Lieutenant Jack Higgins began his service during WWI as an officer in the Australian Light Horse. Stripped of its horses, his division saw service on the Western Front. The desperation for pilots coupled with Jack's desperation to get out of the trenches inspired him to apply for a transfer to the flying corps in early 1917. He was rejected by the Australian Flying Corps, like many would-be pilots, because they had insufficient training capabilities. He managed to finagle his way into the British RFC instead, where he served out the rest of the war.

Jack was on leave in Paris when he ran into his childhood friend, Kathleen Campbell. Romance soon followed, and they became engaged. In 1918, they were posted near each other in Arras, which pleased Jack greatly. They were married after the war and returned to Australia to raise a family on Kathleen's family farm. Jack died of a sudden heart attack just shy of his 38th birthday.

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