Mikhail Malakhov
Mikhail Vladimirovich Malakhov
Portrayed By
Gender Male
Age 31
Aliases None
Place of Birth Yaroslavl, Russia
Occupation Construction worker


Mikhail Vladimirovich Malakhov was born in the Russian city of Yaroslavl in the spring of 1911, the youngest of three children born to Dr. Vladimir Malakhov, and his wife Larissa Malakhova. He had two older siblings, five years older brother Dmitri and two years older sister Ekaterina. His first seven years were quite eventful, although good, until after the October Revolution in 1917, when the family left Yaroslavl, and moved further down the Volga, to the city of Tsaritsyn, which would later get the name Stalingrad.
School-wise, Misha was a rather bright kid, who did well in classes regarding languages and similar things, in addition to sports and other similar activities. He had a few close friends as well, together with Maxim Medevev and Anatoly Chekov he got into all sorts of trouble during his youth. After graduating school, he got work as a construction worker, much to the dismay of his family. But not in 1938, he joined the Red Army, together with his friends Maxim and Anatoly, and about a year later, they were sent to be part of the Russian forces invading Finland.
Whatever happened in that war in the cold and icy north people don't know, because Misha never talked about it when he returned, moved into the reserve forces of the army, in the early summer of 1940. But he returned, unlike his two best friends. Getting a job as a construction worker once more, people quickly found him not to be the same person as before he left. The former soft spoken young man with a quick and easy smile now seldom smiled, and his thoughts seemed to be darker than before. Once in a while, his old self still shines trough, though.
Mikhail Malakhov died during the figting at Pavlov's House, as he was cut down by the machine gun fire from a passing tank.


Standing at about six feet, this man that looks to be in his late twenties or early thirties is standing just a little bit on the slender side of the spectrum when it comes to his build, although he looks quite muscular, like someone that's spent some time taking care of his body. He's got dark brown hair that's kept at a half length at the moment, and a bit of stubble most of the time. Other facial features include eyes of a greyish blue color, that seems to be watching the world rather carefully, as well as as a rather large nose, and pale lips that frame two rows of teeth that seems to have been rather well taken care of. His right hand seems to miss two thirds of the ring finger. When he speaks, there might be a hint of an accent from a different part of Soviet, the area around Yaroslavl, for those that knows such things.
He's currently dressed in simple, yet functional clothing. A dark brown jacket is worn over a green shirt. In addition to that, a pair of simple trousers are worn, with a pair of solid boots filling out the outfit.



  • Has a good ear for languages, and is rumored to speak at least a few.

Possible connections

People that knew Misha when he was back in his school days, or first period of working would always be good. In addition, his mother probably came from down in this area, so any relatives through that side of the family wouldn't be bad either. Just ask, and I'm sure something could be worked out. ;)

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