Hospital Universitario La Paz

Dr. Ramrez,
Chief of Medicine
Hospital Universitario La Paz

Dr. Cortez
Field Hospital 12

1. Field Hospital 12 is operating very unefficiently due to a lack of resources and qualified personnel. Please review out situation and provide any support that is within your limits.

2. Our current resource levels will sustain our current situation for one month if the conflict continues at its current pace. Should a heavy assault push through, we will be suffering larger casualties causing a depletment of our resources. Enclosed in this letter is our inventory. As you will note on lines 12 and 15 that we are despertly short on these critical items.

3. We have several civilian and military volunteers to assist us, but without qualified personnel, our job is more often hindered but their efforts. The few doctors we have on staff do not have the time required to train volunteers with no background in medicine. We require trained nurses who can properly look after wounded, be able to identify medical complications, and provide assistance to staff Doctors all with out direct supervision.

Dr. Cortez

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