Private Janoslaw Staszak (1917-1936) died in a foxhole in contested territory, early afternoon on November 18th, 1936. His body was not recovered.

For whomever goes through Janoslaw's pack, back in the main camp, they find a package with two cigarettes and a match; two rocks with a mildly interesting strata pattern; a few spanish coins; a half empty wine bottle, re-sealed up with wax; and a folded note, written in german.

In case you are reading this and I'm not dead yet, shame on you! This was supposed to be a suprise, but now I suppose that's ruined. If I did'nt make it back, then I want you to know that being able to talk with you meant a lot to me. For a little while, the world felt very nice again. Like home.

I very much wanted to drink this with you, and make a joke about having been able to hide it under my new hat.. It's not as good as french wine, and it's not even a fresh bottle, but it's all I could find. If I could ask you to, please tell Frank that he is my very good friend, and that thanks to him, I knew how to face this fight like a man. I would have written him a letter, but however hard he tries, I don't think his german is strong enough yet, nor is my english.

I should have written one last letter to my parents, and sisters, but all I can think to do is write this, and try to laugh at myself for how silly I'm being. I have the strangest feeling I'm going to die here. But like I told the american reporter, I still have faith. I have faith in the others, and I have faith in you, Koren. Please live.
Your silly friend, Janos."

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