Herbert Himmelreich
Herbert Himmelreich
Portrayed By Daniel Craig
Gender Male
Age 31
Aliases None
Place of Birth Berlin, Germany
Occupation Mechanic



Herbert Himmelreich is a very lean, yet toned six feet tall. His facial features are very serious: pale blue eyes, prominent cheekbones and thin nose. A bit of thin, blonde hair shifts loosely atop his head, hardly ever managed. Despite his fairly glum features, he can tend to be the life of the room at times, always carrying on in a jovial manner.

This soldier wears the full standard-issued uniform of the German Kriegsmarine, although his uniform jacket is hardly seen on him. He's usually clad in nothing more than the striped pants, the tall black boots, and a grease-stained, white, cotton t-shirt. He's rarely without a toolbelt and a flashlight somewhere on his person.



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