Letter To Gruppenfuhrer Baldur Von Schirach

NOTE: For those who do not know Gruppenfuhrer Baldur von Schirach was the head of the Hitler Youth prior to 1940.

Dear Gruppenfuhrer Baldur von Schirach,

It is I your most devote and faithful servant Wolfgang Heckenschutze. I hope this letter finds you well. The situation here on the Western front is going well for us. Soon we will have pushed the French and British from these lands and into the sea. Then Belgium will come to know and to enjoy the privilege of belonging to the new order.
I have adjusted well to Army life, the training I received as your pupil has served me well here. What a great and wonderful honor the Fuhrer has bestowed upon you to ensure that our young men and boys are raised to be slender and supple, fast as a greyhound, tough as leather, and hard as Krupp steel. To you has fallen the task to ensure that our youth must learn to do without, to endure criticism and injustice, to be reliable, discreet, decent, and loyal.

Every day as I awake I am faced with bearing the burden of a humiliating past, and have coursing in my blood the dull recollection of serfdom and servility. Yet I am consoled as I witness the unwavering bravery and loyalty of these soldiers, these magnificent men of Germany, these men who through the divine direction of the Hitler-Jugend have learned to master the fear of death as they forge headlong into battle. You mien Gruppenfuhrer should rest easy and proud in knowing that the fruit of your labor has produced the material needed for the Fuhrer to make a new world. This is the new heroic stage of Germany! From this new Germany our Fuhrer will raise a new community from which will grow the stage of the free man, the creative man, a human being who will stand as a man-god and is the measure and center of the world! For this we proudly lay down our lives, for this we call out Sieg nach Deutschland in the face of our weak and sentimental enemies! Yes, be proud of your place in history for the you are paving the way!

Respectfully yours,

SS-Oberschutze Wolfgang Heckenschutze

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