Pig Roast


The sun is shining, the birds.. or rather, parrots are squawking, the waves lap soothingly against the white sandy beach, the wind rustles through the palm trees, paradise no?

There seems to be a bit of a hubbub down the beach from the Marine camps. A large gathering of perhaps fourty or fifty natives have gathered, all dolled up in their sunday best, as it were. Several tend to a smoking pit just up from the beach, laying palm fronds atop the smoldering fire as others bring in the daily bread. Roasted monkey, vegetables and fruits of all shapes and sizes and a variety of freshly cooked fish are brought to be laid out on several old trunks of trees, using lush green palm fronds as plates.

Tavua himself is somewhere in the mix, standing over by several bare-chested native girls who are busy putting the finishing touches on the palm wine containers, made from coconut shells and painted up in cute little patterns by the young girls. The sounds of drums and various wind-instruments no doubtably draws the attention of the westerners…. the fact that there are topless native girls serving food and booze might help as well.

Slayback is drawn more by the promise and smell of food than by the bare-chested women…they barely seem to catch his attention. He picks up a palm frond that's covered in various types of meats. He looks around and finds himself a pomegranate. "Tavua…you're alright." He looks at the native man and nods to him in approval before he begins pigging out on the strange food.

Byrd strolls along the beach. Flight jacket slung casually over his shoulder rather than worn. He still has a somewhat brooding expression on his usually jovial face. It turns more to curiosity as he nears the gathering of natives, however. It's not until he nears them that he spots the girls. Blink. Stare. Grin. They catch his attention. Hard to brood in the face of that.

Annabelle has wandered over from the aid station. Barefoot, but still wearing her borrowed fatigues for lack of anything else. Her arm's in a sling, but that doesn't stop her from smiling as a few of the native kids come to greet her when they see her. She chatters a bit with them in Melanesian.

Did somebody say … parrots? Speaking of, a red and blue one comes riding atop Woods' helmet. He seems a bit thoughtful, at least until - Byrd! Slayback! Tavua! He smiles, seeing the familiar faces. "Hey there!" He chirps, to poor Byrd who is the nearest. Although, he notices the grin and pauses. "Oh uh… I'll be back." The parrot atop Woods' head whistles happily.

Kappedal heads up the beach after Woods, boots trudging through the sand. He's moving a bit slowly today, ending up one of the last ones of the walking party to reach where they're going, and he comes to a stop at the edge of things, just taking them in with widened blue eyes.

A few of the natives give curious looks to the new whites. The older natives scowl juuust a little bit, the younger ones look curious.. and the girls.. well.. the girls giggle.

Tavua offers a nod to the few he recognizes, grinning towards Annabelle, smiling as he sees the parrot riding Woods's helmet. He gives a little wave as he heads towards the small group of men working at the pit of death, peering into it, smelling that roasting porcine creature, almost ready!

Slayback takes a bite out of his cooked monkey. He waves at Annabelle as she passes. He notices her sling, "Oh…guess you could've used a Marine escort, eh?" He says it, trying to make light of the injury."

"Err…hullo lovelies," Byrd offers to a giggling gathering of native girls as he nears the group. He seems unsure exactly what to say to them. But he's still grinning. He gives his head a slight shake, noticing Woods and turning in the Marines' direction. "I think I like these islanders. Real…open people."

One of the kids takes Anna's hand. "Miss Anna, come see!" he says, in passable but accented English. He takes her good hand and starts guiding her over to the pig pit.

Anna goes along amiably, smiling back when she notices Tavua's grin. At Slayback's comment, the smile fades a bit. "I was afraid someone'd stop us if you tried to go along," she explains.

Woods can't help but grin at Byrd, "Yeah. They seem pretty nice," Woods nods. Although, he seems to be interested in the party and meeting everyone. He pauses, waves to people. The parrot bobs her head. He looks over his shoulder to Kappedal, "They're really nice here," He comments quietly. "I just hope … I don't seem rude," Frown. He draws a circle in the sand with his toe and doesn't seem to notice Annabelle's conversation just yet.

Tavua smiles to Annabelle. ~Almost ready!~ he says to her in melenesian, grinning as he takes up a bamboo stick to poke the smoldering fire for emphasis. He does give her injuries a little squint, ~Are you going to be ok?~ he inquires, looking down as a pair of boys start using him as a wall to chase each other around, giggling incessantly.

Kappedal doesn't quite seem to know what to do, stuck in place awkwardly. He glances towards Annabelle and then back towards Woods, scratching the side of his neck. "What are we supposed to do?" He mumbles to the short Marine.

Slayback tilts his head at Annabelle, "As if I'd let them stop us." He waves a dismissive hand and continues eating the weird food. He chews happily and smiles to Tavua, "I really don't care what this is…I still like it."

Annabelle glances over her shoulder at the Americans. "He says the pig's nearly ready." She nods, then, to Tavua. "Aye." A smile down at the kids before she answers. ~I'll be fine. You? I'm sorry you got hurt for me.~ She gives him a sincerely apologetic look. "Probably monkey," she mentions idly to Slayback.

Byrd shrugs to Woods. "They don't speak English, mate. Ain't going to know you're rude even if you are." Such is the philosophy of Byrd. He sidles over toward Annabelle, as she seems to speak the native langage. Just in time to hear the bit about monkey. "Eh? Monkeys?"

Yahzee has arrived.
Yahzee arrives from the West.

Tavua gives a bit of a nod, ~Yes, monkey.. very good.~ he adds, winking a bit. Several of the men begin removing the palm fronds from the pit, leaning down to pick up the roasted pig by the bamboo poles it is impaled on, very au naturale. The pig is carried to a small covering of more palm fronds, laid down ontop of them as a sort of sheet as one of the islander males goes to start cutting up the soft meat.

Some of the native girls start growing bolder, one approaching Woods, giggling up at the parrot perched atop his helmet, grinning as she reaches up to try to pet it.

More girls come out of the woodwork, several making a beeline for Byrd, looking over the strange white man curiously, leaning forward to try to touch his clothing and skin.

