Tree Diving And Food Exchange

Antics on the Beach

Fredricks moves about in the Station, checking on patients, arranging supplies and directing the other people in the station working. Even so, it's not that busy.

Yahzee comes in from the rough front line established free from enemy soldiers. A slow trudge, carrying the radio with him with a rifle over one shoulder.

Jenkins is sat up in his bed playing a quiet game of patience with a battered deck of cards. He' losing more than you're supposed to but then he's not really paying attention.

Fredricks moves to Jenkins bed, smiling, "Well hello there. You look deeply bored. Ready for me to have a look and see if you're set to get up and about?"

Yahzee offers a nod to those he knows (who aren't pilots or Marine Air Corps). "Quiet for now in our area." motioning south to the jungle and mangrove swamps along the river. "Saw the smoke coming from the ship. Not good." and shakes his head with a grim little near-frown.

Butler wanders in, toolbox in hand and another box under his arm. He sets it down, under direction of an orderly. Those're delicate ya lunk~! Butler looks duly abashed and nods. A pause though, at the news of smoke from the ship as he nears people awake. "… smoke from the ship? Pardon m'rudeness, sir."

Jenkins shrugs and gathers up the cards. "Just thinkin' Doc." A pause as he lifts his shirt. "I suppose I better be thanking you for the nifty work you did on me, didn't scream to much did I?" He was out cold for most of the operation. "Got a lot of people to thank." He murmurs to himself distractedly, getting bayoneted sometimes robs people of their sense of humour.

Fredricks smiles, shaking his head to Jenkins, "Nope." He says, "Didn't scream much at all." He starts checking over the bandaging, looking at the small sewed up wound on the mans chest, nodding, "Looks good. You're fit for duty, but if you start bleeding or feel the stitches tearing out or it starts to hurt on it's own, come back, alright?" He signs a paper on a clipboard.

Yahzee looks around, as if checking what quarters are set up. Finding nothing but tents for the enlisted me, and the aid station itself, the radioman walks over to find some shade under a palm tree.

Butler pauses, as no one answers. "Guess the ship's alright," A shrug and a smile at Yahzee. He pauses. What errand did he have here? Oh well! He wanders towards the palm trees himself, likely to investigate these 'coconut' things.

Jenkins gives a short nod. "Thanks Doc." He duly gets up and gets his things together. A nice short stay. He gives Butler a glance and peeks out of the tent. His face says oh. "Aww damn, wandered what that bang was that woke me up." A sly look at Yahzee and a call. "Looks like you're out of a job Injun." A thin grin. "It was a pretty loud one." He considers quietly.

Yahzee turns to Butler. "The destroyer, looks like it's sunk." referring out to the Navy ship that escorted the transports and landing craft to these waters. "I'm Yahzee. Radioman." perhaps not remembering Butler or knowing him yet.

Fredricks backs off, attitude shifting as he slips out of Doctor move. "The McCalla's gone." He says, "You could see the fireball from the Beach. someone said something about a magazine being hit." He nods to the water. "Pieces of metal hit all over. I've been waiting, but.. None of the men have brought in any sailors."

A sigh. Aw… damn. Butler's expression twists a bit. "Aye, wondered what the noise was," His eyes close. "Well, I'll hope for the blokes." The Kiwi hopes. Fat lot of good that'll do. "Poor fellows," A headshake. He offers a polite smile to Yahzee though, "Private John Butler. Mechanic. John or ''ey you lunk, something needs fixin'' works too."

Jenkins grimices at that. "Think the other ships got some?" He asks hopefully. "Christ, just the thing you want to deal with first thing in the morning." He did have some cigarettes didn't he? Oh yes, in his chest pocket…. "Aww Christ." He moans yet another time, pulling out a black, white and red picture, with a hole through it. "That's just not fair." The hole seems to be in the place the woman's face occupied.

Yahzee doesn't react with hostility, but he does take a second look at Butler and his uniform after the introduction. "You're not American." comes a rather obvious and blunt statement. "Were you here before the Japs invaded?" The man doesn't seem to be educated about alot of the details. He himself has darker features that mark him as without any European ancestry. A more coppery reddish-brown, with black close-cropped hair. The uniform's USMC, though. "Shame." adding a nod out to the ocean. "Radio man on the McCalla seemed a good man."

Kappedal had been dozing ona cot, having been up most of the night tending to the other injured from the landing. Sitting up now, he squints as he hunts for the cloth USN cap that he always wears when not in helmet, shoving it atop his dark curls. He can hear part of the conversation and, frowning as he rubs his nose with the back of his hand, the teenager stands up and heads for the sound of the talking.

Fredricks rises from where he was sitting, and approaches the conversation. Looking to Jenkins, he pats the mans back, "That's too bad, buddy." He looks to Yahzee and Butler. "I have no idea what happened, just saw the explosion and then men were running and organizing." He shrugs, turning to Kappedal, nodding, "Morning."

Butler pauses, and grins at Yahzee. "Aye, you've discovered my clever disguise," A wink. He pauses, as Jenkins moans. "Ah… rough luck," He's sympathetic at least. Gentle feller. He looks back to Yahzee and shakes his head, "Nah. Came attached to the fly boys. But they're pretty close to our own home," A shrug at that. He's a dirty blonde hair having, jumpsuit with innumerable oil and grease and paint spot jumpsuit wearin' Kiwi. "That he did, if he's the one I remember. Lots of good fellows on the ships," Frown. He blinks. "Nasty, guess the Japanese are fond of attacking when you've got your pants down."

