Liberte La Radio

Liberte la Radio
Station Manager

Dario Cortez, MD
Field Hospital 12

The evening broadcast of 4 November 36 was a great embarrassment to the ideals of the Republic Spain. Your disgusting news piece reporting the efforts put forth by the Fascist governments of Germany and Italy against the ideals of the Republic of Spain was horribly written. The broadcast was written with much bias in regards to those governments and was aimed at recruiting people to the ideas of Fascism. I demand that Agapito Soto be fired from your broadcasting agency due to his views against the struggles of the Spanish people.

I witness the curse of these two nations on a daily basis as they provide enemy soldiers with weapons and equipment to kill the soldiers and peoples of Madrid. Daily I treat wounded soldiers gathered from all corners of the globe to fight horrors of Fascism. Daily I remove German bullets from our soldiers, shrapnel from Italian warplanes dropping their bombs on the civilian populace. I ask that next time on your broadcast that you bring educated people with the facts to your radio program with first hand knowledge rather then uneducated people who base their facts on second hand knowledge and rumors.

I am writing to your sponsors to have them withdraw their funding from your program and will hold a public boycott of your station until Agapito Soto is fired and a public apology be made to all the men and women of Spain.

Dr. Cortez

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