From Dr Fredricks

Dear Miss Lowen

Things have gone as well here as can be expected. The campaign I have been tasked to has progressed well, and I have been keeping our boys as healthy as I am able. I miss you and our time together, though as per our arrangement, I would not be surprised if I got word of your social life proceeding of it's own course. I will again ask that you be direct with me if that is the case.

The place here is rather lovely, I can imagine that this was the kind of paradise once that drew many tourists. The beaches are worthy of many flowery words in a writers description. I have not found any Lovecraftian cults, nor am I going to be sending any bas reliefs of strange Island gods. (ha ha.)

Distraction and entertainment are at a premium here, so I would ask that if you can, please send any worthy fiction. I would also ask you to look for the following.

Dr. Powell's treaty on the treatment of tropical infectious diseases.
Dr. McKinzees works on Vascular circulatory integrity.
Dr. Wests works on cellular decay.

I'm also interested in your getting ahold of any works on the Gallipoli campaign of the Great War, specifically the ANZAC forces therein and the medical personnel who served there. Mention of a female Doctor working in that area would be appreciated.

Again, Gwen, I knew when we parted that there was every chance that when I returned we would not be on the same terms. Your protests notwithstanding I am prepared for whatever you might have to relate to me.

Yours in service to the USA,

Inbedded in this letter are a couple of encoded references that have been set up personally beforehand between Fredricks and Gwen Lowen, working as a nurse in Iowa University Hospital the references can be decoded as follows.

Lovecraftian cults- fighting is heavy here, Japanese forces.
Bas Reliefs- I am safe on the whole, though sometimes at risk.
Dr Wests works on cellular decay- We are winning, though with severe casualties.

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