Jenkins shrugs in a tired sort of way, replaces the photo in the torn pocket and picks out a pack of unsmokable cigarettes. "Anyone got a smoke?" He asks, throwing his pack over his shoulder. "Lots of people on that ship." He murmurs. "Was a loud explosion." His record may be stuck.

"Morning," Kappedal mumbles to Fredricks, digging the side of his thumb into his left eye. He'd folded up his jacket to use as a pillow, and one of the front buttons has left his cheek marked with a perfect circular impression, the backwards indent of an eagle clutching an anchor in its talons. He squints at the mostly older men, blinking. "What happened to a ship?" He missed something.

Yahzee groans a little hearing the Kiwi speak of coming with the fly boys, a moment's disappointment showing in his eyes. "I just saw the smoke, heard it explode." with reference to the loss of the destroyer to the others. A polite nod's added to Butler, betraying at least some respect remaining in the radioman. "Means we won't have naval fire support to call in. Not here." added in speaking of the McCalla's loss.

Butler does catch the disappointment. "Something wrong?" Butler frets for a moment. "I'm just a mechanic, I'm not nearly as excitin', I guess," He rubs the back of his head. He looks sheepish now, and tosses a pack of smokes to Jenkins, "They keep givin' me these, but I can't smoke 'em. With the oil fumes I'd go up in a fireball…" His face twists and he nods at Yahzee. "Yeah." Sucks!

Fredricks looks to Kappedal, "McCalla was destroyed. Magazine hit or something like that." He shrugs, "No survivors came in." He shrugs helplessly.

Jenkins nods his thanks as he fields the packet. Not wasting any time drawing a cigarette out, lighting it up and taking a long puff. After a moment he throws it down and crushes it under his shoe. "Damn." He mutters. "Keeps hurting when you say that Doc." A moment to think about it. "Transports must be picking them up, save dropping them off here, they can go get care back where we came from." He's certainly not convinced himself.

Kappedal rubs his forehead under the cap's brim as Fredricks speaks. It takes him a few seconds to process that news, and once the doctor's given it he glances at Jenkins and then at Butler as though their faces were needed to confirm it. "Maybe some still will," he says to Fredricks, under his breath. From his tone it's impossible to tell if he believes it.

Yahzee mutters hearing Jenkins "Hope so." from where he's standing under a palm tree with Butler. "Mechanics r' okay, guess." turning back to the Kiwi. "Just pilots are stuck-up knowitalls, officers all of 'em, with their fancy planes in the clouds an' not gettin dirty down in the mud like the rest of us grunts."

Slayback wakes up in the trench, making sure not to rub at his eyes. He blinks a few times and looks around at everyone who's seated in the trench, "Well…how about this weather, eh?"

Fredricks looks to Jenkins and shrugs, "Sorry." Turning to Kappedal he shrugs, "I guess it's possible." He turns from the subject, looking to Slayback, who apparently still thinks he's in a Trench somewhere. "Weather's okay, I suppose."

Butler is hopeful, "Yeah, sure they scooped up some of the blokes." He offers a weak smile. "G'morning." He remembers his manners at the last moment. A soft chuckle at Yahzee, "Oh… actually, at least one of 'em's a Sergeant. You'd like him I think," Headtilt. "But I can see how people think that. I wanted to fly too, it looked exciting. Turns out I throw up when I fly. Dreadfully inconvenient." He decides not to comment though, and simply shrugs, "Well, I don't get mud s'much as I get oil, grease and paint. No woman'll come closer than two miles of me," He grins.

Jenkins moves in closer to the Yahzee and Butler, turning his back on the wreckage of the destroyer. "Hey, a real mechanic, not met one of you since we set sail. You're good guys, taught me a trade back home. Course wouldn't touch a plane here, being an amatuer and all." He likes engines. In fact he has a half smile painted on his face.

Kappedal scratches the back of his head, then gives his cheek an annoyed rub where he can feel the imprint of his button in his fair skin. Slayback's watched for a moment from under his cap brim, then he looks at Fredricks. "Anything you need me to do up here, doc? Everyone should be pretty settled still, just checked on em two hours ago."

Yahzee shrugs shoulders, "You're allright. That's better'n a pilot." and offers an amused smile to the ANZAC mechanic. "Just tents here for us to bunk in." called over to Slayback. "We still hold the trenches we captured yesterdee, down in the jungle." motioning southwest towards the mangrove swamp along the river.

Slayback blinks around, "Heh…I fell asleep in a trench and wake up in an aid station. Usually when that happens you're missing a couple limbs. Guess I'm one of the lucky ones." He looks around for his BAR and spots it leaning against a bunk. Yay, guns!

Fredricks nods to Kappedal, "We're good here, getting nicely settled in here. Patients are healing up and we've got beds to spare for the moment." He looks about, then looks to Yahzee, "Good position so far?" He asks, not that he understands a lot of the Marinespeak.

