Private Frank Marchand, K Company of the XIth International Brigade

Born 1900 in Newark, Delaware, died 1937 in combat at Mediana, Spain, age 37

Entered service in the United States Marine Corps in 1918, seeing combat in Belleau Wood and battles along the Marne. Awarded Navy Commendation Star for service in the Battle of the Marne for distinguished service in the battle to capture a bridge over the Ource. Also recieved the Purple Heart for wounds recieved in service of his country.

Completed university studies at the University of Delaware at Newark, Delaware, following the Great War, with a degree in Sociology. Arrested for unlawful protest in Washington, DC on 17 June, 1932 as part of the "Bonus Army" protest at Anacostia Flats. Member of the American Worker's Party, he was employed by various trade union organizations at differing times as a union organizer. Specifically known to have been involved as an activist in the unionization of the coal mining industry in western Pennsylvania, and the automobile manufacturing industry in Cleveland, Ohio. Frank Marchand joined the XIth International Brigade in Spain in 1936, following travel to France where he made contact with recruiters in Paris. He is known to have corresponded with the English writer George Orwell both before and during his service in Spain, and his life ended with a bullet to the head during a sniper skirmish in August 1937.

A bachelor, he left no dependants.

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