Matti Mannikainens Final Moments

DeathMux - Monday, March 12, 2007, 1:18 PM

Bo nods as he comes out of the cabin, "Of course I'll come… just tell me where to go"

«Game» Niko moves out of Cabin.

Vesa tugs his hat on and slings the rifle around his shoulders. "Someone take the sled. Jaakko put blankets and stuff in there. There were down at the river, right?"

Erkki turns about and moves for the sled without another word, to get it ready if nobody else has already. He gets on it.

Niko says, "I can't really ski." He points at the bandage on his chest. "I'll ride along in the sled. I can still shoot, you know."

«Game» Niko unwields his Fuckoff Huge Knife!
«Game» Niko wields his Pystykorva!

Luukas steps to get on the sled as well, motioning for Bo to join him on the bench.

«Ground Vehicles» Niko gets into Sled.
«Ground Vehicles» Vesa gets into Sled.

Matti has arrived.

«Ground Vehicles» Luukas gets into Sled.
«Ground Vehicles» Isak gets into Sled.

--The Grid---------------------------> > > > > THE GREATEST GENERATION < < <

Coordinates : 1 23

The wind keeps the snow depth in the middle of the ice on a reasonable level,( 20-30 cm), but it is still enough to quickly drain the energy from someone without the right equipment.

It is currently dusk.

This is an arctic environment, with a temperature of -23 degrees Celsius.

Sub-Rooms :

(#304) Sled
(Item 1) Leuku Melee Weapon
(Item 2) Tokarev TT-33 Ranged Weapon
(Item 3) F-1 Grenade Ranged Weapon
(Item 4) Mosin-Nagant Ranged Weapon
(Item 5) 7.62-54R x 23 Ammo

West <W> East <E>
South <S> North <N>

«Ground Vehicles» Vesa gets out of Sled.
«Ground Vehicles» Niko gets out of Sled.
«Ground Vehicles» Luukas gets out of Sled.
«Ground Vehicles» Erkki gets out of Sled.
«Ground Vehicles» Bo gets out of Sled.
«Game» Luukas unwields his Leuku!
«Game» Luukas wields his Mosin-Nagant!

Vesa climbs out of the sled once they've reached the area Jaakko had indicated. He keeps his rifle handy, on the alert for more patrols that might be unlucky enough to be moving this way when there's this many Finns around.

Sonja arrives from the South.

Matti is lying on the bloody snow, a grenade clutched in his white fingers. The bullet tore straight through his chest, collapsing a lung and severing his spine - the only reason why he hasn't pulled the pin is that he can't move his hands anymore. He just lies there, his breath coming in rasping, bubbling bursts, his angular face twisted into a frenzy of concentration. Trying to pull the pin. Maybe he doesn't realize anymore that he can't. Oddly enough, his blue-grey eyes are clear and lucid, still.

Luukas rides in the sled, guided by Jaakko's directions where the battle was fought. Once the draft horse pulls the sleigh in, he looks around with a frown, spotting blood on the ice, and shifts to lift himself up and get out.

Sonja is out here too on the sled, god knows why. She looks about the icy lake with vague worry. After all, if Matti got shot out here, the people who do the shooting must be out here too, right?

Niko unslings his rifle. His eyes do a careful sweep of the area. "We're sitting ducks out on this ice," he mutters. The small man stands up and hops down onto the ice, using the sled as cover while he glances around.

Bo grimaces at the sight as he steps out of the sleigh, "no mercy… they show no mercy at all" he closes his eyes and looks away from the grim sight as he stands by the sleigh.

Erkki hasn't said a word the entire ride, with his machine gun in his lap. He's alertly scanning for enemies though, with the concentration of someone who doesn't want to be disturbed, pretending that he's doing his job while in fact, he's truly unhappy. As the horse pulls them towards the area where Matti is known to have fallen, he shifts and sits up straight, staring ahead into the gloom until the little mound of a white-clad body is seen. "There he is," he rasps, and starts in that direction.

Vesa pulls his rifle into his hands, watching carefully around them. He turns his head, looking at Erkki at those words, then over where he's pointing. His hand lets go of the rifle for a moment to cross himself before he start towards Matti's form in the snow.

