Theater: Gillipoli
Nationality: English
Formation: ANZAC
Position: Platoon Sergeant
Status: KIA - Non-Playing Character

Sergeant Hardly is a career soldier. His initial enlistment into the British Army was as a calvery trooper. He had excelled quickly as young private till his promotion to Sergeant. During this time period his weight issues had caused concern amongst the his leadership. Unable to drop the weight, he was transfered into the supply and support units within the army. When war was declared, the army had needed every experienced soldier in its ranks on the front. Even with his weight issues, he soon found himself back on a line unit.

Now as an infantryman, he soon found himself assigned to the ANZAC in Egypt and would be there for the initial landings at Gallipoli.

Sgt Hardly was killed in the Turkish counter attack on the first day of the ANZAC invasion.

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