History Bulletin February 1918

In February, 1918…

  • The Ukraine Republic is recognised as an independent state by the Central Powers, and accepts a peace treaty with Germany by the end of the month.
  • The British Admiralty states that German U-boats are now being sunk as fast as the German Empire can build them.
  • US troops finally see action on the Western Front in small numbers.
  • United States troopship 'Tuscania' is torpedoed off of Ireland, 166 men are killed.
  • Leon Trotsky states that Russia, while choosing not to sign a formal peace, is no longer at war with the Central Powers. The order is given for the demobilisation of Russian forces. Meanwhile 30,000 Red Cossacks advance upon Moscow, driving Tsarist forces before them.
  • British troops attack across a 15 mile front east of Jerusalem, the opposing Ottoman forces are driven from the field with the British achieving all their objectives. Over the next few days the Turks retreat beyond the River Jordan, by the end of the month the British have reached the Dead Sea.
  • Lawlessness increases in Ireland, British troops are dispatched there to aid police.
  • Japan proposed military action in Serbia.
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