Woods just nods meekly, "Guess that makes sense. I'd just feel bad about it." He smiles. Woods is standing near the edge of the group, cautiously curious and watching. Woods grins as Byrd is examined, "Ah! Seems you're the man of the hour." He's happy for his friend then! Woods is a dork. He even leans a little so Elly can be petted by the native girl. The bird doesn't seem to mind, setting a talon on a finger good naturedly. A pause at Kappedal, "No idea. But Elly seems popular…"

Kappedal sits down on a downed log somewhere, folding one of his arms carefully over his midsection. His blue eyes watch Byrd and Woods as they're swarmed, and he offers Woods a bit of a smile. "She makes friends wherever she goes. It's a gift, I guess."

Yahzee walks in to the village, wearing the normal Marine corps kit and uniform. The look isn't fully routine, though, as a string seems to be hanging from a collar button to something in his breast pocket. As well, he's carrying a tagboard cigar box, the container looking a bit worn, closed for the moment in a way suggesting it's stuffed full of items.

Slayback finishes with his food and bundles up the frond. He glances around. Awww, no native girls for Slayback. He shrugs and just stands around…glancing at his surroundings.

Annabelle nods to Tavua when he confirms the dish, then answers to Byrd. "Aye, monkey. That food over there." She points, for those who either want to sample it or avoid it. "A few of them speak some English, like Tavua here. Mostly the kids, though. They're some of my students," she says with a fond smile.

"Why, hullo there," Byrd says to the girls, in as gentlemanly a manner as he can muster. They don't speak English, after all. And he's not a natural at playing a gentleman. A wink to Woods, "Some of them are looking at you, too, mate. That bird's a damn fine lady-catcher, it is." He ponders the parrot, as if sorry he didn't think of this pick-up trick first. As to monkey meat, he looks dubious. But shrugs. "Well, I'll try anything once."

Kappedal stays where he is, maybe not having yet built up the courage to go near food. He looks up at Annabelle, pushing up the brim of his cap so it doesn't hide his eyes as much. "How do you tell them 'hello'?"

Most of the girls hang about Annabelle, chattering for attention. The boys on the other hand seem to be a little more interested in the marines, especially those boomsticks they carry, so odd!

The older girls, well, they know a liiiittle bit more. Some give playful smiles to Slayback and the others, taking a bit of food with them as they meander towards the beach.

The older older men and women are interested mostly in the food and chatting amongst themselves. The pig meat is sliced and set aside, most taking little bits here and there to nibble while the men seem to tear bits straight from the corpse itself.

Tavua offers another toothy smile to Annabelle. ~I only know a little~ he admits, shrugging, ~Not a lot of chances to use it.~

Woods smiles at the wink. "Aaah, she's a good bird. But I dunno about this lady catching business, you seem to be the ace," A faint grin. Adorably red and colorful! Woods smiles, a little overwhelmed by it all. "Wish I knew, I feel kind of bad." He'll let people pat Elly, so long as they approach gently. He'd rather someone not get nipped. Yahzee gets a wave from the be-parroted man. He smiles at people, bright green eyes wide and alert. Seems to be in good spirits. Slayback gets a wave and any kids that approach are greeted warmly too - and dangerous objects kept safely away.

"It's really not so bad," Anna comments, about the monkey meat. Yet she hasn't gone over to get any herself, too busy playing interpreter and chattering with the girls and kids. One can imagine the conversation: Girl, what is UP with those clothes? And why do you have your arm in a sack? She smiles to Tavua, ~You have more chance to learn now.~ she points out wryly. To Kappedal she offers, "It's ~Hello~. And how are you: ~How are you.~"

Yahzee approaches Tavua and whoever appears to be the oldest Big Man of the village, the elder so to speak. Before that man, the radioman opens the cigar box and produces a somewhat old, perhaps a bit stale, but nevertheless authentic American cigar. This is set down before the box, Yahzee adding a nod with a smile as if inviting the elder to accept it as a gift. Also in the box, besides the lone cigar, are a couple new cigarettes and three bars of chocolate candy, special rations issue. Whatever's in Yahzee's breast pocket seems to stir a bit, the thread showing movement in a sudden lurch. Spotting the wave aside from Woods, Garrett Yahzee offers a friendly wave back to the Marine with the parrot.

Kappedal's pistol is holstered, and snapped down. No boomstick for the navy guy. He squints at Annabelle and the bizarre words rolling out of her mouth. "~Hello?~" He repeats in melanesian. Likely butchering it. You can't pronounce Melanesian the same way you do Yiddish, but he hasn't grasped that yet. The next is ventured to the closest native. "~Hello, how are you?~" Hopefully he didn't just say something horrible about someone's mother. Back up to Annabelle quickly, "What's 'thank you'?"

Slayback waves back to a few of the more attractive native women, "Hi there." His Superman smile in full use. He looks at Woods, "Y'know where Fredricks is? For the…uh…y'know."

Tavua gives a nod towards the marines that give the language a try, "Good….. practice." he says, laughing. The girls laugh too, but it is more of a giggle. The one that petted Ellys gets a wee bit closer to Woods, beaming up at him as she tries to get an arm about his waist. He motions over to one of the older, grey-haired natives, who hobbles over. taking the box presented by Yahzee, he turns and hands it to the older man, explaining the gift as best he can. The old man squints, peers, sniffs the gifts before nodding with a little bit of approval at the gift, offering them to the other older men, including Tavua. The guide takes one of the cigars, pausing. He looks to Yahzee, motioning with his fingers, trying to simulate fire.

"Err…me Alec Byrd," Byrd says to the native girls nearest him, pointing to himself. "Me…pilot. Fly-fly?" He makes flapping motions with his arms to try and get the impression across. This is probably not all that impressive. He shrugs and eyes that pig.

Annabelle smiles as Kappedal tries out the language. One of the girls looks to her with a giggle, and Anna chatters something back in that language. "Thank you is ~thank you~."
That prompts the native girl to demonstrate her grasp of English by saying back with a grin: "Good-day. Thank you." Well, she was taught by Australians.

Woods blinks, then turns red at Slayback's question. "Yeah, in the tent…" He rambles off quietly, the location. He watches Yahzee quietly. A smile at the gift giving. Aww. "That's kind of you," He's happy! So happy! The movement in Yahzee's pocket provokes lifted eyebrows. Uh. Hey wait! Someone is putting an arm around his waist. Woods' eyes go wide and he turns bright red. "H-hi!" He smiles, although he's frozen in place, unsure of whether to flail, escape or what.