Butler smiles as Jenkins comes closer, "We're very sneaky." He is joking, obviously. A faint blush, "Ah… well, I'm sure - if I need help - I might bother you, or if something odd happens to the planes," Grin. It's a veiled offer to teach Jenkins a bit. "Pa was proud I'd earned a spot at the school," He shifts his weight a bit, "Since my older brother was inheriting the farm. Needed room for his family, I suppose." A shrug at that. He smiles at Yahzee. He accepts this fact of life, then.

For the moment. Key phrase in a medic's world. "Aye aye." Kappedal nods to Fredricks and raises his arms, stretching out from tht cramped napping position. Slayback's given a smirk in the midst of it. "Yeah, we got stretcher bearer could probably rob a bank, they're so quick."

Jenkins grins. "Might not be much use but least I can say I wont get in the way." He offers ernestly. He suddenly remembers last night. "'Bout the trenches. None of you've seen seen Vince or that Native guy?" He fidles with his steel helmet nervously. "Saved my life between the two of them." He mutters by way of explanation for that particullar tangent.

Yahzee answers the doctor. "Good? It's all Jap trenches. We've not dug none ourselves." nodding southwest. "What Native guy?" over to Jenkins, turning to him.

Slayback hoists his BAR's strap over his shoulder. Does he always carry this thing around? He walks over to where everyone else is talking and says, "Tavua, the little Malaysian guy who -really- likes chewing gum." He snickers and waves to everyone standing around.

Kappedal makes a point to move out of the way of Slayback slinging a BAR around. Yeah, he'll be over THERE. "I haven't seen Vin yet today. He might be out on patrol," he tells Jenkins, shrugging.

Fredricks blinks, looking to Jenkins, then Slayback, "Haven't seen any natives around here, chewing gum or not." He looks to Yahzee, and nods. "Well.. um." He shrugs, "Good luck with them?" He sounds uncertain. Not a soldier in any capacity.

"Wouldn't he be Melanesian, since we're all about the Solomon Isles?" Butler peers at Slayback, curiously. "I've not seen either of 'em, though I've yet to meet 'em too," He smiles. "Feller likes chewing gum, good stuff," He seems amused if a bit pleased. "And if he helped us, more the better."

Jenkins looks at Yahzee, "That native guy, the one who followed us, wasn't a jap?" Not the best description ever. He turns Slayback and Kappnedal. "Yeah, good to know I wasn't seeing things." Cringe, he looked at the destroyer. "I'll track them down sometime." He mutters, subdued.

Yahzee furrows his brows a bit, trying to make out what's said by others. "Well, there's one island man I saw." He takes a seat down under the palm tree. "Had a big knife. Help'd me'out."

Butler smiles, "Sounds like a decent fellow then. Most natives are pretty nice if you treat 'em with a bit of respect." He shrugs, "Same as most people I s'ppose," But Butler's a simple farm - well, hardly simple - but his mannerisms definitely reflect a lower class upbringing. "I'll have to meet 'im," Nod. "We'll chew gum or somethin'." Dork. "But you said you like engines yeah?" He peers to Jenkins.

Fredricks looks around, listening to the description of the man, "Tavua, hmm?" He tries out the name, then shrugs, "I'll keep it in mind if I should see him."

Kappedal glances at Fredricks as the doctor pronounces this mysterious native's name. He doesn't try it himself, just settling down on a crate nearby.

Yahzee is seated under a palm tree, Butler and a couple others are standing nearby. "Good man. He helped push me up outta that river. Did say Tavua was his name, think."

Jenkins flinches, he's remembered something else. "Vince made a mess with that Reising." Shudder. "And I threw a grenade in there." He's glad to start talking about something else. "Oh yeah. Fascinating how things like that work, miracles if you ask me. Course that means you gotta poke around in them." On the topiv of Tavua. "What do you think I can give him to say thanks?" He inquires, playing the typical tourist.

Slayback nods to Yahzee, "Yeah, I think he'll be alright with us as long as nobody tells Captain Christie about him." He slips out his pack of chewing gum and pops a piece into his mouth, "Good substitute for cigarettes this is." He nods.

Butler pauses, "Wait. There's coconuts around isn't there?" Butler hasn't forgotten. He wants to try one! "Yeah, most blokes're pretty decent if you're polite. Have to meet him now," A smile and he rustles around the tree. Here coconut, coconut. Butler is truly a master hunter. A smile, "You'll have to come sometime when we tune the planes up. I think you'd like to see their insides," Nodnod. He's extending an offer! Go team mechanic. He doesn't comment on the Reising, just looking a little blank.

Yahzee looks down, peering to the sand around him. "Yep. That's what those are, right?" pointing to some old coconut husks. There's some up in that tree ready to fall that a native might recognize are ready to eat. "Some good chocolate coco-nut milk would be good."

Fredricks looks up at the coconuts, blinking, "Hmm. Careful with the coconut milk. It's a natural laxative, so drinking too much of it's not a good idea." Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

Jenkins grins. "Would be a pleasure. Promise I wont mess things up for you." He looks at Butler's hands. "That's a coconut?" He's incredulous, a look at Slayback. "Didn't you say they jumped at you from trees?" He was obviously expecting some sort of rabid squirrel. A look at Yahzee. "Milk? But milk comes from cows!" He knows this one and he's not backing down on it.