Luukas speaks softly, in Finnish, "I see blood." and starts walking in that direction, slow enough for his boots to keep traction. As Erkki exclaims, the Ostrobothnian looks over to where the other man's staring. "Yeah. Gotta see if he's alive, but be careful of that grenade." as he picks up his pace, trying to move over there.

Matti hasn't realized that you're here yet. The range of his normally acute senses has diminished considerably, and he can only really see and hear what's right in front of him. Slowly, painfully, he raises his head, his lips pulling back as he tries to move his head close enough to bite at the pin. But too far. With a frustrated gasp, his nect straightens once more. There's no remorse, no sorrow, no anger on his face. Just intense, pained concentration.

Bo clutchs his rifle and assumes a cover position by the sleigh, keeping an eye out for any opposition.

Niko lowers his rifle from his shoulder, but keeps it at the ready. He follows the rest of the group.

Erkki speeds up, despite the warning words, a bit like he did when finding Jari's body. He doesn't deal well with losing friends, and as odd as it seems, he got a bit closer to his cousin there at the end. As close as he and Matti can ever get, anyway. Reaching Matti, he leans on his poles and looks down into the dying man's face. "Cousin," he grunts at him, "you make us all go out here to find your sorry ass."

Sonja puts a hand to her mouth when she sees Matti in the distance. Her hand goes to her mouth when she realises he must be seriously wounded indeed, not to mention cold, lying there still for so long in the ice and snow. She climbs out of the sled when it stops near, not bothering with skis, and stomps through the foot high drifts as best she can, her fathers medical bag clutched in both hands.

Bo sighs, his breath forming a cloud of steam and floating away as he looks around making sure their position stays secure.

Niko mutters, "A blanket. I'll get a blanket." He slings his rifle over his shoulder, goes back to the sled and grabs one, then wades through the snow as fast as his stumpy legs can carry him, clutching at his chest wound, which must ache from all the physical exertion.

Matti stares at Erkki, squinting as he tries to make out his face. He struggles to speak for a long time, before gasping, "Pull the pin!" He stares at Erkki demandingly, his grey-blue eyes fixed on the other man. The level of intense concentration on his face… disturbing.

Vesa comes up near Erkki and Matti after a minute, crouching down in the snow by Matti's body. "The Russian have gone, Matti. Save the grenade…we're going to use it on their asses in your honour."

Luukas moves closer too, shooting a look over to Sonja to see if she's seen Matti as well. "Over here", before turning back, frowning as he kneels near but not over the trapper, allowing Errki to be the one trying to get Matti's attention while Luukas checks for wounds and considers the grenade in hand.

Erkki crouches down a bit to get closer, both to be heard and to hear Matti better. He watches his cousin with a serious expression, then glances at the grenade. "Waste of a good grenade," he says matter of factly. Might sound cruel, but he's nothing if not honest. "Why didn't you pull the pin yourself?" he asks, although he kind of really knows the answer.

"Matti? Matti! It's me, Niko," Niko says as he stomps up to the wounded man in the snow. "You're going to be fine, eh? Just a flesh wound." He forces a chuckle. "Just fine. Your luck hasn't run out just yet. No worm farm for you, eh? You were wrong about what you said earlier today." He drapes the blanket over Matti's torso and legs, but leaves the grenade hand exposed.

Isak moves the sled closer to the barely animate form of Matti, before securing them to a tree via the reins and jumping off to move over to the fallen man. The lack of furious activity very telling.

"I think I'm… Paralyzed. I can't move my legs, or arms." Matti says this matter of factly, staring at Erkki. His eyes slowly orbit to take in the people around him. As Niko speaks, he squints at the other man, "What the hell are you talking about? I'm a goner. Shoot me." And for once, with the last his voice is clearly commanding. There's no fear on his angular, sunken face. Just determination. He squints at Niko, gasping,

Bo walks along side the sled as its moved just watching the countryside for a few moments before his gaze is adjusted to the wounded man, he just shakes his head in disgust at the russians handy work.

Sonja struggles a bit in the snow, being weak after all, but arrives in time to here Matti's instructions. "Shoot him?!?". She crosses herself. "We can't do that." she says, aghast. "We have to get him off the ice, before he dies.". She winces at the wound, though, that does look particularly bad.