Kappedal would probably blush at being laughed at, but his face is already strangely reddened today. Has been since he woke up, moreso than usual for the jungle heat. He gives Tavua a totally apologetic, crooked grin that shows his dimples, then back at the giggling girls and Annabelle. "Good-day," he repeats, studiously. It takes him a second to realise something. "Oh, that was English!" Australian accents, oy. "~Hello~" he repeats in melanesian back to her, trapped in this neverending cycle of STUNNING CONVERSATION. "~Thank you~." This comes with a gesture of his hand around at all the…stuff.

Slayback nods to Woods, "You have your eye on any of these young girls, Kid?" He's obviously not very intrigued in the young man's love life as he just kee watching the native girls and probably any response would meet deaf ears."

Yahzee pauses for a moment, then jams a hand into a trouser pocket to pull out a little matchbox, tapping it open to pull out and strike one match. Carefully, he holds this out for the islander man to light the cigar or others to light cigarettes, if that's their wish. He's a fit man, the bump on the head from the last combat healed now. From his breast pocket a little green reptilian head pokes up for a moment, evidentally attached to that thread that earlier showed movement.

Tavua gives a pat on the elder's shoulder as he heads off to rejoin the other grey-hairs. The offered light is taken, Tavua puffing expertly on the slightly dried out cigar, not seeming to mind as he lets the smoke drift skywards. He looks happy, giving a bit of a grin as he looks towards a small procession entering from the south.

It is then… that disaster strikes.. or rather.. impending disaster strikes. Some old looking wooden barrels are brought forward, set down just near to the pig. The men look happy as they all reach for the cups, descending on the very, very potent palm wine, scooping up portions for themselves and guzzling. All the girls disappear for a moment, scampering off into the trees. They return seconds later, carrying little coconut-shell cups in their hands which are offered to the Marines with knowing smiles.

Annabelle is oblivious to the exchange between Woods and Slayback, which is probably for the best. She's more focused on the English/Melanesian lessons going on over here. A chuckle at Ben's realization of the g'day, but then she's distracted by Yahzee's pocket. "What's that there in your pocket, mate?" she asks him curiously.

The girl talking with Kappedal seems enamored with the conversation, circular though it may be. She breaks the cycle by pointing to herself. "Me Neysa."

The exchange with the girl seems to strike some weird chord with Kappedal. His smile softens a little as she points to herself, growing more introspective, before he nods. "~Thank you~". Sure it might not be appropriate to say, but it's all he's got. He points to himself after, copying her structure. "Me Ben." It's then that coconuts start coming out, and he gives Neysa a curious look. "What?" He points to the coconut. "What is it?"

Poor Woods. He looks a bit uncomfortable at the question, "Huh? No, not really. We just met. They seem like kind people, and they're very pretty," He offers. He's still blushing madly. Elly's warbling happily at all the attention, offering a talon to shake sometimes. She's learned a trick! A smile at Yahzee. Then a pause. "Um. Y'got a friend?" Smiling up at the radio man. Oooh, hey a coconut. "Neat!" Free coconut … with STUFF in it! These people are cool!

"Thank you, m'dear," Byrd says when he's brought the cup. In English. He's not trying too hard to get a grasp of the language. He lifts it to his lips without any hesitation. Making a face of surprise as he drinks. Pleasant surprise. "Blimey! These folks do know how to put on a party."
Slayback offers the accepted coconut and empties the contents on to the jungle floor when noone is looking. When the native girl looks back to him he acts as if he downed the entire coconut full of wine, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. He tries to remember some of the language and he nods, "~T-thank you.~" He makes his way through it and only half butchers the language.

Neysa rattles off an answer to Kappedal, in Melanesian of course. Not so much with the helpfulness. So Anna chimes in to translate. "'Tis wine. Pretty strong stuff, so be careful, eye."

Tavua takes one of the coconuts, filling it with palm wine from the barrel, grinning as he watches the other marines bottom up, or at least most of them. He tips the shell back and drinks heavily, taking another puff on his cigar. Paradise, no?

Yahzee offers the elder men a friendly nod of his head as they accept the gifts, stepping back a bit as the palm wine is brought in. Hearing and seeing the curious looks and questions from the Missionary's wife and others, he draws out the string and its attached small lizard to view from his pocket. "Found it in a tree. Think it's a baby." It's a dark green juvenile Solomon Islands Tree Skink (http://www.junglewalk.com/popup.asp?type=s&AnimalWebsiteID=2651), not enjoying being brought out to view terribly well as it tries to burrow back into the Marine's breast pocket. "Eats bugs." he remarks trying to be more gentle in displaying it for Annabelle and Woods. Slowly the man tries to free one hand to accept a coconut cup full of the palm wine.

Wine. Kappedal doesn't quite hesitate, per se, as he falls silent to think about this. A conclusion's reached in his head and he regards the liquid, murmuring almost inaudibly. "Baruch atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech Haolam, borei p'ri hagafen." His blue eyes come back up to Annabelle and Neysa and his voice raises to a much louder, celebratory volume. "L'chaim!" And down goes a swallow. Which he comes perilously close to choking on from the strength, slapping a palm in front of his mouth as he swallows it down. Whoa. He coughs, squinting back at Annabelle, "How do -" COUGH. "…you say it's-" COUGH. "Good?"

Woods accepts a coconut. "Thanks!" He smiles to the woman who offers it to him. Elly clicks her beak thoughtfully, peering down at the women. Wide, dark eyes. He takes a sip and his eyes go wide. And then… a little lizard! Woods' grin widens, "That's cute! Do you have a name for 'im? Where'd ja find 'im?" Woods is all kinds of excited. He loves pets it seems.

Byrd looks up from his cup, Yahzee and his lizard finally catching his attention. He sticks his nose over to take a closer look. "Cute little bugger. Reminds me of some of the crawlies we'd get out in the country back home." Another sip is taken of the palm wine in his cup. A smaller one this time. That stuff /is/ strong.

Slayback glances over at Kappedal and says, "Don't go bursting into Hava Nagila, now." He shakes his head and grins at Stitches. He takes a seat on the ground against a tree. He slips out a pack of chewing gum and slips a piece into his mouth.

