Letter To Mother

Dearest Mother,

I am sorry I have not written in such a long time. The army has been moving quickly and we are granted little time for such luxuries as writing letters. Even now as I sit in this trench the daylight is waning leaving me little precious time. We dare not shine a light after dark. How are Father and the rest of the family doing? Dolphus and I are doing well; we have seen some combat but not as much as others here have. I am not permitted to tell you where we are. I can tell you that we are still together and have been assigned to work as a Granatenwerfer team. This should be good news to you Mother for it allows me to keep watch over Dolphus and it also allows us to keep a fairly safe distance from the actual fighting, if there is such a thing. I fear though that we will end up killing each other before the enemies of the Third Reich get the chance. My patience with him is no better then when were still at home, but perhaps being here in combat will force him to grow up. I am sure one day one of our fights will land us into serious trouble. The amount of daylight by which I am writing this letter has quickly given away to twilight. Please give Father and the family my love. I will do my best to keep Dolphus safe.

Your loving son,


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