Kappedal looks over at the coconuts as they're pointed out. So that's what those look like. He laughs under his breath at Fredricks' warning about them. "Might balance out the rest of what we eat around here, then."

Hilarity could ensue? "I wasn't gonna drink a whole lot," Butler points out, "'nuff of anything'll have ya curled up I think," He smiles. A nod as Yahee points. "Wonder if I could climb up there," He looks up, tiptoeing. A pause at Jenkins' comment, then a smile. "Oh aye, no worries." Nod. Then he points up. "Those I think," He pauses. Hmmm.

Yahzee squints over to the doctor. "What's a laxative? That some kind of rubber n'em?" A turn to Kappedal then, in case that Marine might know after hearing what he's added. "Know milk comes from cows." grunting harshly over to Jenkins. "But I heard of coco-nut milk too."

Slayback raises an eyebrow at Jenkins, "Yeah…cows and every other mammal ever. It's not actually milk that comes from the coconuts, it's just what it's called. Y'know, one of those names."

Jenkins gives this some thought. "So we could have sow milk?" He questions. "And these coco-nuts aren't mamals, cause they're plants, but they still have milk." A few moments to figure this lot out. "So those brown hairy things have milk in them?" He prods a husk with his boot. "Or those green hard looking things?"

Fredricks nods to Yahzee, "Laxative. Causes diarrhea, or the Hersheys Squirts. Could be a problem in battle." He nods to Jenkins, " the core of a coconut is hollow with liquid inside, it can be drunk safely, and it's called coconut milk, but it'll give you the runs if you drink too much.

Slayback stands up from his crate and walks over to a coconut on the ground. One big Hulk smash with the butt of his BAR and the hairy little husk cracks open. He picks up a half and hands it to Jenkins, "There, try it."

Butler looks a bit confused now. But slowly, Butler puzzles it out and nods. "Hmmm… wonder if I could climb up there…" The natives might get a few laughs as the Kiwi circles the tree, pondering. Truly, a master of the hunt this one. Where's his boomerang? Oh well. He stops as Slayback found one. "Oh."

Yahzee stares for a moment to Fredricks, the explanation sinking in. "Not gonna have any of them, then. Drinkin' bad water's given me the runs 'nuff already." and frowns. He knocks a coconut husk, an old dry one, away from his hip where he's seated in the sand. Instead, the young man looks up to Butler's climbing. "Sheep milk's pretty good." commented idly. "Makes a good cheese."

Kappedal raises both brows when Slayback breaks open one of these foreign coconut things. He scratches the dirty nail of his thumb over his forehead, content to watch these crazy marine guys get into the 'milk'. "What's it taste like?" He asks, before Jenkins or anyone else has even had the chance to drink any.

Jenkins considers this carefully. Finally he nods. "Thought Japs were yellow yesterday." He mutters. "Maybe I don't know that much." So how do we get at these then, no branches or…" Half a coconut is thrust into his hands. "Thanks. Hey, most of the water's spilt." He takes a sip anyway, and makes a face. "Not like milk." He says. Another sip. "Sweet actually." There's a few drops the liquid left inside and he holds it out, looking from Slayback to Fredricks. "What about the white stuff?"

Fredricks points to the white stuff, "Coconut meat, edible and not bad for you, really, cut it out with a knife."

Yahzee considers that, just nodding his head a little. He seems to've decided to stay out of trying the coconut for now. A glance around as he checks the rifle ammo clips on his belt.

"Liquid's 'milk' and the stuff inside's 'meat'?" Kappedal's nose wrinkles as he watches Jenkins dissect the coconut. "It doesn't even sound right."

Well, no sense giving up now. Kiwi in a tree! Aren't they supposed to be flightless? In fairness, the chubby little bird is probably a bit cuter than Butler. Hmmm. Almost - maybe. He's dangling precariously as he gets cloooooser to the top of the tree where the coconuts are. Grip of death! He's listening intently. "Sounds kinda tasty. Think I've about got it."

Speaking of native dishes. Ambling up the beach is Tavua. The older looking Islander bears gifts! If you could call it that, cooked fish, some shellfish, bananas, pomegranates and a variety of fruits are carried along in a woven basket of sorts. The toothy grinning man smiles at the group, heading towards one of the empty tables to set down the bounty.

Well, no sense giving up now. Kiwi in a tree! Aren't they supposed to be flightless? In fairness, the chubby little bird is probably a bit cuter than Butler. Hmmm. Almost - maybe. He's dangling precariously as he gets cloooooser to the top of the tree where the coconuts are. Grip of death! He's listening intently. "Sounds kinda tasty. Think I've about got it."

Slayback stands up as he sees food. Fooooooooooooood. He speaks up, "See, that's the guy." He points at Tavua. He makes his way over to help Tavua in any way he can.

Jenkins gets his KA-BAR out and cuts a chunk out, husk and all. He nibbles at the meat. "Funny." He grins. "Tastes like milk." A further nible. "Salty." He looks up at Butler. "You ok up there?" He calls. But then he's distracted by Tavua. He marches off to intercept him, throwing the piece of coconut away and grinning at the man.

Yahzee doesn't find any ammo crates to refresh his clips, but does spot the island man coming with the treats. Pushing off the coconut palm tree, the Navajo radioman rises with interest as he gets to to walk over and check out the foods.