Annabelle steps a little closer to peer curiously at the lizard. "Haven't seen one quite like that," she notes. She looks over her shoulder to answer Kappedal, but Neysa speaks before she can. She glances curiously at Yahzee for a moment.

Neysa seems to get the gist of it without translation. "Good! Very good!" she says chipperly.

Tavua watches everyone begin to mingle, sipping a little from his coconut, puffing on his cigar as he goes to make his rounds, greeting the various villagers and their relatives, nibbling a bit of roast pig here and there.

Kappedal ignores that from Slayback. He coughs again, nodding to Neysa. "It is. Thank you very much, Neysa." He even gives it another sip, goodnaturedly, the second not punching him in the gut as hard as the first. It's kind of nice. He points Neysa towards Yahzee. "Do you see the lizard?" Perhaps moving out of her range of English by now, but the pointing maybe helps.

Yahzee smiles politely to the missionary woman, allowing the shy lizard to crawl back into the pocket fully to hide. "Don't know what kind. Got plenty a lizards where I'm from, but they're differn't." With the other hand free now too, he holds the shell cup with both hands to take a long drink. Halfway through, one can tell from his eyes he's not used to such a strong brew and his throat thickens a moment tightly before gulping the swallow down. There's a cough, too, before he lifts up the coconut husk cup to show it's empty. "Good." to Tavua. The lizard's still a little visible, not that much room to hide in the uniform's breast pocket.

Woods manages to find a pomegranate, balancing it and the coconut. He looks almost comical. A bird, two fruits and - is there a bar joke in the making? He still grins at Yahzee and the lizard, "He's great. We'll have to talk pets sometime." He bobs his head, "Still owe Ben some coral hunting time. Thank you ma'am," He bobs his head to a native lady in passing. He looks to Slayback, before taking another sip of coconut wine. His eyes are wide as saucers. Coconutty wine! Carefully, he sets it down, to break off part of the pomegranate and hand it to Elly who grasps it in a talon. She neatly peels at it and noms the seeds, beak working. "She likes fruit a lot. I hope she learns to talk," Smile to Yahzee. "I'm really glad to see you both out and about." He's happy!

Slayback keeps chomping down on his gum, looking around at everyone's good time. He's located his BAR and it's resting against the tree that he's leaning against.

Unfortunately the lizard is back in the pocket by the time Neysa turns to look, so all she sees is Yahzee. She looks confused at Keppadal. Is he trying to pawn her off on his friend?

Anna nods to Yahzee. "He's cute, aye," she agrees with Byrd. Then she asks curiously. "Where are you from?" One of the other native girls brings Anna a coconut as well. One can HOPE it has something milder than the rum in it.

Byrd's nose twitches in the direction of that pig. More mindful that food is near now that he's drinking. He takes another gulp, emptying his cup. Not a large cup, after all. His eyes go out to the beach, the palms, the natives eating and drinking around them. "Y'know, if it wasn't for the Japs, parts of this place'd almost be pretty…" It's observed more to himself than anyone else.

Yahzee has darker features than even the Semetic Kappedal, the skin colour noticebly more copper than the tan of the other Marines. "Tuba City, Arizona, ma'am." answered for Annabelle. He pauses there seeing the expression on the native girl Neysa's face, turning to glance up to Kappedal with a questioning look somewhat confused. "Is it her pet?" A quick look around, to Woods with the parrot and Slayback and others as well, as if wondering if the young Navajo radioman's committed some faux-pas.

Heh. Made you look, Neysa. Kappedal bahs as the lizard's gone away. "It was a lizard," he explains again to the girl, uselessly. "Uh. ~Hello~." Flail. He looks up at Yahzee, glancing at the pocket and then at the Navajo's face. "I don't know. She didn't see it, I don't think. Maybe show her?"

Tavua meanders his way back to Annabelle, still smoking and drinking as he takes some time to listen to the missionary chat with the Marines, testing out his english, seeing if he can undertand bits and pieces of what they say.

…? Did Woods pinch someone's pet? He looks up to Elly, as the bird is happily nom'ing away on the fruit. "Did - is she someone's pet already?" His green eyes widen. "Anyone lose a parrot?" He asks quietly. This prospect worries Woods, but he wouldn't steal someone's birdy. Kappedal gets a curious glance in turn. He looks to Slayback, "Want some fruit?" He offers. He's attempting to be really social! He nods at Byrd. "Yeah… I like it." He smiles at Tavua, apparently having the attention span of a moth on a lightbulb. Bonk, bonk, BONK. Flutter. Bonk.

Annabelle nods to the answer. Arizona means nothing to her, and she's about to ask something else when the exchange with Neysa distracts her. "Oh, surely not." She asks the girl what's wrong in Melanesian, and there's a brief exchange that ends with Anna's fair cheeks reddening a bit. She rubs at her shoulder, falling silent. Neysa prompts her with an expectant expression, at which point the missionary finally translates, rather awkwardly. "She thought you didn't want her and wanted your friend to have her instead." Anna turns to Woods, then, abruptly. "Fruit would be grand, thanks." ESCAPE!

Wait, what? Kappedal blinks slowly at Annabelle. "Ohuh, ma'am?" Look at Neysa, look at Annabelle. "Oh no, I…she…tell her there was a lizard! I was just showing her." He's less awkward about this explanation than one might expect, more surprised than embarassed. A slight sigh. "I've got to learn more of this tongue."

Tavua laughs a little in response to Kappedal. "Practice." he adds, pondering, looking to Annabelle. ~Maybe you could teach them a bit? We have a lot of scouts that have been walking the jungle.. seen a lot of Japanese… though fewer lately.~

Yahzee hears the translation from Annabelle, and his expression goes somber and unmoving. Stuck, really, as if the firm tight lips hide his surprise and reaction. "Here, she can have it." as he looks down to focus on drawing the string with the skink out from his pocket. The little green lizard still would much rather prefer a dark hiding place, and scrambles up Yahzee's uniform to try to hop onto his back in a desperate bid to hide under his collar. The young man grunts, trying to turn as he reaches in a failed attempt to draw it back to his hand, awkward while still holding food from the feast he'd not yet had a chance to bite into. But at least the young green lizard's visible for the indigenous girl.

Slayback smiles and nods to a passing native girl as he watches over the festivities. Every party needs a bouncer. He's still just a chumping on his gum, although his BAR has relocated from the tree to across his lip.

