Theater: Gallipoli
Nationality: British
Formation: ANZAC
Position: Rifleman
Rank: Private
Status: Active Duty

Adam Masters was born in 1886 in Manchester England to Jacob and Susan Masters. Adam was the third of five children. He had one older brother, sister, and two younger sisters. Adam had done remarkably well through out his schooling. While his grades weren't well enough to have been accepted into any of the major universities, this was not a problem. His career ambitions was to follow the family business and prepare to become a chef.

His family was a middle class family and were proud owners of the Four Olives Wine Bar. The fine eatery had been a wine bar passed down by two generations of Masters and was set to be handed down Adam's older brother Will. Adam's role in the family business had taken an unexpected turn and came sooner that he had anticipated or wanted. Things fast forwarded rather quickly with the death of his parents in an off shore boating accident. An unpredicted storm had rolled in off the coast and them nor their boat was never seen again. The Government called it "Lost at sea, presumed dead." Something that did not sit well with him. It left hope for many of his siblings that their parents were still alive. Adam and his brother Will realized quickly what it had meant.

At the out break of the war, Adam's older brother Will had joined the military as soon as war had been declared. Both Adam and Will had great pride for their country that they had taken from their father, a veteran The Zulu War. Adam had taken charge of the wine bar while his brother was shipped off to France. His brother had a full education and was quickly accepted as an Officer. While the infantry did no except him due to his poor eye site, he was selected to become an artillery officer. He would only survive three months on the front before a tragic mishap led to his death. An artillery shell failed to fire from the tube and in an effort to clear the round, it prematurely detonated in the chamber killing its crew. Stricken with grief and in some sort of desperation to his brother, Adam enlisted in the Army and became a rifleman.

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