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To manipulate items in the mush, use the following commands.

Picking up and dropping items - if you are in combat you can only pick up items in the same place as you, if not the code isnt so picky.

+get <item name or item number>
+drop <item name or number>

i (Inventory)

To use a weapon you have to have it wielded. Only one weapon can be wielded at a time. That includes small weapons like hand grenades too, if you want to grenade someone you to wield the grenade.

+wield <weapon name>

Finally there may be times you want to break up an ammunition object. Ammunition appears as something like 9mm Parabellum x 50 in your inventory, you may want to put down 25 of that 50, for example. You can break ammunition up into smaller chunks in your inventory using

+splitammo <ammo type>=<amount to split off>

When you drop something or try to reload the code will automatically reamalgamate your ammo, this is intended to be used just before dropping some.


Its also possible to loot the bodies of the dead for ammo and guns.

+loot <name>

is the command to use. After the battle you'll typically have any enemy weapons removed from you, its usually against orders to use enemy equipment, but there are exceptions.

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