Evil White Voodoo

Aid Station fun, Annabelle and Fredricks talk with Tavua

Fredricks was last seen in the Aid Station. Nothing's changed. He's in the back of the station, asleep, in a chair, face in a clipboard, smashed flat. Zzzzzzzzz.

Woods is resting peacefully, a pair of parrots also nestled on his cot. Woods seems to be content, although he wakes up slowly, eyes bleary. He rubs them and looks over, blinking at the doc with his face in a clipboard. "Mornin'."

Jenkins was also asleep. Though he wakes up suddenly, springing up into a sitting position as he does so. He wipes the sweat from his eyes with his unbandaged hand and looks around. "Did it get more crowded in here since I went to sleep?" He whispers hoarsely to himself.

Fredricks snorts, "Uuuuhh." His eyes open and he blinks, starting as he lifts his head, blinking and looking around. who's dying? Where's the blood? What? He rubs his face swallowing and looks at his watch. "Crap." He croaks, rising to his feet., "sorry, what?" More to the world in general.

"Are you alright?" Woods tilts his head at Fredricks, slowly waking up himself. He has to blink a few times. The birds seem to be peaceful at least. He seems a little concerned and pauses as Jenkins wakes up. Blink. Woods yawns, and shakes off the morning fugue.

Jenkins eyes Fredricks cautiously. He lets the rambling finish before he clears his throat then rubbing his eyes again. A glance at Woods, and a frown. He quickly follows up Woods' concern with. "Because if you want to sleep." He waves vaguely at his own cot.

Fredricks nods to Woods, "Fine fine." He says, moving to Jenkins, "Just woke up. How're you feeling, Jenkins? Let me have a look at your wounds." He instructs as he rubs his face and begins moving to look over the healingness of Jenkins owies.

Woods smiles a little. "Well, that didn't look too comfy is all." Woods sighs softly again, leaning back. He watches Fredricks and Jenkins for a moment. "Glad to see you both. Yesterday seemed like a bad dream."

Jenkins sort of shrugs, but sticks both arms out dutifully. " 's getting at me this. Be glad when I can get out of all this and do things with my hands again." He says. "Course I just have to look-" He stops, frowning. Listening to Woods he asks. "How'd you get that?" He'd gesture but his hands are stuck out.

Fredricks checks Jenkins wounds, and seems satisfied, "Well, you're healing nicely, Jenkins. I think you can return to Restricted duty, provided you come back in for regular dressing changes." He straightens and looks to Woods, "Let me guess, seems like your memories of yesterday were shrouded in a fog? Common for a concussion." He moves to Woods, "Like to look at the other wounds, if your passengers don't mind."

"Not just in that way…" Woods shakes his head. He smiles though, "That's alright. And it's fine." He looks to the parrots. A few blinks at Jenkins, "Get what?" He's got several bandages. He gently scoops up one parrot with his good hand, and sets it to his side. The other soon follows. "They'll be alright." A grin up to Fredricks. The birds are stirring slowly, but don't protest for now.

Jenkins nods to the doctor and mutters "Thanks Doc." He turns to look at Woods again, noticing the birds for the first time. He stares at the birds for a long moment, then. "Those, those bright birds. What do you call them?" He squints a little at them, having probably forgotten that Woods is riddled with bullet holes.

Fredricks begins unwrapping Woods' bandages, looking at the wounds. As he continues, he reveals more and more of the man, not rewrapping him at all. Leg, arm, chest, the bandages come off, revealing Woods, 2.0 however, no cybernetics, sorry. It's only the head that he rewraps, "Well, I'll be keeping you here for another day to keep things healing in your head, otherwise, your other wounds look good enough to be allowed to breathe."

"I think they're a sort of parrot," Woods replies. "Well, they ARE parrots. I'm not sure on the exact name, but they love fruit." Woods is still as Fredricks unwraps him. He's no longer a mini Mummy! He smiles, "Really? Thanks. I'm glad to hear that. You guys really know how to take care of people," This is intended as a compliment. Woods is a grateful sort. Likely he isn't quite aware of how close to being an Ex-Parrot he was. "Feels nice though, not to be all wrapped up." Grin. The birds are fluffing, waking up.

