"Life would be much simpler if one could choose their own duties and obligations, but we are
only pawns of great kings. And today I march forward to in the war to end all wars, I leave behind my humanity so that I may act as a proper soldier."

Corporal David Mason
Canadian Infantry

David was not the stellar son that his brother Brian was. David received low marks throughout school. While he was street smart with a quick wit, he often did not see the point of school lectures and spending countless hours after school studying. The true lessons in life could only be taught in the streets. No book could teach him how to hustle and run bets on the street. Those were skills learned in back alleys and in basements of bars. His fathers beatings would only make David more careful in his actions; little did they do anything to stop it.


June 1917 was a turning point for Davidand not by choice. David was arrested for being muscle for a bookie by the name of Arnold Wells. The Judge reviewing the case had grown tired of seeing David appear in his court time after time. While David had not been convicted of any felonies, his rap sheet was full mistaminers. The Honorable Judge Christopher had seen enough. "Son, you have appeared in my court for the last time. The choice to leave this life style of petty crime behind you is being presented now. Your two options are either go to Jail or enlisted in the Army." David had chosen to enlist in the Canadian Army. Shortly after sentencing David was rushed off to Boot Camp to spend the next 6 weeks going over basic military fundamentals before shipped off to the United Kingdom to complete his training. Soon David would find himself on the Western Front in what could only be called a nightmare..would he survive to return him and change his ways or will he become just another statistic for the history books that he so carelessly choose to ignore as a child?

David had done surprisingly well in his first months in the trenches. First he had thanked god for making him only 5'7". Secondly, he credited his life on the streets for giving him a quick wit and keen sense of dealing with stressful situations. Due to his calm demeanor on the battlefield, his Sergeants saw him fit to be promoted to corporal. The paper work was submitted up the chain for approval, but a turn of fate would play out against David. David had become causalities to artillery fire on the western front. While the wounds were not seriously life threatening they had kept him off the front for three months. He had earned his promotion in the medical ward of some dank dark factory that was being called a hospital. David had believed the place to be a morgue. More often then not, there had been more dead men within the walls then those still breathing. Perhaps it was Karma rearing its ugly head to even the score against David for all his past indiscretions. David had asked this question to himself countless times over the months before being fit enough to return to duty. When released, he was reassigned to another division leaving many of his friends behind. It was better this way, at least in his thoughts all of his companions were still alive and breathing. It would be too hard to hear the reality and if asked, he would rather not even know.

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