Letter To POUM

Partido Obrero de Unificacin Marxista (POUM)
Head Quarters

Dario Cortez, MD
Field Hospital 12

Here at Madrid Field Hospital 12 we treat soldiers of all nationalities that have arrived to fight for the Republic of Spain. A great deal of these soldiers are bed ridden for long periods of time due to their wounds. This often allows for their minds to wonder and leaving feelings of doubt to what they are doing is the correct thing. With a lack of funding that sometimes does not allow us to buy the critical supplies that we need, we have no funds to spend on reading material for our soldiers. I request that pamphlets and other read material about the POUM be sent to the aid station for the soldiers to read. These books, pamphlets, and other reading material will help these soldiers cope with their wounds. The reading will re-motivate the soldiers for the reasons they had come to Spain to begin with.

Thank you for taking the time to read and address my letter.

Dr. Cortez

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