Tavua gives a look up at the aussie in the tree and sighs, silly Australians. A finger is pointed towards some bamboo lying on the group, sighing. "Let…" he says, walking over to one of the bamboo poles. He picks it up, turning towards another coconut tree, using the pole to poke at one of the coconuts until it falls. Think smarter not harder.

Fredricks looks over to Tavua, blinking and starts to make his way over, then pauses, looking up at Butler, blinking. "Um.. you alright up there?" He asks, not that he can do more than set a broken leg.

Kappedal leans forward as everyone's attention suddenly seems to turn. The teenager sets his hands on his knees, dogtags clinking as he adjusts his cap on his head and folds his arms, heading out a few steps after Yahzee. His eyes are locked on Tavua, probably not meaning to stare but that's what he does anyway.

"…" No one ever said Kiwis were master hunters. Isn't that Australians or some crocodile dundee fellow? He smiles at Tavua and tilts his head in lieu of a wave. He pauses as the native man just nudges one down with a pole. Poor Butler. He turns a few shades of red. "Oh. That's right clever. Good show." He smiles as Yahzee walks over. A pause. And then Butler makes the mistake of looking down. "Ohyeahterrific. Gonna … go … say hi … to our friend," Smilesmile. Now to work on getting /down/.

Slayback ponders and walks up to the tree which he begins to start shaking with a malicious grin on his face, "You should probably climb down before ya fall." Oh…Slayback's an ass.

Tavua grins as one coconut falls. He sets the pole down, walking over to the green acorn-like thing, picking it up and carrying it over to the Marines to show them. His machete is produced, clean of Jap blood as he hacks two lines into the coconut, using his fingers to peel back the green skin, exposing the brown coconut inside, which is easily cracked with another quick tap from his machete. Fresh coconut milk dribbles out as he offers it up to anyone willing to take the plunge.

Yahzee is still in his late teens too, so just as raw of a recruit as Kappedal. As he watches the islander get the pole and knock a few coconuts down, he comments aside to Fredricks and others, "Think he gets the runs from that, or maybe locals 'r different"?

Jenkins pauses as he watches Tavua do his thing with the coconot, then he lays a heavy hand on his shoulder. If he gets the man's attention he'll try to shake the non machete weilding hand. Saying very loudly and slowly. "You saved my life."

Fredricks looks to Yahzee, "Oh it's safe in moderation, just keep you regular, and." He gestures to the rest of the food that Tavua brought, "They don't eat coconuts exclusively." He looks to Slayback, "If he falls and breaks a leg, and gets sent home, it's going to be on your head."

Slayback looks over at Fredricks and says, "Nah don't worry. I'll make sure he doesn't fall on my head. I'm quick like that." He snickers and continues shaking the tree.

Agh! Poor Butler clings for life and limb, eyes wide as saucers. Wobbling tree! They aren't supposed to do that! He manages to cling for a moment. Sadly, the mechanic is no marine and seems to be of average strength. He flails, flapping his arms for a moment. KIWIS CAN'T FLY! He manages to grab for a second on his way down, averting any horrible injury. As the tree wobbles, his rapid descent continues until the hapless mechanic lands with a comical WHUMP and a slight spray of sand. "Aaah… gonna… kick yer…" Muttermutter. Is he menacing the tree or Slayback? It's hard telling. But regardless, he's flat on his back, and pretty stunned for the moment. Likely seeing stars and rather bruised. His arms look scraped up.

Tavua looks a little surprised as Jenkins pats him on the shoulder and shakes his hand. He just smiles in return, that toothy little grin of his, probably not understanding too too much of what is said as he tries to immitate the man's handshake.

Kappedal does not reach for the coconut, though he watches the machete-aided preparation of it with some interest. He might've been about to say something, but then Butler goes crashing out of the tree. One eye squints shut at that awful sound and he groans under his breath, unfolding his arms and turning around to head for the fallen Kiwi at a quick walk. "Hey…you okay? Don't move."

Slayback looks down at the fallen Kiwi, "Uh oh." He kneels down and helps the kid sit up, "Heh, sorry about that…didn't mean to lay you out flatter than a whore. He just kinda smirks.

Fredricks jogs over to the tree, ohshi- He winces, watching the fall, shoulders hunching in sympathy and when the WHUMPH happens, he jogs again, taking a knee beside Butler, "Yes, don't move." He says, looking the man over. Limbs are bending where they should, "Slow breath, tell me your name." He snaps a look to Slayback. "Back. Off." He says with Doctorial sharpness.

Jenkins would try to help the guy who could give him a chance to be a noncombatant but he's to busy puzzling the locals. Still shaking the man's hands he pats his pockets for something, he comes up with the packet of cigarettes Butler gave him early. They are duly offered. "You smoke?" He asks. "Take 'em, as a thank you." He's going to keep talking at the man it seems. "That big knife of yours a pretty useful thing to have about eh?"

Yahzee turns hearing the scraping of limbs on a fall down the trunk of a plam. "Hey! Mechanic! You okay?" The offers of food from the pacific islander become secondary to a possible injury to one of the men.

Butler goes cross-eyed. "… Eh?" Wait, that's Canadians. "'mfine," Fine? Hardly his name. Butler's just stunned a moment. He takes a deep breath. Pause. "John," He offers with a smile. "… not a whore…" He blinks a few times. He just needs a moment, really. At least, aside from the bruises. Although anyone who has any athletic talent ever might be getting a laugh out of the Kiwi's brief, inglorious flight.

