Heavy Fighting Continues

In the second half of February, the Russians continued their push up the isthmus, attacking wherever possible with blunt but massive and powerful attacks. The rapidly deteroriating position forces the Finnish headquarters to concentrate more of their forces on the Isthmus. On February 16th, a fresh battalion of brand new recruits breaks in the face of a massive Russian artillery bombardment followed by a tank assault and retreats in panic. But everywhere else, the Finns manage a controlled withdrawal and the retreat does not become a rout.

The heavy fighting continues for day after day, and the Finns are at the limits of their endurance. Mannerheim addresses his officers,

"The whole future of our people hangs in the balance. Only our loyalty and endurance can save the day. I am sure every officer will do his duty.".

Moscow is greatly satisfied to hear that Sweden will not help Finland, believing that the fate of the Finns has been sealed…

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