Luukas leans closer from the side, examining the grenade, "It's still got its pin in." muttered quietly. Then, more clear, "Matti, let go of the grenade, okay? No chance of being captured by Russians. We're all Finns here now. We've got the sled, too. Isak's not THAT BAD of a driver." and tries to smile.

Isak keeps himself quietly to the periphery of the group, but does what he can to catch Sonja's gaze, question all over his face.

Erkki meets Matti's gaze. He's shifting his feet, glancing around at the others. "Sonja, take a look at him, will you? See how bad it is." He has to know for sure.

"Let go of the grenade? Did someone shoot you in the ear, Ostrobothnian? I'm paralyzed." Matti's breathing is definetely getting shallower. Speaking seems to be a great effort, his face twisting into an ugly squint. As Sonja draws close, he shakes his head, coughing, "Don't… I've seen men get hit like this. It's no use."

Vesa watches Erkki for a long moment, then looks back down at Matti. When even Vesa isn't saying 'It's going to be okay', it's a bad day. "We should at least get you in the sled, Matti. You shouldn't be out here like this."

Niko stares at Matti for a moment and then shakes his head. "If we shoot you, we'd have to bury you next to Jari, because the ground's easier to dig there," he says, trying to smile. "Hey Matti, you were carving something today. Don't you want to get back to the cabin and finish it? It's almost Christmas, for God's sake!" He bends down to adjust the blanket.

"Am I not… Saying it right?" Matti stares almost angrily at Niko, gasping for breath. He's fading, and he's fading fast - even the lucid look in his gray-blue eyes is starting to dull. "I've been waiting for this for… twenty seven… Years." He has to struggle to say the last bit. His lips slowly draw themselves into a terrible smile, a rictus of morbid triumph.

"Not out here," Vesa looks up at Erkki suddenly. "Let's get him in the sled or something! If we can't get him home."

Luukas is quiet when Matti speaks up at him, then carefully slides his own hands towards the grenade in an effort to clasp it, to draw it out from where it's between warm Finnish bodies. "Just stay calm, you poaching son of a Moose. Maybe Sonja can pull a miracle for you like her father did for my leg, eh? See, this Ostrobothnian managed to ride all the way out here to see where those Russian bodies are laying you left stuck in the snow." At that, he makes the move to try to draw the grenade away.

"Oh my god. Get out of the way or something, don't just sit there and look at him!" Sonja gets out, eyes filling with tears at this horrible scene, and going back to wading through the snow to get by Matti's side.

Matti is paralyzed, but his hand has pretty much frozen rigid over the grenade. As such, prying it loose is a surprisingly difficult task.

Erkki obediently moves out of the way so that Sonja will have access. "Let Sonja look at him before we move him," he asks cautiously. He keeps eye contact with Matti though, his gaze steady and calm. "You are good in my book, cousin. Even if you are a filthy red."

"I'm not an… Idiot. My luck's run out." This, from the man who seemed blessed by the Gods in Spain, despite his fatalism. Matti's eyes unfocus, his breathing barely audible now. Not long for this world, now.

Vesa moves back just a little bit in the snow so Sonja has room, looking down at Matti for a long time as the activity continues around them. His breathing is tense but there's no frown on his face as Matti starts to fade out so quickly. "We'll keep fighting, Matti," he says under his breath. "It's their turn now."

Gustaf arrives from the South.

Luukas speaks softly, "You've got a little sister, and brothers, still back at the cabin." He leans to look at the grenade again, "His fingers are frozen around it." muttered away from Matti, towards the others. "The ice'll kill him if the bullets don't." frowning a bit as he tries to draw some of the gear away from Matti's body.

Sonja opens up Matti's clothes to see how bad the wound is, and discovers that the reason why he's not in the middle of a large spreading pool of red is because the thick winter gear has kept it from spilling out all over the snow. Though thats not going to save his life, clearly the bullet hit something important. "Oh god." she says, freezing, and muttering a quick prayer.

Erkki isn't sure what to do, or say. But then he suddenly grabs for Vesa's rifle, not having brought one of his own except the machine gun which is still in the sled. "Just let him out of the misery," he says grimly, clearly going to shoot his cousin himself. There's something pained on his expression though.