Tavua takes the cigarettes, peering at them a bit. He shrugs and tucks them into a pocket, grinning once more. Since no one seems to want the coconut, he slurps up the milk, letting the rest fall to the ground as he smiles to Jenkins. Seeing him look at his machete, he grins again, tucking it into his belt and nodding. He watches the others scamper to aid the fallen aussie, shaking his head a little, sighing. A look is given to Jenkins, the islander tapping himself on the temple a few times for emphasis.

Slayback has the mild athletic talent and is getting many laughs out of Butler's fall, even is noone else finds it funny. He just shakes his head and walks over to Tavua, to whom he offers another stick of gum with a smile, "Slayback." He finally introduces himself to the native.

Kappedal crouches down beside Butler, nose wrinkled as he looks the New Zealander over for signs of things broken or gushing blood. "Good tumble you just took there, John." He lifts his chin, holding onto the brim of his cap as he looks up at the tree and then back down. "You weren't kiddin when you said you don't fly." He doesn't touch the man without Fredricks telling him to, just assessing.

Fredricks leans over Butler, reaching to his head gently, looking into the mans eyes, shading them individually, checking pupil response. "Equal and responding." He mutters, nodding, "Take a moment, and let me know where it hurts. Try to move only when you're ready." He says, businesslike now.

Jenkins frowns, noticing the fall of the Kiwi for the first time. "Huh? What happened to him?" He appears to be asking Tavua. "Actually I better check if he's ok." Perhaps Jenkin's hasn't quite cottoned on to the idea that Tavua might not speak english. He walks towards the group "Butler fell out the tree?" He asks the group of medical people an obvious question. "You ok?" yet another superflous question.

Tavua gives a nod to Slayback, taking the gum. He knows this chewy stuff now, stuffing it into his mouth and chewing noisily, his grin only getting wider as the sugary treat is devoured and.. he.. swallows it? *Gulp*

Nothing's obviously broken or gushing. Although, judging by some of the bruises - Butler might be rueing the next few days. He's fortunate he didn't get closer to his destination. Hey light in his eyes, Butler squints. He grins at Kappedal's comments. Nope, Kiwis do not fly. He takes a deep breath. Needs a moment. Wobbling, he pushes himself up. "Oww… geez." Fortunately, Kiwis do bounce to a degree and he landed in sand at least. Better than floor or worse. He's slow to rise. "All over? Mostly my back and arms…" His arms are a bit scraped from clinging as he fell or at least trying. "Feet are tingly, but I'm fine I think." He isn't standing juuust yet. Although he turns bright red at folks coming to see him. "Feel like a right idiot," He confesses.

Slayback snickers at Tavua, "No no no, don't swallow it." He continues chewing his own piece to try and provide instruction. He digs around in his pocket and pulls out an entire pack which he offers to Tavua, "Here, just in case you need some practice." He looks over to Butler, "How'd he doin, Doc? Did I break the engineer?"

Kappedal stands up, smirking down at Butler. His dogtags jingle against his chest, a visibly embossed 'H' on the front of the second one. "Injury enough, I guess," he tells Butler. As to the feeling of idiocy. He doesn't move away just yet in case the man needs help getting up or something, but now that the flurry's over his eyes lift and go back to tavua, curiously.

Yahzee Glad you're okay." to the Kiwi, adding a nod. A step to turn around and study what Tavua has brought. "What's that?" pointing to a large mango. "Good?" asked, adding a shrug of his shoulders to nonverbally emphasize that it's a question. Unlike perhaps a few of the others, he doesn't seem to patronize the islander. A reach into his pocket to fetch out a cigarette, holding that in his open palm.

Fredricks nods to Butler, "Yeah, well. Any ringing in your ears, or do you feel like you're going to throw up?" He straightens, looking at Butler critically. He looks to Kappedal, "Some Iodine to clean out the scrapes, Ben, please?" He asks the Corpsman, then looks up, "Fell out of the tree, yes, might have helped if you hadn't shaken the tree, Slayback." He says, then, "You're a little banged up, but nothing appears too badly hurt." He tells the Kiwi.

Tavua takes the pack with wide eyes, smiling even more as he takes one more stick out of it, peeling the wrapper off and stuffing it into his mouth. This he chews properly, really gnashing away at it as he looks at the others gathered around the downed kiwi.

Jenkins winces. "Next time, we'll do it his way." He points a thumb at Tavua, not that Butler would be able to see it. "And you were doing fine, what happened?" Jenkins' wasn't paying much attention. "He shook the tree?" He pauses a moment to decide what to think about it.

"Huh?" Kappedal was busy watching the native. His attention snaps back at his name. "Oh, yeah." Shoulder pack on as always, he tugs up the front buckle and grabs the small bottle of iodine from a compartment inside along with some gauze. Scrapes. If only that was the worst they would ever get into.

Slayback makes his way over to stand around Butler, "Hey guys, I like to crowd around things too." He glances down at him and responds to Fredricks, "Well, I guess that's good." He shrugs, "I'm pretty sure he was going to fall whether or not I shook the tree."

