Letter To A Sister

May 1940

Dear Sister,

It has been to long since we have last written to each other. It appears that
Hitlers soldiers fight with more heart and passion then anyone had expected
enabling a quick victory in securing western Poland. We have liberated many of
our German brothers and sisters that have been trapped behind the illegitimate
Polish boarders and our country is now united as it was before the great war.
We have also expelled those not worthy of being German to the USSR. Our new
country will have no place for socialists and communists and such rubbish
should be removed from our boarders to not pollute the minds of our
countrymen. It is a great day for the Third Reich and Germany.

I am now in France like papa was in the Great War. The Frenchman of today
fight nothing like their fathers did. No compassion or loyalty to ones country
which creates low moral and allows them to be defeated easily like the weak
people that they are. How can a country with such weak spirited people hold
their noses so high in the air with a sense of arrogance? I wait for the day
when Hitler annexes France and that I might have the opportunity to march down
the street of Paris in my SS Uniform during a parade. Papa would be so proud.

I do not know when I will receive your next letter. Our soldiers march faster
then the letter carriers and there is quiet a delay in our mail. I have
included 20 deutsch marks for mamas medicine. Send my love to everyone,

Your loving brother,

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