Matthew raises his eyebrows and hudson and grabs a pointy object. "Careful with that Marine."

Matthew looked at you.

Hands sips his coffee.

Hands looks at Kate and says, "Are you ever going to show me the blasted RADAR your always yammerin about?"

Kate blinks blearily as she comes in from the top deck, covered in grease and soot.. apparently she's just gotten OFF work. She looks like she's wearing black face, pretty much. She smirks at Hands. "Do you really want to be in a small room alone with me right now? You might pass out from the stench."

Hands laughs, "Miss McConnell I have had to spend time in a confined space with Mr. Pearce, if that answers your question. Go clean up then, My shift is done no hurry here."

Matthew laughs.

The small room gets smaller as Hudson squeezes through the hatch. "Pardon me," he mumbles to the others, although it's to no one in particular, and he doesn't sound entirely apologetic, merely being polite. He heads over to the cupboards, opening one of them.

Logan has arrived.
Logan arrives from the Aft crew space.

Logan lumbers in from the crew area scratching his head.

Logan looked at you.

Logan is happy to see Hudson, not as if they are old acquiantances, but maybe just because there is finally another soldier on board who's build finally challenges his, even if the man looks like someone beat him with a stick and threw him down a hill.

Kate nods flatly, "Gimmie a moment. I'll be back." And the grease, soot and god knows whatever covered woman ducks down towards the bunking area and the showers. She really, really needs to splash off, if just a bit.

Logan looked at you.

Hudson pulls a mess kit from one of the cupboards, then puts it back and continues rummaging. "Christ," he mutters, "is it so much to ask for something that isn't bent or dented?"

Matthew frowns and holds up a bent spoon object. "Obviously so."

Logan laughs a little bit and takes a seat at a table.

Matthew frowns. "You won't think it's funny when I'm operating on you with it. I need to see the captain about new equipment."

Hands smirks "I certainly hope Mr. Burke you will not be operating with a mess kit!"

Hudson snorts. He finds a kit that suits his purpose and puts the others away. "If you're operatin' on me with a spoon, you better kill me. If I survive, I won't be happy about it," he says, smiling a little.

Matthew shakes his head. "This isn't a mess kit, It's my medical kit. This bent spoon isn't used for eating, It's used for saving your life. It's also defective equipment." he says calmly.

Hands rises and pours another mug, "Aye that maybe Mr. Burke, but our Marine friend here was refering to the condition of our fine china and silverware, if I'm not mistaken.

Matthew rolls his eyes. "Eating won't be a problem if the medical equipment kills you."

Logan looks at Hudson, "Don't worry lad, with him as our doctor, you don't 'ave to worry 'bout surviving." He shoots a smirk at Matthew.

Matthew growls. "What you trying to say Logan?"

Logan lets out a small chuckle at Matthew, "It's a harmless joke Matty."

Hands sips his coffee, "Round the bend a bit I think." he says more to himself then anyone." He then looks to Logan, "When Miss McConnell returns from the head please let 'er know I be in the foc'sle if'n ye not mind."

Hands has left.

Hands heads off Forward crew space.

"I doubt I'd survive," Hudson says. "Not unless that bent spoon's imbued with some magical power. But I'd just as soon stick to snake oil and the Almighty than put my faith in a bent spoon."

Logan nods to the large soldier, "Ain't that the truth lad."

Logan stands up and looks the new soldier up and down, "Sub Lieutenant Logan O'Reily." He offers a handshake to the man.

Hudson grasps Logan's hand and pumps it once. "Colour Sergeant Avery Hudson," he says. "First time I've been assigned to a ship of this… vintage."

Matthew looked at you.

Logan nods to Hudson, "Aye, I think they put her together with tape and glue. Stron"

Logan nods to Hudson, "I think they hold her together with tape and glue." He chuckles a little at his own joke.

Hudson snorts a laugh. He holds up his mess kit. "Just think, some unlucky bloke was gettin' food poisoning on this very kit during the Great War," he says.

Logan slaps him on the back, "Probably the best part of being on this relic."

Kate has disconnected.

"The history of this ship?" Hudson asks. "You've got to be kidding me. If I had my way, I'd be on a newer boat. Although if me and my men have to board some kraut ship, maybe the sad state of this one will have them in hysterics long enough to buy us some time."

"Then after half of us get shot up, the Doctor here can operate on us with a bent spoon," he adds.

Logan nods to Hudson, "Back in Belfast I was building the best of the best, and now they stick me on this thing."

Logan has partially disconnected.

"I go where His Majesty orders me," Hudson says. "I enlisted… how many years has it been? Close to twenty years ago, I think."

Matthew mutters something to himself about Hudson being old.

Logan looks at Matthew, "I myself was thinking a' joining the marines but I decided I'd rather run sonar than embarras young marines with my stature." He chuckles a little bit, "It's been ten years for me."

"I joined when I was sixteen-on-seventeen," Hudson says. "It's been a good life, not rich, but can't say I'm left wanting anything." He stares at Matthew evenly. "In any case, I'm too old to believe in your fairy tale bent spoon magic."

Logan fixes himself a cup of coffee and talks back to Hudson, "Not even a woman Mr. Hudson?"

"I've got a wife back in Birmingham," Hudson says. "And one little one, goin' on nine. As long as the two women in my life don't go hungry, I've done well, wouldn't you say?" He smiles. "How about you? Any family of your own?"

Logan shakes his head as he stirs, he walks back over to his seat and sits down, "Not yet, but I'm only twenty eight, I still have time to look."

"Don't wait too long is all I have to say, Sub-Lieutenant," Hudson says. "Who knows what will happen to us?"

Matthew mutters,"Probably get blown out of the Water..That Nazi Navy is very huge..came out of nowhere from what I heard."

