Private James Henslin

Born: April 15, 1898
Died: June 6, 1918

Private James Henslin and his unit was ordered to sweep the woodlines and then assault the German lines on June 6th, 1918. Upon entering the woods, German fire took down much of the warriors of 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment. Seeing that his commanders had fallen, he and a band of survivors charged into the German lines, taking the enemy front line trench in savage close quarters combat. He survived long enough to reach the second portion of the trench system, where the survivors were cut down or had to stay behind due to wounds. By taking rear guard action, Private Henslin fought to prevent a German counter attack which would have definately retaken all that the Marines had fought for. He was stabbed in the face by a German bayonet, and died. Let it be known that this man's bravery under fire, loyalty to duty, Country, and Corps is a fine example for all future and current Marines to follow.

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