Israel Hands

Israel Hands was born in 1900 as the only son of a boat fisherman in Hastings England. Israel more or less grew up on his Fathers boat when not in school. Israel was always a content lad never given to anger, but never known to back down from a good scrape either. Although his family was generally poor even by a fisherman’s standards he never really seemed to notice. He joined the British Royal Navy as an enlisted man a day after he turned 18, near the end of the Great War. He has enjoyed a colorful 22 year career having even been sunk once. He has been both a Helmsman and Gunners Mate having served on both Cruisers and Destroyers. Israel has had tumultuous rise up through the Enlisted Ranks having been busted a few times along the way, mainly for conduct unbecoming (fighting). He was recently promoted to the rank of Commissioned Warrant Officer and given the assignment of Gunnery Officer on aboard the HMS Viperous.

His years at sea have left him with a weathered look that often has him mistaken for being older than he is. He stands a head over average, in most respects anyway. He sports a head of tangled russet brown hair, worn perhaps a tad long to be considered regulation. His features have a weathered look and his face is an edged oval ending at a strong chin. A salt and pepper colored stubble of growth covers his chin. His nose looks to have been broken a few times, but that just adds to his character. His expressive eyes are a flashing cobalt blue that holds ones gaze just long enough to convey a hint of humor. A scar runs across his left cheek, from just under his eye and down his neck. The scar serves as a reminder from when the HMS Verulam struck a mine and sunk off the coast of Finland in 1919. His hands are broad and he is missing half of his right index finger, which is tobacco stained from his habit of using this stub to pack his pipe bowl. His forearms are thick and brawny; his right forearm has a tattoo of a half-naked mermaid and the left has a tattoo of an anchor. He is generally of good humor and seldom without a cup of coffee in his hands or a pipe between his teeth.

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