Mushclient Plugin

There is a MUSHClient plugin for those using MUSHClient version 3.65 or later, which adds some limited sound effects for the battle scenes.

To get it working, download this file :-

The file contains a

  • whole bunch of of .wavs
  • a MUSHClient plugin file called TGG.xml

The wavs must go in C:\Program Files\TGGSound. So unzip the contents of the zipfile into that folder, which you will likely have to create.

Once thats done, open up MUSHClient, connect to the game as normal, and then go to File -> Plugins. Browse to that plugin file, TGG.xml. (In TGGSound, if you just dumped the whole zipfile into there). Make sure thats selected and appears on the list.

And then you're ready to rock and roll.

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