Byrd shrugs to Woods. "Wouldn't go so far as to say I like it. But parts of it are pretty. Ain't so different from some beaches in New Zealand, actually. Reminds me a bit of this place some mates and me found when we took a boat over to Stewart Island. Fishing and camping and drinking and the like. Was grand…ain't been home in a long time now, though."

Annabelle is probably more embarrassed than Kappedal, truth be told, but she doesn't quite make her escape before hearing the young man's explanation. She turns back and rubs her shoulder again, passing on the explanation to Neysa. She gives Tavua a wan smile. ~Aye, I could should.~ Her grammar is not altogether perfect itself. ~Good of you to take them here.~

Neysa beams at Anna's clarification, looking back at Keppadal. "Grand. Grand." She gives the lizard a curious look but doesn't seem to want it. She's seen lots of lizards. Yahzee gets a curious grin, though.

Woods looks relieved that he hasn't stolen someone's parrot. He seems fond of Elly. He grins and shares some of the pomegranate with Annabelle, "Elly likes it too," He motions to the parrot who still has a portion of the fruit in her talon and is peeling, eating, peeling. Woods is quietly happy. "I wish I could say thank you for this," Woods admits. He missed out the conversation, and grins at Yahzee and the lizard. "I-" He's holding fruit himself. "Need help?" He offers. And a pause at Byrd, then. He smiles at the Kiwi. "Yeah? That sounds fun… we were more at the forest area. I was thinking of going wading and collecting coral or a shellfish to send home." Slayback gets another glance, Woods lifting his eyebrow. "That's not veyr safe."

Tavua grins to Annabelle, shrugging. ~Always have so much food leftover… Leysa insisted, hates leaving food to waste.~ he explains, grinning a bit more in that toothy way of his. ~Could take them fishing someday, for fish or shellfish….~

Kappedal gives Annabelle a grateful look and nods a bit at Neysa, smiling again. "~Good~". He remembers that one. One can only pray it's 'good' in a general sense and that he didn't just call her 'tasty'. Tavua gets an embarassed grin. "Have to learn before I can practice," he tells the native man. Then he looks back at Neysa and then at Yazhee. "I don't think it's hers…does it eat mosquitos? You'd be a lucky man with that around."

Yahzee quickly responds to Woods, "Yeah, help." unable to reach behind his back and with the little lizard resisting a pull of the thread collared around its neck by digging those rather strong claws into the marine's uniform. A quick look back to Neysa, "Sorry" in rather plain English generally spoken slow as if a second language. "Got it to eat a few flies and moths", to Kappedal, "But don't seem like that's enough." spoken while he's a bit frozen looking to the island girl still while answering others.

Slayback scratches at his beard and finally returns the wave to Woods. It seems he was just in a sort of a haze. Possibly drawn in my an island girl's firm buttocks, who knows? He raises his pomegranate up and takes a bite out of it, the juices spilling out of it and needing to be wiped away by his sleeve.

Annabelle gives Kappedal an awkward smile in return, then nods her thanks to Woods as he brings over some fruit. She sets down her coconut, unable to hold both at once, and then says, "Thank you is ~thank you~." Language lessons for all! She nods to Tavua as well. ~They like that sure. He was looking for shells.~ A nod to Woods there.

Neysa steals a piece of Anna's fruit and steps over to feed it to the lizard with a grin.
"Was fun, aye. Seems like a long time gone, though," Byrd answers Woods, tone rather wistful. This calls for more palm wine. And fruit. He ventures over to get himself a refill of both.

Tavua peers from Annabelle to Woods. "Shells?" he inquires of the man, tilting his head, "Lots of.. shells… want meat in them or no?"

"You'll have to tell me more," Woods smiles at Byrd. But now it's time to help with the lizardly mayhem! Elly is enjoying her fruit now. ~Thank you!~ Woods chirps enthusiastically at one of the natives. He's gonna get this yet! He inches towards Yahzee. "C'mere buddy," He reaches over, a small piece of fruit in hand in the free-est hand for the lizard. He doesn't seem to think anything of it. It's a wee lizard! A smile at Annabelle too. He blinks at Tavua's question. "No meat, just pretty… figured I'd send one or two home."

Kappedal hasn't touched any of the meat roasting away. A piece of fruit's taken and given a surreptitious inspection, a few small bugs brushed off it before he bites into it, politely free of slurpage. His blue eyes track Neysa's feeding fruit to the lizard, blinking curiously. Reptiles eat fruit? ORLY?

Yahzee 's uncertainty fades a bit, relaxing share a fond smile to Neysa as the island girl offers fruit to the lizard and the skink seems to flick out its tongue and eagerly accept it. "It's eatin fruit." in one of those statements of the obvious as he smiles to her. A quick nod's added for Woods as he moves over closer to both Woods and where Neysa's standing now. "Don't got a name for it yet." added, trying to turn his head enough to look over to the shoulder the baby lizard's gripping. "I'm Garrett" introducing himself to the local. "Garrett" repeating again motioning to himself while looking to her.

"Me Neysa," the native girl repeats for Yahzee's benefit. She points to the lizard. "Fruit." Grins all around, though mostly for Kappedal.

Anna eats some of her fruit as well, just listening quietly.

Tavua nods to Woods, "We see what we can do." he says with a smile, taking a pause for the cause to drink some more wine and smoke the last of his cigar.

Slayback stands up from the tree. He leaves his BAR against the tree and cracks his neck. He walks over to the group and smiles. Even though he hasn't had any wine, he seems to be in higher spirits than usual.

Yahzee adds a little nod, still smiling a bit before he speaks, "Nice meetin' you, Neysa." He catches her look over to the Navy medic, though, and follows up with. "Thank you for feedin him. I'll remember that, fruit." and nods with a bit more of a quiet tone. The radioman turns just a bit so his shoulder with the lizard is still close to Neysa, but he busies himself with reaching for a shank of roast pig to lift up and chew while juices drip.

"It eats fruit," Kappedal declares, painfully obvious but finding this fascinatingly amusing. The reptile keeps kosher, har! He beams a grin at Neysa, twin dimples showing. His finger indicates himself. "Ben." Indicates her. "Neysa." Indicates Yahzee. "Garrett." Then finally the lizard, with a questioning look. Yeah, it's imperfect, but he's trying. Woods gets a brief glance. "What are you going to do with yourself after you find a shell? You'll be so bored."

