Jonas Meier


This Aryan man is of average stature-five feet and ten inches-with a lean shape that would surprise any enemy soldiers the strength to do the work of a soldier. His face is oval, with masculine eyebrows, baby blue eyes guarded by slightly protruding eye sockets, sharp nose, and thin lips. Not exactly a model, but not Quasimodo either. His short dirty blonde hair is in modified high and tight, just that the sides don’t go in but go out at about 87 degrees. That is, when he isn’t wearing a helmet. Whenever his skin can be seen, one can see that it is slightly tanned bearing hardly any scars or deformities besides the day old stubble around his face and the light fuzzy blonde hair on his arms and legs.

Dressed in the normal on duty uniform for a member of the SS, this man is dressed in a drab army-green. On his jacket lapel is pinned his rank, Private. Under the jacket, his brown shirt can be seen, complete with black tie. He's got a shiny black belt around the middle, with the SS symbol machined on it. The same green as his jacket, his pants disappears into tall, calf length black boots with high polish.


Born in 1920 at Hoxter in Hoxter District of North Rhine-Westphalia to Lukas and Hannah Meier, Jonas had a comfortable childhood. He had no brothers or sisters; and thus had all the attention and resources of the family directed towards him, which made him spoiled and less tolerant of the idea of sharing. His father Lukas worked as a technician for the nearby printing press and was not home much besides for dinner and sleep. It was his mother who spent the time as a housewife and also babysitting the children of other families who helped raise him, instill in him values and the notion of right and wrong. He did well enough in school, but unlike all the other boys who were roaring to become involved in the stock market and financial field due to the Roaring 20s, he was bored and wanted to blaze his own path. But what would it be?

As he grew older, his father grew intent on making his son like himself, a technician. Thus, Jonas was taught about using equipment and fixing machinery. That too, was not much of interest to Jonas, and he looked elsewhere for his path. Then came the stock market crashing and worldwide economic depression. The politics of the Nazi Party made an impassioned follower of Lukas Meier, who was fiercely patriotic and a firm believer in a “Greater Germany.” This attitude was passed on to Jonas with the quiet discontent of Hannah, and when the call to duty arose, Jonas was encouraged by his father to rise in prestige by joining the SS. Jonas saw this as a way to a greater glory, likely not the only one in Germany, and eagerly joined in. He became indoctrinated in Nazi ideology and his ambition helped him through combat training to become a soldier for the Fatherland, who would bring glory to his family and his people.

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