Jenkins doesn't take his eyes off the parrots as they stir. His view is blocked by Fredricks and his unwrapping. Suddenly he sees the wounds again, a grimace. "Yeah, I've spent more time here since we got here. Good people." He nods to Fredrick's back, and goes back to studying the breathing wounds.

Fredricks smiles, "Well, thank you. Doing our job." He straightens, looking down to Woods' wounds, nodding, "A little more bedrest and you should be back out there, the parrots annoyed that you're not being a nest for them anymore."

The parrots warble a little protest. Hey wait, where is their warm perch? Two pairs of wide, dark eyes look up to Fredricks. Woods thankfully, decides not to look down at the wounds. He doesn't care to remember or think on it, it seems. He just looks up to Fredricks and grins, "That's alright. They seem to like you guys too. Friendly little critters." He considers the birds himself. He looks thoughtful, then pauses. "Might wanna watch out or they'll nest in your hair too."

Jenkins is once again reminded of the parots. "How'd you get them to." He nods in the direction of the birds. He's up and sitting properly now, staring at the beady eyes. "Wander what they taste like." He muses, grinning manevolently.

Fredricks straightens, holding the gauze close so the birds don't get ideas about nesting material. they start unwinding gauze from sleeping men for a nest, the doctor WILL ban their feathery asses. He smiles, "I'll take a chance on that." He says, smirking. As he turns, he glances to Jenkins, "Pungent, I've heard it described as, have to be carefully prepared, or it comes out all wrong." He heads to the back to safely deposit the gauze.

"Not sure. Elly, the girl," He points to Elly. Woods remembers his baby! "Climbed in here and I went to get her. She liked me and stuck around. Must be the free food," A smile. Then his eyes go wide at the idea of parrot tasting. "… chicken?" He does wiggle a little closer to the parrots. "But don't eat these two. And if they get out of hand, we put them outside," Woods points out. "I think you'd have to ask the natives. Someone mentioned it once. I didn't really care to find out - weird to eat something you keep as a pet."

Jenkins holds his hands out in front of him. "I was just joking. All done experimenting after the snake." He makes a face. "Wet rations are far better than all this exotic stuff." Wait Woods had said something, his brow furrows. "She came in here? I couldn't go anywhere without having those things fly away from me." He stops to consider this. "Course I never tried to feed them."

Fredricks nods, "Woods seems to have a way with the parrots." Parrot Whisperer. "Pretty impressive." He runs a hand through his hair, patting down his oddly chaped hair, but the sleep creases are gone, "I'm thinking coffee." He nods, "Excuse me."

Like Aquaman, but less tights. Woods smiles. Then his eyes go wide, "You ate snake?" Stare. Shiver. Woods hates snakes. A lot. "Sure thing, doc." Smile to Fredricks. Then he looks to the bird. "She did. She climbed along the fabric. Her favorite is the pomegranates that grow here," Woods explains. "I gave her the last one I had yesterday. They like to eat hibiscus flowers too apparently. I was walking and pop! She nips off a blossom and eats it."

Jenkins nods to the Fredricks. "Sounds like a plan." Then he gawps at the birds again. "The look differant close up." He peers. "Clever." That with a frown. "Oh yeah the snake. I think I burnt it, but it was bitter and as slimy as hell."

Fredricks heads off, and puts over a pot of coffee, coming back, confident the smell will bring him back in time.

The birds peer back at Jenkins after awhile, with little dark eyes. They tilt their heads. "I think they're cute," Woods smiles. "Oh? Um, Garrett said snake wasn't too bad… I wouldn't know, I don't like snakes," Another little shiver. He looks to Fredricks, "Smells nice." The coffee that is.

Tavua awakens on his cot, yes, the native stayed the night, evidently convinced to do so by some medic, bribed with chewing gum maybe? He stirs, opening his eyes and sitting up. He rubs his injured hand with his other hand, looking around, smelling coffee, grinning a bit.

Jenkins stares back at the parrots, cocking his head to follow theirs, he's mesmerised. "Probably best to stay clear." He shivers a little but doesn't seem to notice, entranced as he is by the birds.

Fredricks smiles to Woods, "Sorry, I'd like to keep you off the caffiene while you're concussed." He looks to Jenkins as the man has his mind taken over by the black eyes of the parrots. Come play with us Jenkins… Forever… and Ever… Fredricks turns, noticing Tavua, and approaches, smiling, "Tavua." He says, gesturing to the mans gauze wrapped wounds and he takes some fresh gauze, to see if the man understands about changing dressings that the doctor seems interested in.

