Jack Again

Dear Jack,

We don't get much news here, but there have been reports of heavy fighting at Ypres, so I cannot help but worry. They say the Huns are using gas now; it sounds absolutely dreadful.

I had a small adventure earlier this week. They were taking some mules to fetch some fresh water from the mountains, and so I thought I might be of some use. The watering hole was within our lines, but a pair of Turks spotted us and we came under fire. Our lads dispatched them right quick, but it was still quite a shock. I still shudder to think on it.

I can't say enough about how brave our lads here are. One bloke came in last night with a ghastly injury to his arm, yet was still smiling and joking. Another had both his arms done in but never once uttered a word of complaint. It is horrible to see such fine young men killed and mangled. Some days it is almost too much to bear, but we go on for their sake.

One in particular has been very kind to me, cheering me up after the night we came under fire. The other Sisters tease me for being sweet on him, though it's not as if any of us has the time or opportunity for romance. Not so with some of the Sisters in Egypt. I just received a letter from Elsie in Alexandria saying she's become engaged to a cavalry officer there. I'm quite happy for her. They are frightfully busy there as well, but still have time now and again for dinners on the town or picnics by the Sphinx. I must confess to being a bit jealous of them, though I know I should not complain. Our blokes in the trenches are far worse off than we.

I hope you are able to find time to write and let me know you are well.

Your Friend, Kathleen
May 1915

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