Johannes Korhonen is a village physician, the local general practitioner and pharmacist for the people of Raatevaar.

He came to the village from the city of Helsinki more than 30 years ago, fresh out of his medical training, to assist the aging local doctor who ran the practice at the time. He's become a fixture in the community, though some residents with roots their going back generations may still view him as an outsider. Korhonen settled into life in the village, married a local schoolteacher by the name of Lyydia and, when the old doctor retired, took over the practice himself. His wife died of cancer about 10 years ago but he's carried on quietly, keeping busy with his practice and his daughters.

He and his wife had five daughters: Sonja, Anna, Emma, Marja and Katariina (Kati). Anna died not long ago of tuberculosis. That, along with his wife's death, is something the doctor still quietly grieves over. The rest of his children assist him, to varying degrees, in his medical practice. He also has one grandson, Henrik, the child of Sonja and Erkki (though Erkki does not acknowledge this fact).

Though he's past his 50th birthday, he's still pretty spry and active in the community, though he tries to keep quiet about any political convictions he might have. It is known that her served in the Civil War, as a battlefield surgeon on the White side, but he's pragmatic and moderate in his dealings. He is kindly, discrete and has a good knowledge of drugs and surgery, and he's more than willing to take goods and work in trade from the poorer villagers who can't pay his bills in money. A solid family doctor, all in all.

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