Born in Kramfors, Sweden, Lovisa was the child of a wealthy merchant involved in the pulp industry. With four older siblings, she was a bit of a spoiled brat that lived a protected life. Nevertheless, she went to school with the other children of the small town and had playmates amongst the 'proletariat'. One of them was Lina Soderberg, the younger sister to Eira Soderberg.

When Lovisa was 15, tension was brewing in the area. The workers at the factories were facing pay reductions, and their conditions were already hard. Protests broke out and the owner of the Graninge company paid 60 strike-breakers to work. This just further inflamed the situation and soon an outright large strike was happening the area. During a peaceful march of thousands of demonstrators under socialist flags, the military was brought in and in the chaos, 5 people were shot and killed - including the 20 year old Eira Soderberg.

Lina Soderberg, Eira's younger sister, and the whole family, broke all contact with Lovisa and her family at this. Lovisa was devastated and couldn't understand; when things had earlier been calm and she had had no cares, she was suddenly looked at with hate by the towns-people.

She was sent to another town, to go to Gymasium for girls. And she started to loathe what her family stood for, once she realized what it was all about. With eagerness, she sought out the communist party, to learn more. Met with suspicion at first, she still insisted on going to the meetings and soon enough she was one of those who recruited, with a feverish interest and an aptitude for inspirational speeches. The interest grew, to encompass what happened in Europe and she studied languages - English, Russian, French - to aim for a broader recruiting front, hoping she could travel to such countries as Russia to be in the cradle of Communism.

With the fascism threat in the making, the communist party in her town decided to take the plunge and go to Spain for the alternative Olympics held there. Lovisa joined them in the journey, the first real adventure. An adventure that would become so much more than she would know.

The Spanish Civil War started just before the Olympics and many of the Swedish visitors decided to join the cause and to fight the nationalists, finally a chance to take real action. Lovisa joined, still with the feverish conviction of wanting to see the people live in the red embrace of communism.

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