell me stories about the battles he saw in the Great War. He didn't like to speak of it. I never understood why. In books, in the papers, it all always sounds so thrilling…"

Logan keeps looking around seeming to be kind of embarrased about showing any kind of caring, he is a *man* as Joanna noticed earlier, but other then that he's in charge at the moment, and people in charge have to be angry all the time, oh screw it. He wraps both of his arms around Kate and hugs her tight, but not tight enough to break her. As he hugs her he takes a sip of his coffee over her shoulder.

Kate sinks into Logan's arms a few moments. He was still practically her older brother, but she was a Wren now, and Wrens shouldn't cry. So, with a bit of a hiccup, she pushes herself back to straighten up and inhale deeply, dabbing at her eyes a few more moments before handing Joanna's kerchief back. "Sorry… sorry. I'm nae insane, I promise ye. Just… was a shock, seein' her like tha'. I thought we could fix her… I really did…" She frowns to Joanna, hearing the woman's story and nodding slwoly…"it's… nae so thrilling."

Logan hears some some sailor shout at him about a call on the radio and sighs, he takes another drink of his coffee and hands the cup to Kate, "Can yea take this to the galley when yea have a chance. I need to go do commander things." He nods to both of them and starts to walk to the ladder.

Joanna watches Logan and Kate almost enviously, before she catches herself and looks away. Back on the clear sky and the North Sea. "Keep it if you like," she offers to Kate, as to the kerchief. "I've got others." She nods to Logan as he goes, muttering something resembling, "Good night, sir." That done she turns back to Kate, shaking her head in agreement. "No. No, it isn't thrilling at all. We stood up to it, though. That's what counts."

Kate nods in affirmation to Joanna, "Aye, we did all survive." She pushes herself into standing, finally, and takes his coffee cup and pockets Joanna's kerchief. "Thanks, Jo… maybe I can keep some of 'is grease off me face with it." She states with a half chuckle, though there is still a line of tired sadness beyond it. "..I'm nae sure there is -anything- we can fix right now… damned frusterating, it is."

Logan glances over to Joanna and nods as he grabs the rails of the ladder, "Careful now Jo, yea might just warm up tea someone." He smirks as he starts to climb down.

Joanna responds to Logan's comment with a sniff and a mutter of some unintelligible string of proper English courtesies. "Yes. Well. Quite so. If you please." She smiles at Kate. A tired smile and a faint one, but it touches her blue eyes. "I know what you mean. It's always easier to get through anything when there's a task you can concentrate on. It gives you something to focus on, so you can block out…the rest of it. There's little to do now but think."

Kate nods quietly, standing up. "I'm going to check on things in engineering again. See if there is -anything- else we can do. You… you be safe, Joanna. We'll talk again soon." She gives the woman a brief wave before ducking out of the room to compose herself in private.

Joanna nods to that. For her part she just stays on the flying bridge, watching the stars in the clear, cold northern sky. "Stay safe, Kate," she replies simply, shrugging her coat tighter around her shoulders to keep the chill at bay.

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