A veteran of the Russian Revolution, Ivan Grigorevich Konstantinov dedicated his life to the service of the Communist cause. Or, more accurately, the Party's cause. After toppling the Tzar he rose quickly in the political ranks of the Party, eventually securing himself a respectable post in Stalin's Red Army and a position as a political commissar. He is a widower with a son and daughter back in Russia, though relations with his children are strained.

His work as a commissar officer brought him to Spain and the XI International Brigade, to attempt to enforce some communist decorum among the rag-tag band of idealistic soldiers during Russia's "aid" of the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War. He answered directly to the Soviet Union’s Communist Party, which meant he did not - necessarily - always work in the best interests of his men. His duty was to ensure the soldiers in the brigade are loyal to the Party and committed to the cause. And it is a duty he took very seriously.

As things spiraled into horror and defeat for the Republicans Konstantinov became more interested in retaining some shred of his career with the Party - and drinking copious amounts of vodka - than in actually doing anything for the Brigade. But, just as the cockroaches will be around to see the end of the Earth, Konstantinov survived Spain. He returned to Russia to worm his way back into the Party's good graces and went on to rise quite high in Soviet political circles. A monument to the success of incompetence and naked ambition.

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