Woods smiles, noticing Tavua. "Hello Tavua," Woods greets him. The parrots follow Jenkins' head in turn, bobbing in amused unison. Yes, play with us. And rub our feathery tummies~ Woods smiles back again at Fredricks, "Oh… alright." He accepts it then, apparently having a great deal of faith in the doctor. "Maybe later then." Nod. He reaches over to scritch Elly. "It could be worse I guess." He's got parrots and pals here. Not bad! Aside from the whole concussion thing.

Annabelle comes back to the aid station, having left for a little bit to stretch her legs along the beach. She didn't bother putting her boots on but doesn't seem to mind. Seeing Tavua awake, she heads that way with a subdued smile for the islander. "G'day Tavua, Doctor."

Tavua looks a little groggy, bad sleep. He dosen't object to the doctor changing his dressing, though a curious glance is given to Woods and his little gathering of feathered followers.

Jenkins breaks tears himself away from the birds' eyes. At the mention of Tavua's name. He grins at the man then looks down to the bandaged hand, something inspires him to lift his own bandage bound hand up beside his face, he grins hapily at this then another voice. He peers at Annabelle, despite having spent all his time in the aid tent he doesn't seem to recognise her. Finally he decides "Missionary." under his breath, with a quick nod in her direction.

Fredricks takes a careful look at Tavuas hand as he unwraps it, looking at it with professional interest, he looks up at the sound of Annabelles voice, "Ms. Clark." He says with a smile, "How are you doing?" He inquires, "Could I trouble you for your skill in speaking with Tavua here?"

Annabelle looks over at Jenkins' remark, offering an uncertain smile at the greeting. It quickly turns to concern when Fredricks unwraps the bandage on Tavua's hand and she realizes suddenly that it's a new injury. ~What happened?~ A distracted nod to the doctor. "Of course. Will he be all right?" The hand wound looks nasty. She doesn't actually answer his question about herself, though the young woman looks tired. Her hair's combed, at least, thanks to the kit Fredricks turned up.

Woods and his followers peer back and smile at Tavua. Happy birds! They seem pleased with the world at the whole. Woods goes quiet, watching the work at hand. He looks to Jenkins, "Yeah. That's Mrs. Clark, or Ms. Annabelle. I think. I forget how that works. The parrot on the left is Eleanor, not sure what to name her beau."

Tavua looks at his hand, frowning. It didn't look too bad to him, but given the attentions of others, starts to get a bit worried. ~Eh, somethin bit me.~ he mutters, looking up to Annabelle and then to Fredricks, not wincing at all as the bandage is changed.

Jenkins winces and keeps his head down as Annabelle turns to look at him. He decides the birds are a safer proposition and levers himself off the cot, approaching Woods slowly, left hand out stretched. He winces again as he hears the Mrs bit, he's heard the rumours. "May I touch one of them them?" he asks cautiously, peering at the feathered things with surprisingly sharp beaks this close up. His hand drops maybe he's changed his mind already.

Fredricks tilts his head, "Well, that's part of what I wanted to speak with him about. He's going to be wounded often, working with us, and as he's an adult, he needs to agree to treatment unless his life is in danger and he's unable to respond. He hasn't seemed too interested into allowing treatment." He looks to Annabelle, "If he's more comfortable accepting medical help from you, that's fine, but I'd like to start a dialog with him so both of us understand our positions."

"Many of the islanders don't believe in our medicine. It's as foreign to them as their medicine men are to us," Anna explains to the doctor. She gives a slight smile to Tavua, but the undercurrent of concern remains on her face. "But I'm happy to help if I can." She asks Tavua then. ~You want doctor should help your hand?~

"Sure, just approach slowly," Woods nods at Jenkins. Elly lifts her head, to inspect Jenkins. She clicks and warbles gently. Woods grins as Jenkins approaches. The birds are curious. DUN DUN DUN! Elly will wobble over to the edge of the cot, uncertain of this new fellow. "They haven't pinched anyone yet, but people have been really nice to them."