"Vince," Vincent introduces himself after awhile. He pauses. He smiles at Tavua. "I'd like that," Then a pause at Kappedal's words. Hmmm. "I dunno, I could teach Elly to talk with you, I could write, find more shells… Find fruits and flowers," Pause. "Lots to do even off duty," He smiles. He's easily amused. He watches the lizard get fed fruit. "That's good to know." He is all adazzle. Elly finishes her pomegranate and bounces the rind neatly off Woods' hair before preening and then looking innocent. Hey! Woods' eyes just go cross.

Tavua looks to Kappedal, then Woods. "Make necklace.. out of small shells.. bracelit…" he says, indicating a few of the native girls who wear such things on their bodies.

Annabelle smiles over at Tavua. ~Everyone have good day.~ She says to him. Quite a party! Even the missionary seems to have emerged from her gloom and doom a bit. Only partly due to the watered down wine. "That's a grand idea," she says to the native.

Neysa looks curiously at the lizard and then tilts her head back to Kappedal. She says a word, which is really Melanesian for skink but could very well be taken for a pet name were it not for her perplexed expression.

Yahzee smiles with the introduction, allowing the young green lizard to fascinate Neysa and perhaps other island women as a curiosity while the little fellow eats offerings of fruit. Yahzee seems to be content with a combo of polynesian-style roast pork and date palm wine, mixing in some fresh fruit as he communicates with the men answering their curiosities about weapons (without allowing others to handle his rifle though) and knives. At some point there's a bit of an arm-wrestling competition between Yahzee and one of the stronger young men, with the Navajo radioman in the end losing but only after a strong challenge.

Kappedal repeats this foreign word for 'skink', looking at the lizard. "~Thank you~" he tells Neysa. Gratuitously, but like Tavua advised, he's practicing! And then Tavua's talking about necklaces and bracelets, and he glances at Neysa's wrist and then a few other female wrists and necks. Which are perilously close to various breasts, so he promptly stops that. To Tavua, "They're really beautiful. Do they mean anything?"

Woods seems happy, soaking in the atmosphere. "Yeah. I could send them home or something," Or something. Oooo. Who knows? Maybe make Elly a hat? His parrot is chirruping away. The little red bird walks off his helmet, wobbling comically to his shoulder to inspect the company around her. Woods tries not to blush, after considering the necklaces. "This is really fun… I appreciate it."

Neysa holds up her bracelet when she notices Kappedal looking at it. "Pretty!" Then she grins at him. "You pretty." Subtlety is somewhat lost with the language barrier.

At Woods' comment, Anna looks up from sipping her wine and asks, "You lads get post?"

Tavua watches the Parrot warily, having had to wipe poop off his shoulder on more than one occassion. He nods to Kappedal, "They like wearing pretty things.." he says, as if it is a purely melanesian phenomenon.

"They are nice," Kappedal agrees, to both Tavua and Neysa at the same time. And then he blinks at Neysa. "I'm pretty?" His index finger ends up pointing at his own nose. "No, you are." It turns to indicate her instead, with an embarassed-looking smile. To Anna he nods. "Slowly, but yes."

Woods smiles at the exchange about pretty between Kappedal and Neysa. Cute. Elly seems to be on good behavior for now, and eyes Tavua back. Then promptly whistles her little tune at him. Thankfully she's not yet learned to wolf whistle or Woods' goose might be cooked. A nod at the mail question, "We do. I was thinking of asking for some citrus oil or citronella. Mosquites be-" There's ladies, "Darned."

That seems to require no translation. Neysa grins broadly, pleased as punch that Kappedal would say so.

Anna nods to the boys. "Grand." Though the word is said with little enthusiasm, and she looks sadly thoughtful. She rubs at her shoulder again, smothering a wince. "You lads want any more of the pig?" she asks abruptly, taking a step in that direction.

Tavua gives a bit of a smile as Neysa preens, winking a little towards Kappedal, "See?" he says, snickering a little as he turns to head off towards some of the other islander males, joining them in conversation.

"No ma'am, thank you," Kappedal tells Anna. He smiles again at Neysa, seeming pleased that the girl's happy, and then glances at the setting sun. "Are we to be back at sundown?" He asks Woods, unsure. He shifts a bit on his log seat, arm folded over his stomach still. There's a sheen of sweat on a face that normally doesn't sweat much, even in the jungle.

Woods grins even more. Daw. It's sweet. He waves to Tavua a little, smiling. "Good fellow." Even if all Woods can manage is a thank you. Elly's dark eyes seem to turn towards Annabelle for a moment, "Sure. I should grab a bite. I've been meeting people." And Yahzee's listens! He'll have a little pork, but only after Annabelle eats it seems. He looks to Kappedal, an d frowns. "Yeah. I'll finish this and we should get back. You'll sit down and have some water with me?" Promise? It's a quiet offer to let the poor medic rest.

Annabelle fetches some pork for herself and Woods, and then seems to notice Kappedal's pallor. "You feeling all right, mate?" she asks in mild concern. "Too much wine?"

Neysa, meanwhile, is not to be deterred so easily. She chatters something at Keppadal that Anna sees fit not to translate, but from the way she's practically throwing herself at the medic, it probably requires no translation.

Maybe it does, as Kappedal seems pretty dense. He offers Neysa a smile, but he's distracted by something now. Like: "…a little dizzy." He rubs his eye, clearing his throat. The back of his hand presses against his cheek, registering heat. "Need to change this dressing again, that's all, I think. Don't rush, Vince."

Woods frowns and shakes his head, "It's alright. I'll just take a bite and go." He smiles, "Thank you." A nod at Annabelle. "I think he's a bit tired still. He was hurt before," Polite enough not to comment that Kappedal might still be hurt. Elly is given the last shard of pomegranate. "We should get back," He murmurs. The little fellow can eat fast when pushed to. Ta da! Although, he tries to be polite about it. And he is. Just … fast.

Neysa looks a bit confused and hurt when her advances aren't reciprocated. She looks to Anna questioningly, wondering if she's doing something wrong. Anna makes an excuse in Melanesian that seems to placate the girl, but then steps forward to touch Keppadal's cheek with the back of her hand. Then his forehead. "You've got a fever, mate. We should get you back to the aid station." A glance to Woods, hoping he can help.

