Wolfgang Heckenschtze was born an orphan in 1918 in Braunau am Inn, Austria. He was found as an infant by local delivery man having been abandoned in an alley. The local authorities put the infant into the care of a local orphanage. Though it may have been more merciful had he died. The infant was named after Mozart and given the surname Heckenschutze by the charge nurse, simply because she thought it a funny word. Life in the orphanage was brutal for Wolfgang. The women in charge were nasty and harsh; the children viewed as more of a burden then anything else. The orphans were often beaten and made to work from an early age. Wolfgang, always small and slight of build was often teased and set onto by the other boys. It didn't help matters that he was seemingly always sick. None the less he proved to be a good student and learned well. As a result of his constant teasing, the harshness of his caretakers, and generally poor living conditions he became a loaner. He became very adapt at hiding and being able to move about with near silence so as to avoid the others. He also developed a deep rooted cruelty and enjoyed inflicting pain, especially in small animals, in contrast to this he himself grew to have a high tolerance of pain. As a child and even as an early teen Wolfgang learned to control his anger, although always simmering beneath the surface he managed to stop any outbursts. Instead he would offer a smile (though this smile is often described as something cold and sinister as opposed to friendly) to his antagonist, who more often than not would choose to leave him alone for fear of what lurked behind the young mans eyes.

At the age of 12 at the urging of the local magistrate (a member of the Nazi party and the then underground Austrian SS) Wolfgang along with other boys his age were sent across the river to Simbach am Inn, Germany. Here they were handed over to the Hitlerjugend. Wolfgang relished the change finding the teachings to his liking, and despite his small stature he excelled at the military training, especially the weapons training. He developed a strong liking for rifles and won several Hitlerjugend shooting competitions. During this time Wolfgang earned a reputation as someone not to mess with. Several leaders of the Hitlerjugend tolerated and even encouraged cruelty by the older boys toward the younger ones, since it was believed this would weed out the unfit and harden the rest. Wolfgang was nothing if not cruel.

Upon his 18th birthday Wolfgang was inducted into the ranks of the SS and upon completion of basic training he was given specialized sniper / scout training given his skill with a rifle. On the very day of graduation Wolfgang was sent to Belgium to join the ranks of the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler.

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