Bo doesn't even feel he can approach the fallen man being the newest of the group, he makes a cross motion first placing his middle and index finger on his forehead and then proceeding downward to the middle of his chest, he finishes the cross as he touchs shoulder to shoulder all the while muttering a prayer.

A straggler finally arrives following the band of Finnish reservist reinforcements and medical personnel. It is Gustaf, who is huffing and puffing cross-country skiing from the cabin all the way to here. He takes in the scene that is before him. Bodies, blood, spent cartridges, craters in the snow are what is left.

Vesa stands up with a jolt as Erkki grabs the rifle, startled by the movement. He doesn't stop Erkki, though he watches the man's face carefully. For a long few moments it doesn't seem like he'll say anything, then from him comes in a curiously neutral tone, "Would you prefer I do it, Erkki?"

Matti seems too out of touch with reality to figure out what Luukas, Sonja and Bo are doing. His pupils dilate, fixed on some point in personal space. "Anna…" The words are faint, and whispered clumsily from between stiffening lips. And for the last time, his eyes focus on Erkki, an almost gentle, euphoric smile illuminating his face. "Thank you." Then, he falls silent, his eyes fixed demandingly on Erkki.

Niko hunkers down and chews on his lip after he hears Sonja's "Oh god." He says, "Matti, you have any unfinished business? Something you need to tell… maybe Emma?" He shrugs and gives up, standing. To Vesa, he mutters, "For God's sake, if you're going to do it, don't do it where a Russian patrol might still be around to hear it. Let's move him someplace else, first."

Sonja can't watch this, so gets up and walks away into the snow, managing to trip over and end up on her knees, going green as she feels sick, and wishing she never came out here.

Luukas looks up to Erkki with a frown, "At least lets try to say last rites. I know I'm not a priest, not a pastor, and Matti's family are Reds and maybe atheists, but if you know him well enough to be sure. Let us know." As Matti's last words slip out, then, the Ostrobothnian man swallows, looking to the face before drawing a hand up to slide the lids down before they freeze, "In nomine patri et filii et spiriti sanctum". and goes silent

"No, but thank you, Vesa," Erkki replies, his emotions carefully held in check. "He's my cousin. And a damned good one at that." He glances at Niko, replying: "Then we better get moving right away after this." And so he raises the rifle up and aims at Matti's heart from a short distance away, as shooting him in the head would feel wrong, like it was an execution of an enemy. He waits for Luukas to say those words, then nods at Matti. "Farewell, Matti Mannikainen. It was good knowing you." BLAM!

Matti has left.

Gustaf stands over the rest who are gathered up around Matti. He peers down at the corpse, giving Erkki a fixed stare. The fixed stare of death. After studying the scene for a moment emotionless, he merely walks to check up on the others. There was nothing he could do; nor was he particularly close to anyone here, hence why he can be so detatched. Maybe it was a good thing.

«Game» The enemy is near… Oulu is now a war zone!

Isak allows Sonja the room she needs to make the proclamation half of them seem to have made on their own. As the others speak, and he hears the small gasp out of Sonja. With eyes cast, he murmurs a silent prayer for Matti, and can't help but grin to himself at the irony. The words he does speak, slipped in just before the gunshot, are "Amanda sends her love."

Niko winces. He grabs the blanket and says, "Gather his weapons and ammunition."

«Game» Luukas unwields his Mosin-Nagant!
«Equipment» Erkki picks up Leuku.
«Equipment» Niko picks up Matti's Corpse.
«Equipment» Luukas has dropped Mosin-Nagant.

Bo looks about, "Lets move quickly.. the enemy shall be upon us very soon if we don't get out of here"

Vesa keeps his eyes open and on Matti as the gunshot goes off. Once it's done, for some reason he smiles a little bit. "Goodbye Matti. Thanks." He holds a hand out towards Erkki, wanting his rifle back. Going unarmed feels way to weird.

Luukas reaches for the scoped sniper rifle, shaking his head with a frown as the body remains there bleeding.

«Equipment» Luukas picks up Scoped Mosin-Nagant.
«Equipment» Niko picks up Tokarev TT-33.

From River, a male voice shouts, "Comrades, hold up!".

Erkki returns the rifle and then starts back for the sled, helping getting the body along too if it's needed. Time to get out of here, russians are close.

Gustaf watches as the others begin stripping the dead for all the useful items such as weapons, ammunition, cigarettes, and whatnot. He begins to start moving out again.