"I guess I do," Kappedal says, as to the fever. Ugh. He gives Neysa an apologetic smile, telling Anna, "Could you tell her she's been very kind, and I hope I'll see her again? I'll learn some more words before that, I promise." He sits forward and lethargically stands up, using his hands to push on his knees.

Woods nods, "Yeah. I'll go with you. I have to make sure one last time I'm not using my arm too early anyway." So at least there'll be company. He offers an arm for support to help make sure Kappedal doesn't fall over on the way. Elly raises one talon, tucking her beak behind a wing. Tired bird is going to chill after her meal, it seems.

Annabelle nods to Ben. "Aye, sure I will." She gives the explanation to Neysa, who just beams like Kappedal proposed marriage. Which maybe in her culture was the equivalent of what he did. She offers Ben a hand up on the other side. Neysa says something back and Anna tells Ben, "She says she looks forward to it."

Hopefully that's NOT what Kappedal just did, because his mother will have a fit. He grabs arms to stand up but then lets them go. "I can walk, I'm okay." Stupid pride. He waves a little to Neysa and, when they're ready, starts off.

Woods at least seems relieved Kappedal stands safely. Elly puffs up a bit and nestles in. He will walk then, with Annabelle and Kappedal, keeping an eye out, though it's apparent wine and food are settling in on him. "Alright," He smiles at Ben. "I'm glad I came out here."

Annabelle doesn't argue with Ben, mostly because she's not in great shape to be offering much support anyway. But she does watch him carefully as they start walking back along the beach. "Aye," she agrees with Woods. "The natives here are good folk, once they get used to you." Y'know, when they're not hunting heads and whatnot.

"It was nice," Kappedal says as they walk. He presses his sleeve up under the brim of his hat to blot the sweat sheen at his hidden hairline. "What did you teach them, ma'am?"

"Seems so. They like Elly too," He smiles up at the softly napping bird. Well, tries. She's nesting on his head again. Woods will keep an eye out for Kappedal too, blissfully unaware of any head hunting habits. Fortunately, the natives would likely have to stoop to get Woods' head. He's safe. He'll walk with them back to the Aid station, yawning a little.

"English and religion, mainly." One being a slight prerequsite to the other. Anna glances back toward the village. "Basic sums and such when I could." She looks over at him, "Still feeling dizzy?"

Aid Station

"A little," Kappedal tells Annabelle. Which may be an understatement; he doesn't look too good. He's not stumbling, at least. "You taught them to be Anglican?" New word, Fredricks taught him that one. "Are you anglican too, Vince?" The walk thankfully isn't long, dumping them at the aid station's entrance without hassle along the way.

Woods frowns as Kappedal mentions being dizzy. "Well, that's kind of you," A smile to Annabelle, even if Woods looks concerned now. "Huh? My family? Sort of. We've been pretty relaxed about it, admittedly," Woods blushes. In front of a missionary too! "But they went from England to New Zealand so-" So it SORT of makes sense. "But we figure if we go regularly, don't act like total jerks and things like that, it'll be okay. Being nice to people seems to be pretty important," And unfortunately most of Woods' family might not LIVE long enough to worry about it. It seems the fellow follows a liberal sort of Christianity.

Annabelle nods a little, still watching him with concern. Then she smiles a little, "Aye, of course. What else would I have taught them to be?" this is said in a somewhat teasing tone, given the whole purpose of missionaries. As they cross the threshold of the tent, Anna pads in, still barefoot. "Have a lie down, Ben." A serious look to Woods. "'Tis about more than being nice, mate," she says in mild reproach. She tempers it with a slight smile. "But you seem like a decent bloke." There will be no lapsed Christians under her watch, darn it!

Kappedal doesn't fight this notion of lying down, sitting down on a cot away from the entrance and then lying down. He's definitely feverish, his hand resting down over the bottom of his ribcage. "Dr. Fredricks said anglicans are like Catholics. Do you walk around with palm fronds and stuff too?" Someone's seen Easter processions. And obviously not understood them.

Woods blushes a little at admitting his family might lapse a bit. "Oh I know, I know, ma'am," He looks like he's been caught hand in the cookie jar. "Promise. But I think that's the biggest rule is all." He shrugs a little. Still, naughty Woods! "I'll have to brush up again sometime." He goes quiet, to let Annabelle answer that. "Um. Think we should have the Doc see him?" Woods frets, now.

"Palm fronds? Not usually," Anna replies with a smile. "Church of England has its roots in Catholocism, though it's since been Reformed. So I wouldn't say they're alike, really." She nods to Woods. "Aye, can you go and see if he's about please? And let's have a look at your side, all right?" She looks for permission in his face before pulling up his shirt to take a look at the dressing. It's a bit tough to do one-handed but she tries.

"Palm fronds? Not usually," Anna replies with a smile. "Church of England has its roots in Catholocism, though it's since been Reformed. So I wouldn't say they're alike, really." She nods to Woods. "Aye, can you go and see if he's about please? And let's have a look at your side, all right?" She looks for permission in his face before pulling up his shirt to take a look at the dressing. It's a bit tough to do one-handed but she tries. <re>

"Reformed?" Kappedal says. "I don't understand. You think Catholics are bad?" He's not opposed to his side being looked at, even if there's a hint of embarassment. The dressings badly need to be changed. They've gotten goopy. "You don't have to bother doc," he calls after Woods, uselessly. "It just needs to be cleaned, I'm sure." Feverish, he's lying on a cot with Annabelle and Woods nearby.

"Yeah, but out here, fever could mean you're gonna explode or melt or something," Paging Dr. Woods and Nurse Elly? Woods frowns a little, and wanders off to find Fredricks. He needs doctor bait really. A smile at Annabelle before Vincent wanders deeper into the aid station.

"Don't be silly, mate. You've got a fever, probably an infection." Anna doesn't spare him the gory details since he's a medic. She gives Woods a grateful nod as he wanders off, and then pulls away the dressing to see if the wound underneath is obviously festering. "I wouldn't say Catholics are bad, but the Reformation came about because there were some rather shady practices going on within the church."

