Requires first aid 1, gives a medical status report of the victim, including poisoning effects which aren't visible on the +sheet.

+medic/diagnose <name>


First aid is the only medical skill usable in a warzone. It requires no special equipment or circumstances, though it does require quite a long time (ie many ticks of the clock) and that the medic is close (short range) to the target.

+medic/firstaid <name>/<bodypart>

Body part may be head, left chest, right chest, etc. A successful skill check heals 1 wound damage. Unsuccessful checks do nothing. First aid must be applied relatively quickly to a wound, within a few hours typically, for it to work. Each wound can only receive a first aid roll once.


Medicine represents more serious medical measures than basic first aid. It's use is somewhat risky as medicine can inflict damage, and that damage can kill, so it's advisable that only skilled doctors try it. In any case, a medicine check may only be made by characters who possess the Medicine skill at at least 1, it may not be defaulted like most other skills can.

+medic/medicine <name>/<bodypart>

A successful Medicine check heals 1d4 points of wound damage. A failed Medicine check inflicts 1 point of wound damage. Medicine checks may only be made when the area is not a warzone, as it requires some time, and may only be successfully applied once per wound. When a Medicine check fails and inflicts damage, the medic may try again, if desired. Needless to say repeated failures mean more chance of dying, specially when treating vital areas - it is possible for a doctor, on occasion, to kill his patient rather than heal, though it is unlikely.


The nursing skill improves a wounded individuals natural recuperative powers. It represents longer term care than the other medical disciplines. The importance of nursing should not be underestimated, without proper long term care wounds may actually get worse instead of better.

A nurse can look after a number of wounded equal to his or her skill rating at any one time.

+medic/nurse <name>

To get a list of people you are currently nursing, use


Should you wish to cease nursing someone to patch up a more urgent case instead, you can use

+medic/ceasenursing <name>

When the healing code runs on Sunday afternoon, all nursing tasks are reset automatically.


Surgery is automatically successful. It may be used once on a given wound, and is not combinable with Medicine, you use either/or. Surgery will heal one wound damage per Surgery skill level, plus one additional point, no roll required.

Surgery requires decent equipment to use. It may only be used in specially designated rooms (builders, the room requires an attribute called SURGERY to work) and is useless without such equipment. Therefore, even with a surgeon present, the skill may not be available.

+medic/surgery <name>/<bodypart>

Needless to say, surgery may only be performed when the area is not a warzone, in battles, only first aid is available.


Wounded Scan. It reveals any wounded characters in the room you are in. They can be disconnected, they will still show up. This helps medical staff find patients to treat.


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