«Equipment» Gustaf picks up F-1 Grenade.
«Ground Vehicles» Erkki gets into Sled.#-1

Luukas mutters, "Who was that? Someone called out." as he looks over.

Niko mutters, "Oh God, they're on top of us." He makes a dash for the sled.

«Ground Vehicles» Sonja gets into Sled.#-1

Vesa stiffens at the shout. He blinks and leans down to help grabs the body, muttering to Luukas. "Russians. Someone called to hold up. Let's get out of here!"

«Ground Vehicles» Niko gets into Sled.#-1

«Equipment» Luukas picks up 7.62-54R x 23.

--The Grid---------------------------> > > > > THE GREATEST GENERATION < < <

Coordinates : 1 23

The wind keeps the snow depth in the middle of the ice on a reasonable level,( 20-30 cm), but it is still enough to quickly drain the energy from someone without the right equipment.

It is currently dusk.

This is an arctic environment, with a temperature of -23 degrees Celsius.

Sub-Rooms :

===============================< In Your Location >===========================
Finland (#1394) Gustaf I. Mosin-Nagant
Finland (#506) Bo I. Pystykorva
Finland (#1541) Luukas I.
Finland (#313) Vesa I. Pystykorva
Finland (#524) Isak I. Mosin-Nagant
Finland (#304) Sled Animal-powered
(Item 1) Mosin-Nagant Ranged Weapon
(Item 2) Mosin-Nagant Ranged Weapon

Room Modifiers :
Elevation : -1 Cover : 100%
Stealth : 100% Inf.Move : 110%

West <W> East <E>
South <S> North <N>

«Ground Vehicles» Isak gets into Sled.#-1
«Ground Vehicles» Vesa gets into Sled.#-1

Bo eyes go wide as he hears the shout, "lets go go go!!"

«Ground Vehicles» You cannot +join a place until the Armageddon Clock has ticked another 84 times!

Luukas grabs what was left of Matti's ammunition, then tries to push himself up to stand for a break for the sled.

«Ground Vehicles» Bo gets into Sled.

Luukas calls out, seeing no more room, "I'll ski!"

Gustaf follows close behind Luukas as they prepare to move out.

(From Sled) Isak climbs up onto the front of the sled and slides into the driver's seat, seeing that Erkki is more than likely in no shape to do much of anything

(From Sled) Niko calls to Luukas, "Be careful! I'll see you back at the cabin!"

Luukas quickly motions east, towards the shore of the lake closest to the cabin.

(From Sled #304) Erkki has to struggle with Satan, the horse, for a moment before he manages to get behind the reigns. He checks to see everyone's on board.
«Ground Vehicles» Erkki slips into the Driver position of this Sled!

Gustaf follows Luukas eastward as everyone double times it out of there…. before the Russians arrive.

(From Sled) Sonja settles on the back, feeling numb, and draws her warm clothes about her.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from River (1 22)!
«Ground Combat» Lev fires his Mosin-Nagant at Gustaf but misses!
«Ground Combat» Yuri fires his Mosin-Nagant at Sled but misses!

Luukas pushes off, trying to speed towards the east now as a shot rings out.

«Ground Combat» Luukas moves East <E>.
«Ground Combat» Dmitri fires his Tokarev TT-33 at Sled and hits!
«Ground Vehicles» Dmitri hits Sled (#304) in the SIDE!
Superficial Hit!

Gustaf ducks his head instinctively as a round wizzes past him.

«Ground Combat» Gustaf moves East <E>.

(From Sled) Niko shouts, "They're to the south! Move!"

(From Sled) Isak makes it to the front… just in time to see Erkki already up in front. Frowning in confusion, he stays in the back, ducking beneath the fire.

From River, a male voice shouts, "Another patrol of the fascists, comrades! Shoot! Shoot!".

(From Sled) Vesa keeps his head down as bullets start whizzing past the sled, rifle gripped in his hands.

(From Sled #304) "Satan, you behave on me now, and I'll give you the best oatmeal there is in the whole of Finland," Erkki promises, as the bullets start whizzing aroud. The sled is moving, but hardly as fast as it should, the horse bucking against the reigns.