Tavua gives a wary look to Fredricks as his intent becomes clear from Annabelle. ~No voodoo.~ he intones carefully, ~Bandages.. fine…~ he clarifies, but gives a point to the surgical instruments and medicines, ~But none of that…. witchcraft.~

Fredricks just holds Tavuas injured hand, listening to the man speak, then turns his head slightly, to listen to Annabelles translation.

Jenkins tries again, he lifts his hand slowly, extending his index finger to Elly's head height. He stops, his finger a bird's lunge away from her beak. "You know, something about how they look makes me think they understand us." His hands retreat a little. "You think I should apologise for that first?" He seems serious too, course it wasn't long ago since he found out the Japanese weren't little, lemon yellow monkeys.

Ooh! Ooh! New person! Not to be outdone in cuteness by Ellys, the boy parrot hippity-hops closer, looking up at Jenkins, tilting his head and chirping, ruffling his feathers a bit. He does a little dance routine, turning in clockwise circles, wiggling his feathery tail and warbling, putting on a show!

Annabelle gives Tavua an understanding nod. She's well familiar with the reaction. A glance up to Fredricks. "He says bandages are fine but he doesn't want medicine or anything else. 'Tis like witchcraft to him." Back to Tavua. ~Doctor not do anything you don't want.~ She is not so easily deterred, however, and kneels down next to his cot, slipping her arm out of its sling and peeling back the bandage to show him her own stitches. ~No voodoo in this. See? Thread hold skin like…" She struggles for an analogy, since natives don't usually fix holes in shirts. Finally she gives up and just says. ~Heal better.~

Woods grins at the dancing fellow now. "He's quite a little showboat," Woods comments. Adorable! Elly is cute in a quiet, friendly way. The female of the duo peers at Jenkins expectantly. Well, he's right there! Scritch meh! She waggles a little now. "I think she understands," Woods points out. "She'd like the petting though I think too…" A smile at Jenkins. He has to watch the duo both though, adoringly.

Jenkins stares at the performing bird, mouth hanging open. "You know, if we weren't so short of supplies I'd have shot at half a dozen of those." He confesses. "Could have hit one." He mumbles, regretfully. Despite that he aims a trembling finger at her chest feathers, stroking them lightly. "Soft as they look." He murmurs, both eyes now fixed on the parrot's.

Tavua grumps, ~Voodoo.. who sews up skin?~ he scoffs, ~And who would want to.. decorate.. with… that?~ he inquires, peering up at Annabelle, weird whitey, ~That must hurt a lot.~ he adds, though a little quieter, don't want to sound like a wuss!

Fredricks listens to Annabelle, and watches her speaking to Tavua, as he looks at the wounded hand, "This won't kill him, not if it's kept clean and bandaged, but it will weaken his swing. This is a simple procedure and even with your arm, you could do it, if he would allow it. I'm more concerned about the future. If he comes in with a life threatening injury? I will do something about it. I have to, as per the Hippocratic Oath." He says this in a quiet, even tone, but clearly. He listens to the exchange, "If you could.. relate that, so he understands it basicly, but most importantly, that I want to be honest with him so he and I understand each others position."

Annabelle gives a half-smile to Tavua's reaction, though it's tinged with sadness. "I'll try. Edward was always much better with this," she notes quietly to Fredricks. "You'll use medicine on him, though, even when he's clearly said he doesn't want it? Even to save his life?" But then it occurs to her that what he doesn't know might save him. One can almost see the hestiation leaving her face. ~Wound won't kill you, but will make you weak. Doctor can fix with sewing and medicine. Good as new. Medicine makes the hurting stop. Like palm wine.~

Woods goes a little wide-eyed. "They're pretty cute. Elly can say hello too," Although he does't seem angry about it. Elly coos and warbles. "Hello!" She replies. Her only phrase, but it seems to make humans happy. Aw yeah, scritchins! She is pleased as punch. Feathers are indeed soft. Woods is smiling and reaches over to gently scritch the boy parrot too, so no one's left out. "Did you keep pets at home?"

Tavua continues looking to Annabelle as he speaks, ~And the others? What will my family think if they see me in here getting…. stitched… I am not a basket that needs weaving.~ he protests, ~Once the tan-shirts leave, where will I be? No one would speak with me if they knew I let a witch doctor dig about inside me like he does with his own kind.~

Fredricks nods to Annabelle, "If a man comes in here with a life threatening wound, I will save his life. And if I have to drug him to do it, I most certainly will. If it's not life threatening, he can refuse it, and that's that."

