Liliya (Lilushka) Ivanovna Zharova

Liliya is a factory worker and the surrogate mother to her three younger siblings since her mother died. With her father and older brother off to the war, it falls upon her to keep what's left of her family together.


paternal grandfather Sergei Vladimirovich Zharov deceased
father Ivan Sergeyevich Zharov off to war
mother Mariya (Masha) Ivanovna Zharova deceased (diabetes)
older brother Sergei (Sergev) Ivanovich Zharov, 20 off to war
Liliya (Lilushka) Ivanovna Zharova, 18 head of household
younger sister Zoya (Zoyenka) Ivanovna Zharova, 12 thorn-in-side
younger brother Aleksandr (Shura) Ivanovich Zharov, 8 fraternal twin
younger sister Doroteya (Duscha) Ivanovna Zharova, 8 fraternal twin
(ages as of August 1942)


  • 1933 : Ivan and Mariya move to Stalingrad because of Ivan's work, while Mariya is pregnant with the twins. Sergei is 11, Liliya is 9, Zoya is 3.
  • 1934 : Ivan and Sergei join a shooting club. Sergei introduces Liliya to target-shooting shortly thereafter. Sergei is 12, Liliya is 10, Zoya is 4, Aleksandr & Doroteya are newborns.
  • 1936 : Liliya joins the shooting club when she turns 12.
  • 1941 (June) : Russia joins the war. Ivan is immediately called away, leaving Sergei as the head of the household. Sergei is 19, Liliya is 17, Zoya is 11, Aleksandr & Doroteya are 7.
  • 1941 (Sept) : Liliya turns 18. Sergei refuses to allow Liliya to enlist.
  • 1941 (Nov) : Sergei leaves to support the army in Moscow, leaving Liliya as the head of the household.
  • 1942 (Feb) : Mariya dies to insulin-related complications from diabetes. Liliya is 18, Zoya is 12, Aleksandr & Doroteya are 8.
  • 1942 (Aug) : The first bombing runs on Stalingrad.

RP Hooks and Connections

  • Looking for: aunts and uncles and cousins, friends or enemies, co-workers, ex-boyfriends, fellow shooting club members.

Miscellaneous Tidbits

  • the family, in sweeping strokes: Ivan's a bear of a man, laughs easily, loves cards and booze; Mariya was short and round (until diabetes wasted her away), very big on duty and What Is Proper/Needful; Sergei's a tall and handsome devil, very protective of (and close to) Liliya; Zoya is taller than Liliya already, resentful of her big sister telling her not to have the same fun she got to have; the twins are precocious 8-year-olds.
  • she's almost always the last one out of the kitchen every night. Today's dishes to be done, tomorrow's lunches to be made.
  • neighbours looking to get out of dishes, cleaning, sweeping, or other household tasks can swap them with Liliya in return for minding the twins for a few hours.
  • as a result of the extra housekeeping duties she takes on, she's often the best person to ask, if something goes missing. She may well have seen it last.
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