Fredricks is in the far reaches of the Station, filling out paperwork. He's the one who gets the joys of filling out the forms that will start a process that ends with a letter Stateside. 'We regret to inform you…' The nightmares of the families back home.

The gunshot wound is doing its best to heal, but it's pink and inflamed now, the edges wet with drainage that's only part blood. But it's not at critical yet. Really all it needs is regular cleaning and re-dressing. Kappedal pushes his cap up off his head and against the thin pillow. "Do the natives like it? I mean…when you want them to be anglican."

"Doc?" Woods finds Fredricks after a bit. A nurse or two might eye that sleeping parrot atop his head warily. By now, Elly is on one talon, head tucked behind wing, dark eyes closed. "I think Ben's got a fever, he was kind of weak and dizzy. I haven't seen his wound but," The short marine frets a bit and frowns. "He's on a cot with Ms. Clark."

Annabelle examines the wound. "That's not so bad. Needs cleaned, as you said." She nods to his question. "Many do, and they convert. Some stick with their old ways, unfortunately." It's probably more skewed toward the some/many the other way, actually, but her mind exaggerates. "Do you wear that hat all the time?" she wonders idly.

Fredricks looks up to Woods. He blinks, listening, and rises, "Ben's-" He stops, and moves past Woods, "Alright, let's have a look. You're aware you have a bird on your head, right?" He says as he heads for the front where Kappedal and Annabelle are.

"Halacha says a man shouldn't walk more than four cubits without a hat," Kappedal mumbles, idly watching her examine the pissy injury. "Because God is always over our heads." He points at her cross. "Do you wear that 't' all the time?"

"Yeah, this is Eleanor. She's adorable, we're going to teach her to talk," Woods beams. It's weird, but the marine is happy as a clam with a pet bird. "But she got lots of fruit at the party and is sleepy now." Woods doesn't seem to mind the bird on his head. "We're kind of worried about Ben…" He admits and points out the cot.

"'Tis a cross," Annabelle clarifies, though obviously it is also a T. "And aye, I wear it just about all the time. What's a cubit?" she wonders, though she's distracted by the Doctor approaching. "Evening, Doctor. Ben here has got a fever and his wound looks just a touch infected." Anna still has her arm in a sling, so she's not really on nursing duty. She's just concerned.

Fredricks approaches, snagging a chair, and moving to Kappedals cot, sitting down to have a look at the wound. "Don't mind the bird, as long as you keep her out of surgical areas, and make sure she doesn't fly around in a Medical tent and needs to be chased, then I'll have to ban the creature." He takes a careful look at the wound, "When, exactly did this happen?" He asks, "The original wound, I mean?" He says, moving to get some supplies to irrigate, clean and redress the wound. He nods to Annabelle, "Ms. Clark, how are you feeling?"

"It's…" Kappedal lifts his hands a little, indicating a length of just under two feet. "About that." It's awkward not being able to lay your hands down on your stomach. His settle on the cot, elbows slightly winged out. Now to figure out her necklace. "Does God's name start with 't' in anglican?" He sounds puzzled. But his attention's pulled up and he winces at Fredricks. "Um. When we went on recon. But it wasn't bad, I cleaned it that night and everything."

"I know, I promise. I even left while people were dressing wounds," Woods promises. For now, Elly is asleep. Even a soft little snore and her feathers flutter. Phew. Woods tilts his head at the conversation. He lets Annabelle answer, not speaking for a moment. "I guess I should go outside now, if people are dressing wounds. I think my arm is good now," He smiles a little. "We'll be outside if you guys need anything."

"Little better, thanks," Annabelle replies to the doctor, though with all the activity of the day her face is beginning to show the pinched look of pain. She rubs her shoulder somewhat self-consciously, but then smiles a bit to Ben. "It's to remind us of Jesus." Clear as mud, but one thing you learn as a missionary is to not jump right to the sacrifice and murder. "It's sort of a long story, but I'd be happy to tell it to you someday." The faint smile is turned to Woods, then, as well, and she nods. "Thanks."

Fredricks mms, "I thought they acknowledged the prophet Yeshua in the Jewish faith, though they didn't recognize his works." He says, beginning to work on Kappedal, "The Recon, Yes, I recall, And why didn't you mention you were wounded yourself n the Triage report?"

"A 't' is for Yeshua? But why would you…?" Kappedal's really confused now. But Annabelle's promise to clear it up at some point mollifies him. "Okay." His blue eyes turn back up to Fredricks. "We had a lot of work to do and it wasn't bad. I didn't want to distract you." His expression grows slightly uncomfortable as Fredricks starts poking about. "I just forgot to clean it. I will from now on. I don't want all that…stuff." For a medic he's awfully skittish.

Woods and Elly are outside, enjoying a quiet evening it seems. Good times. They've gone outside before wound cleaning starts, just so there's no bird germs about.

"Yeshua?" Now they're both confused. But Anna just falls quiet when the doctor tends to Kappedal. She watches curiously for a moment, but then says, "I'm feeling rather tired. Unless you needed something, doctor, I think I'm going to have a lie-down myself." Not that she can be much help with one hand, but she offers anyway.

Fredricks mmhmms, "Self diagnosis. First mistake of any medical professional." He continues working, "Ben, I need you healthy, able to help the boys out of a hot zone. I want you to report on any injury. That includes yourself." He says directly. He then nods to Annabelle, "If you like, Ms. Clark, though I think you might find it interesting to check the back to find a Bible. I think the Private might find the New Testament interesting reading." He says and as he works, "Yeshua was a Jewish prophet, who in the course of his time claimed many unusual things, that the Jewish religious authorities of the time felt were too radical. and they convinced the Roman authorities of the time to have him put to death by the most severe method, Crucifiction." He continues to work, "The Church he founded, holds to his ressurection after three days, which proved his claims as the son of Yahweh." He pauses, "God in the common parlance. Which established the Christian religion."

Annabelle's brow creases at Fredricks' explanation. "I'll have a look. If there's none, he can borrow mine for a bit." She says it with only a trace of reluctance. Any chance for a convert, even if it means parting with one of the few things salvaged from the mission. Muahaha. "Rest well, Ben." She moseys off to her own cot to crash.

"That's not right," Kappedal mutters under his breath at Fredricks. As he falls asleep. Too bad.

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