Uh oh. Iodine. Butler's eyes go wide. Nooooooooooooooooo. "I'm sure I probably would've slipped anyway," A weak smile, "Yeah… clever bloke," A stick! Ingenious! Butler has to blink a few times. He shakes his head, "Seein' stars for a bit, but I think my marbles're still there," He rubs the side of his face and winces. Whoops. Scraped hand! "Thanks," He offers to Yahzee. He pauses at Slayback's comment, "Yeah, they're here on account of my pretty face," His comment is wry and self depreciating. "… appreciate the concern," He admits more softly. He really is grateful, his pride's just a bit shot at the moment. Tree - 1, Kiwi - 0.

Fredricks takes the Iodine and gauze, rising, "Okay to your feet, John and let's have a seat and clean out the scrapes." He watches, seeming more and more satisfied with the state of the Mechanic.

Jenkins needs to think, time for a cigarette. He pats his pockets, oh. A look back at Tavua and a shrug. He's standing some distance away from the iodine action. "Funny thing to do." He comments eventually, refering to the shaking of the tree. And he looks out to sea again. "Christ, they going to move that thing? Gives me the shivers every time I look at it." He mutters to himself, disengaging from the group a little to look inland.

Yahzee nods back to the Pacific islander at the food, "Guess he likes gum more." as he pockets the cigarette after Tuvua shows no interest. "No more climbing for fun, yeah?" asked in the tone of a suggestion to Butler. This spoken as the radio man starts a lumbering walk further away, over to a different palm tree offering shade with less of a crowd.

Kappedal hands over the INSTRUMENTS OF PAIN and steps back, re-buckling the pack and tugging the strap so it rests against his lower back. Butler now squared away, his head turns again, cap brim shading his eyes as he looks back at Tavua, just watching the man.

Tavua seems merely content to chew gum and watch the others fawn over Butler, a little smile on his face. Not so much that the man is hurt, more that.. he just can't stop smiling for some odd reason.

It's about then that Kappedal notices the rest of the basket that Tavua brought. Because really, nothing catches a teenage boy's attention like things that look edible. Sort of. Abandoning the nest of people around Butler, he picks his way closer to the items Tavua brought along, peering at everything. There's a glance towards the smiling, bearded native and then back at the array in the basket.

Not the INSTRUMENTS OF PAIN! Butler is really rueing the day. He smiles at Yahzee, "Yeah…" That's a hobby he's giving up about - nowish. He winces and stands to his feet. A brief wobble, but it's likely just the fact he brained himself but good a moment there. He's steady after a moment. Here comes the iodine. He has a look on his face. He smiles weakly.

Jenkins turns back to give the islander a mock salute, he grins as he does so, the grin fades when he looks down at Butler. "You get better yeah?" He says encouragingly. "Now I'm off to see what we just won." He says to noone in particular.

Yahzee sits down by the less-crowded palm, releasing the straps of his rucksack from his back and the heavy radio along with it. Pulling the instrument around, he slides on earphones and checks the battery gauge. A few cranksof the hand to recharge, and he studies the dials and listens quietly.

Fredricks smiles to Butler, and nods over to a chair, motioning, "Have a seat, and relax." He says as he prepares the INSTRUMENTS OF PAIN! for application. He smirks, "You've just got some scrapes, and it'd be best to get them cleaned out so there's no infection. I don't think that you'd want to lose the use of your hands. The planes would miss you." He then begins to apply the Iodine, which is apparently LAtin for 'Fucking molten lead.'

Slayback has relocated to the food. He picks up a pomegranate, "Ooo…these things are fantastic." He doens't really trust Tavua's cleaning techniques so he pours his canteen over the fruit before he takes a bite of it.

Kappedal glances over his shoulder towards Fredricks, wrinkling his nose when the doctor gets all OMG LOSE YR HANDS over a scrape. He smirks, looking back at the basket then, and poking one finger among the fruit while Slayback just dives right on in.

"Aye, them and the broads I have to paint on the side," Butler replies wryly. He sits obediently at least. "Th-thanks," He manages. A weak nod. Right, don't wanna get infected and die horribly. And then, and then comes the pain. Mmph! Butler flinches visibly. Fortunately, Butler is a rather meek patient although one suspects he might make a run for it if he thought he could outrun the doctor /and/ the orderlies. But his confidence is shot for now.

Fredricks finishes quickly, leaving a light layer of gauze on the Mechanics hands, "Try to not get any grease or oil in there." he says, then straightens, letting Butler go about his business as he moves to Kappedal, and offers the Iodine once more.

Butler looks grateful, "Alright thanks." Although there's water in his eyes. Iodine STING! He wobbles away, to nurse his pride and perhaps meet the native chap. He wanders that direction.

Tavua goes to find himself a seat on a fallen log, yawning a bit as he slouches, relaxing, ahhhh.

Wobble wobble. Butler returns, trying not to move his arms too much. He really does walk like one of those kiwi birds now. He smiles, seeing Tavua relaxing. "Allo."

Fredricks moves to the offerings of food, looking it over. Fish, fruit, looks like the local diet has everything needed. He considers for a moment, then looks to Tavua, considering. After a moment, he gets into a pocket, pulling out a flat, thin brick looking thing. "Tavua." He says, pronouncing the word carefully.

