Letter To Uncle

Hello John,
The church looks like it has been rebuilt since you were stationed here, but they also have a hospital here now so some things have changed since you were here. I will see if they sell photos of the town and send you some.
We had our first encounter with the Germans the other day, we were dug in on a road but we managed to hold it and stop their advance. Our lieutenant did a good job of keeping us alive, I have more doubts about our NCOs, but haven't seen enough to really say too much. I really have no idea of how we are doing, how the Germans are doing and how the French are doing, but the roads were packed with refugees as we moved towards the front, and while we were digging in we met retreating French armour and their captain said we were crazy to stay. I don't know how this will end, but I do know you knew what you were talking about before I left.


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