Logan takes a sip of his coffee and looks up at Matthew, "That's what I'm here for."

Hudson snorts. "Ah, a pessimist!" he says to Matthew. "You must be the one the captain restricted to his quarters and his station. I think I can see why now. That sort of talk brings spirits down." The big man smiles a little, "So do you have any family of your own, or do you spend your days telling magical spoon stories and preaching doom and gloom?"

Logan chuckles a bit as he drinks, "I think it's the latter."

Matthew frowns. "Yeah I got family, No I'm not married. And you keep talking about that magical spoon. I'll show you why I was restricted to my quarters."

Hudson's eyes widen a little in mock fear. "Oooh, I'm scared," he says, laughing a little. "Relax a little. Life isn't all doom and gloom!" The big man goes over to the cupboards and rummages around, "Here, lemme find you a spoon you can bend."

Matthew growls and puts down the instrument he was cleaning. "I may be a Medical Officer, but I'll still kick your ass. Marine or Not."

Logan glances up to Matthew from where he is sitting, "You couldn't take me if you tried, so if he and I tried you'd 'ave no chance Doc."

"Like I said, you need to relax," Hudson says. "Don't you medical officers get issued morphine? Christ!" He pulls a spoon out of the cupboard and says, "Think this one's straight enough for bending?"

Matthew growls. "Thats it." He clenches his fist and tackles Hudson. He punches him in the face twice. "YOU WANNA GO MATE?! I'LL SHOW YOU!!" He screams in Logans face.

«Ground Combat» Matthew moves to engage Hudson in close quarters combat, and succeeds!

«Ground Combat» You make an unarmed attack on Matthew!

«Ground Combat» Hudson attacks Matthew with his bare hands! Hudson misses!

«Ground Combat» Logan moves to engage Matthew in close quarters combat, and succeeds!

Logan stands from his seat and gets involved in the fight.

«Ground Combat» You make an unarmed attack on Matthew!

«Ground Combat» Hudson attacks Matthew with his bare hands! Hudson misses!

«Ground Combat» Logan attacks Matthew with his bare hands! Logan misses!

«Ground Combat» You make an unarmed attack on Matthew!
«Ground Combat» Hudson attacks Matthew with his bare hands! Matthew suffers 7 bruise damage to his right chest.
«Ground Combat» Matthew has been knocked unconscious!

Matthew coughs as he hits the floor.

Logan catches Matthew as he's knocked out.

Hudson takes a step away from Matthew, almost a stumble, but it's a feint. The big man moves with eerie speed and he punches the doctor hard in the ribs. "Christ," he mutters, "What's that bloke's problem? Spoons spoons spoons! What's the big deal?"

Logan laughs up to Hudson as he watches over Matt, "That was a hell of a punch sir."

Matthew coughs as his eyelids open a little. "Two against one..real fair.." He passes out again.

"Some people are too high strung for these assignments," Hudson says. "Usually they're younger, just boys missing home." He shakes his head and sighs. "I'll be reporting this incident to the captain, of course."

Logan slaps Matthew on the face lightly trying to wake him up.

Logan nods to Hudson, "You can tell the captain it was me if you want to dodge his fury."

"I think the Captain will agree this mad medical officer had it coming," Hudson says drily. He glances at Matthew and shrugs, "He'll live, I doubt I'll even get a reprimand."

Matthew coughs as he wakes. He growls. "Get off of me. Two against one..real fair..where's my medkit?" he gets up and sits in a chair next to his medkit.

"Maybe you should use that magical spoon, you fuckin' twat," Hudson growls when he sees the medical officer wake up. "I'll be reporting this incident to the captain." The big man picks up his mess kit and says to Logan, "I'll accept responsibility for this, Sub-Lieutenant."

Logan nods to Hudson, "Of course sir." He goes back to his seat and starts sipping his coffee again.

Hudson nods to Logan and leaves.


Foster is sitting at his desk when he hears the knocking at his door. "Come in!" he calls out across the noise that is the daily operations of a ship.

Hudson enters the Captain's Quarters and closes the door behind him. He stands at attention and salutes. "Sir, I wish to report… an incident involving one of the medical officers and myself." He clutches in one large hand a hastily-typed memorandum.

Foster hasn't turned around yet, but he does make a show of hanging his head. "Considering there is only one medical officer on board so far, process of elimination doesn't leave much to the imagination." He slowly stands up, finally turning to Hudson, seeing the typed paper. "That a report for me?" He holds out his hand expectantly.

"At ease, marine." Foster adds quickly.

The big man stands at ease. "To make it official, sir," Hudson says, handing the report to the Captain. "I'm not much of a writer, but I thought it'd be best if I had my statement on file, while it was fresh in my memory." A pause. "Permission to speak, sir."

Foster takes the paper, his eyes on it, but he does utter the word that Hudson is looking for as his eyes bounce about the paper. "Granted."

"The medical officer is mad, Captain," Hudson says. "He's either a very nervous fellow, or he's unaccustomed to normal human contact."

Foster manages to hold back the sigh, finishing with his reading of the report. "It seems I'm going to have to handle this matter with yet more weight to my hand." He pauses slightly. "Next time, send him swimming."

Hudson nods, "Yes, sir." He hesitates for a moment, but continues with the question anyway. "Will we be getting another medical officer, sir?"

Foster nods his head once, then twice. "Yes, yes we are. Either Burke will be a changed man, or I'll end up taking an annex course in medicine, but either way, ship's doctor won't be the same by the time we leave port."

Hudson nods. "Yes, sir." He stands at attention, waiting to be dismissed.

"Dismissed, marine." Foster says, barely managing to keep the weariness from entering his tone.

Hudson salutes. He turns on his heel and exits.

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