Theater: The Fall of France
Nationality: Jewish
Formation: French Civilians
Position: Medical Student
Status: Active

Isaac Shoshan was born in Bethlehem on March 1914. Both his parents Hed and Meira Shoshan were respected people in the community with his father and mother owning together a large jewelry store specializing in the sale of diamonds.

Isaac being the eldest in the family was given the reigns to take over the family business. However, he had no interest the sale of the precious stones and continuing the businesses. He had great ambitions of being a lawyer. Still his parents insisted and though out his teenage years he worked in his fathers shop. Since a great deal of business often came from Belgium, he has to learn French. The language came easy with a large colonial French influence.

As the years passed, Isaac yearned to be more then a merchant. Even with the successful businesses, he wanted to branch out in a different direction. When confronting his parents with the prospect of becoming a Lawyer, the idea did not sit with them. After months of pleading, and now with school graduation on the near horizon, his parents made a compromise. They would accept him being either a Rabbi or a Doctor. The first option was not a choice for Isaac. While a great student of the Jewish faith as a child, being a Rabbi was not a life profession that he wanted to peruse. The idea of being a Doctor sat well with the Isaac and he soon began to dedicate his studies towards Medicine.

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