Slayback gets down on his pomegranate and throws whatever remains of it into the bushes. He cracks his neck and stretches his arms. A look over to Tavua and he walks up to the log, finding a seat for himself on it. He reaches up and slips his stiletto out of his breast-sheath. He begins carving something into the log.

Tavua grins, nodding to Fredricks, assuring him he got it right. He stays right where he is seated though, looking up at the strange voodoo white doctor.

"Allo. Tavua is it?" Butler finally manages. He still holds his arms a little away from his sides. A smile to Fredricks too. He pauses, noticing Slayback. "What cha carvin'?"

Slayback looks up at Butler and shrugs, "Faces." He looks back down to his carving. It looks like it could possibly be a precursor to the smiley-face…but not quite.

Fredricks lifts the flat brown object, makes a light tossing motion to prep the Native, then tosses the object to him in a high, wide arc that is easy to catch, and will likely bounce off the natives chest without harm if not caught.

Kappedal went back to the aid station briefly to tend to a patient or two. When he comes back, the young man has his hands in his pockets, beach grasses and sticks snapping underfoot as he makes his way back towards the sounds of people.

Tavua nods slowly to Butler, blinking as he catches sight of the brown object. He catches it easily, peering at it a little, leaning down to sniff curiously.

Butler ohs softly, "I see…" He peers at it. Butler will sit nearby, arms still out a little. He pauses, noticing Fredricks toss something to Tavua. Now he's curious, and smiling. "Allo Doc."

The object that Fredricks threw is light, and only covered with brown paper wrapped around it. under that it has another paper wrapping. While the object is relatively unassuming, the side is showing a simple word in English in large letters. Not that Tavua can read, but it is distinctive. 'HERSHEYS' Fredricks points to himself, "Jason." He taps his chest again. "JA-SON." Phonetic breakdown. another tap, "Jason." He nods to Tavua, pointing to the object and makes an opening gesture with his hands. He then lets Tavua figure the rest out for himself.

"The doc and his choc." Kappedal can't help smiling when he notices what Fredricks just tossed to Tavua, keeping his hands tucked away as he gets closer. "How's your head?" He asks Butler, more quietly.

Slayback glances up to Fredricks, "Oh, hey Doc. Didn't see ya." He finishes his work of art and slips the knife away. A look to Butler and he says, "I think I could teach you a few things about art." He snickers.

Tavua seems to agree with the scent of the hershey bar. He tears open the wrapper as instructed, taking a teeny nibble to test the taste. Another toothy smile is given to the Doctor as he takes a few bites out of the candy bar, munching.

Fredricks turns from Tavua and looks to Butler and Kappedal, to the later he smiles, "Man has to have his vices. I made sure to stock up before coming all the way out here to the middle of nowhere." He smirks, then looks to Butler and Slayback, tilting his head, "Sounds like you two should compare Aircraft Nose Art."

Ooh. Chocolate. Butler grins a bit at the gift. Thoughtful! "That's really nice of you, Doc." A not and he goes quiet as Jason introduces himself. Daw. He looks rather happy about the situation at least. A pause, looking up at Kappedal. "Hm. A little emptier than usual, but I think my common sense's coming back," He smiles up. A lifted eyebrow at Slayback, "Really? Could always use the practice."

"So you're the one that was weighing the whole boat down," Kappedal says to Fredricks, with an amiably dimpled grin. The same's extended to Butler, and it crinkles into a smirk. "Don't lose /that/," he says, as to Butler's common sense. "I don't think we're getting another shipment." His dark, dark blue eyes turn back to Tavua and his adventures with chocolate. "It's almost as dark as his skin."

Slayback shakes his head at Butler and says, "Nah, I'm just joking. I do all my work with a knife. I'm sure that the pilots would get pissy if I were to try and carve somethin' pretty into their planes." He snickers and continues, "Did you mean it when you said you'd paint somethin' nice on my BAR?"

Fredricks chuckles to Kappedal, "Yeah, that was me." He shrugs, "What can I say? It's better than other habits." He looks to Slayback, then Butler, "Gun art, hmm?" He looks over to Tavua to see if the processed sugar has kicked in, idily wondering what kind of effect it's going to have on his system where he rarely gets such things.

Slayback starts flicking mud off of the spikes on the bottom of his boots, "You guys should've become paratroopers…these spikes come in handy when you're bucking through a swamp." He chuckles and looks to Tavua, who is sitting beside him eating chocolate like a mad man.

Butler laughs softly, "It's comin' back I'm sure. Just ashamed to be seen with me pulling a bone-headed stunt like earlier." He seems to have learned his lesson. "Chocolate's a good habit I think, compared to booze or some others," He taps his chin thoughtfully before letting it rest straight again. A glance to Tavua and the chocolate. He can't stop smiling. Dork. A pause, "On the BAR? Well, I could try although most people do etchings or engravings on the guns. Suspect that paint would be easier to remove though," He smiles.

Kappedal laces his fingers bahind his neck, winging out his elbows to the sides. His cap brim keeps his eyes in shadow as he looks up towards the early morning sky, eyes scanning the zenith before they look back down at the small group of men. He's got little to say to gun art, though he listens to them talk.

Fredricks moves to sit on a log, settling down and stretching his legs out in front of him. Time to relax a bit. He rotates his feet, popping his ankle.

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