Quaid S Last Letter

June 1943

Dear Mom and Dad,
By now I'm sure some officer has informed you of my condition and discharge, so I'd rather not discuss it here. Just know that I fought hard and did my job over there, and I saw how horrible men can be to each other. I suppose I'm paying the price for the pain and suffering I caused others. I try to forget what happened over there to me and to the other boys, but it's impossible. Those memories are maybe even worse than the constant physical pain.
Please give Betsy my love. I can't bear to see her, let alone write her. I've left the letters and telegrams she sent me at the hospital; maybe the Post Office can arrange to have them sent back.
Forgive me for not wanting to see you. I want you to remember me as I was, not as I am now.

Your loving son,

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