«Ground Combat» Lev fires his Mosin-Nagant at Sled but misses!
«Ground Combat» Yuri fires his Mosin-Nagant at Sled and hits!
«Ground Vehicles» Yuri hits Sled (#304) in the SIDE!
Superficial Hit!
«Ground Combat» Bogdan fires his Mosin-Nagant at Sled but misses!

--Map of Finland: Oulu---------------> > > > > THE GREATEST GENERATION < < <

~ ~ @ _ _ _
~ ~ @ _ @ #
~ ~ @ _ _ #
~ ~ @ @ @ @
~ >~< ~ @ @ @
@ ~ ~ @ @ @
@ ~ ~ ~ @ ~
@ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
@ ~ ~ ~ @ #

Your coordinates are : 1 23

Standard Map Legend

i = Lemon grove

  1. = Forest

= Road

_ = Grass
O = City
~ = River
B = Bridge
+ = Desert
Z = Badlands/Rocks
@ = Swamp/Marsh
- = Minor road

«Ground Vehicles» Sled moves East <E>.
«Ground Vehicles» You notice Sled arrive at River.

(From Sled) Niko winces when the sled gets hit again. "Jesus, they're gonna be on top of us."

Luukas quickly looks around. Once the sled is visible, sliding behind the horse, he gives a quick motion east for Gustaf, "Back home. We can outrace them. We'll rake branches to cover the tracks once the sled gets on land."

(From Sled) Vesa twists around to try and see if the Russians are following, but he can't see anything over the edge of the sled.

Gustaf turns his head for a moment to look west, where they came from. Seeing no signs of pursuit, he begins to move back to the cabin again. "Okay," he says to Luukas as they slide through the frozen terrain.

(From Sled) Sonja prays some more as a bullet strikes the wood somewhere near her. A bit more loudly! eek.

(From Sled) Niko keeps his head down and his eyes closed.

Luukas pushes off to slide east as well, not bothering to look back to check for Russians.

«Ground Combat» Luukas moves East <E>.

(From Sled) Bo pants hard as he hears the bullets hitting the sled, "this is insane… I didn't think they would be on us so soon!" he clutchs his weapon tightly as he listens to the shouting from the russians and from his own people.

«Ground Combat» Gustaf moves East <E>.
«Ground Vehicles» Sled moves East <E>.
«Ground Vehicles» You notice Sled arrive at Swamp/Marsh.

Luukas slows to a stop here. "We'll rake branches over the sled tracks to throw off any Russians trying to follow. If we're fast, we can add some fake trails too." Luukas draws out his knife, cutting a pine branch off a fir tree.

(From Sled #304) Erkki gets Satan in some order again and now they have some nice speed, cutting across the ice at neckbreak speed even. Reaching the march, the horse is forced to slow down a bit, but they're still making good ground.

(From Sled) Vesa looks back at Bo, twisting his neck a little. "They were on patrol when they caught the others. Figures they'd still be around the area. They're not gonna catch us though."

Gustaf follows in suit with Luukas, breaking a branch off since he doesn't have a knife with him. He quickly moves to the trail and begins to destroy any evidence of them being there using the branch.

Luukas keeps busy with his new branch of pine nettles, stepping with the skis to where the sled has passed by as he begins raking the trail it left, drawing fresh snow over the ruts.

--The Grid---------------------------> > > > > THE GREATEST GENERATION < < <

Coordinates : 3 23

The ground is uneven under the snow, and with some bad luck you might find some open water under thin ice in one of those holes. While there are large spaces of open ground here, trees and bushes cling to wherever the ground is dry enough to support them.

It is currently dusk.

This is an arctic environment, with a temperature of -23 degrees Celsius.

Sub-Rooms :

===============================< In Your Location >===========================
Finland (#304) Sled Animal-powered
Finland (#1394) Gustaf I. Mosin-Nagant
Finland (#1541) Luukas I.

Room Modifiers :
Elevation : 0 Cover : 90%
Stealth : 130% Inf.Move : 140%

West <W> East <E>
South <S> North <N>
=============================<Vehicle Status>=============================
===============================< Positions>===============================
1. Driver — Erkki

«Ground Vehicles» Sled moves East <E>.
«Ground Vehicles» You notice Sled arrive at Swamp/Marsh.
«Game» Oulu is no longer a war zone!

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