Boy parrot warbles quietly as he gets scritched! Little eyes close, the bird hunkering down, bending his head forward to expose more of the back of his neck, mmmmm, scritchins! He settles down on Woods's lap, looking comfy and content.

Jenkin's finger darts away, making him wince, as the bird utters a word. "Now that ain't natural he mutters." This doesn't stop him from hesitently petting her again. He gives a one shouldered shrug. "Lucy had a dog, lazy thing wouldn't ever get off the porch. You're good with animals, not from a farm are you?" He half smirks too.

Annabelle shakes her head to Tavua, responding gently. ~Edward help many people in other village. Stitch and medicine.~ Let's not even go near surgery yet. ~When they see it help, they… ummm…~ She waves a hand for a moment to indicate she's searching for the right word before finally coming up with it. ~Understand. Think if they see you yet strong after many wounds.~ She looks up to the doctor, nodding her understanding. "I'm not sure…" She looks between the two of them uncertainly, wondering just how much of the doctor's comments Tavua understood on his own. "You really want to tell him that?"

Tavua listens to Annabelle, nodding slowly it seems with her arguments, ~I understand… I suppose I can live with that.~ he murmurs, ~I want to stay strong, be able to hunt when the tan-shirts leave… and help my people.~

Awwww. Woods beams at the boy parrot. He doesn't protest as the bird settles down on his lap, providing more scritchings gently. He looks to Jenkins. "Schoenfelt did that too," He grins. Elly warbles happily onces the scritchings continue. Excellent. They are training the hairless ones well! "Huh? Nah. Mom didn't really like pets. Dunno why these little guys like me." He admits and grins up at Jenkins.

Fredricks looks at Annabelle, then smiles, "Ms. Clark, I want him to know he has a choice for wounds like this. The rest of the men, they don't. They're Marines, they've taken their own Oath, and they'll be treated or they'll be Court Marshalled. The ones who won't give him a choice? The Japanese. They will kill him, and everyone else they can manage to, return to their base, eat a meal, and sleep well. If I have to drug him and perform surgery, and he wakes up and lives to hate me for it forever? I win. He lives."

Jenkins Maintains. "Well talking animals is just queer. Funny that. Course can't blame them, bet everyone else on this island's been trying to eat them." A grin at that. He keeps stroking the bird. "Funny sort of feeling stroking a creature." He admits.

Annabelle nods a bit to Fredricks, though he kind of missed her question. But it doesn't seem to matter now, since Tavua agreed. She beams at the native. "Grand," she slips in English, before switching back. ~I am happy. Want you stay strong. Doctor happy too.~ A glance up at the doctor, and she relays. "He says it's all right to use our medicine." Back to the native. ~Doctor say I can do it if you like better, but his medicine stronger.~

Tavua looks down at his hand, ~This isn't bad… just.. take time to heal up.. on its own.~ he murmurs, wiggling his fingers to show the others that it is indeed.. not all that bad.

Fredricks nods to Annabelle, "Excellent." At the finger wiggling, he nods, acknowledging the movement, pointing his own finger at the injured part of the hand without touching, "This could be stand to be sewn closed to prevent infection and heal faster, a few stitches, and just easy enough for any of the medical staff to do, if he chooses. It's not his dominant hand."

"There aren't many of 'em. She just mimics what she learns from us really," Woods replies. He grins at the eating comment, "Well, people and animals gotta eat… But don't count the parrots out yet, they're pretty clever." And those beaks can probably do a number in a pinch. Plus, they can chatter to each other and broadcast the word. Woods tilts his head, as Elly closes her eyes and sighs happily. Aw yeah. Woods keeps providing the boy parrot with little pettings too. "Really? I kind of like it. It's soothing."

Annabelle nods. "Aye, you're right." That sort of applies to both of them. ~Will heal faster if doctor sew, but you choose.~ She gives him a little smile. "No worries." She starts to cover her own wound back up again with the bandage, but of course it's easier to UNdo than to put it back. "Do you mind, Doctor?" She asks, motioning for him to take it.

Tavua looks to Annabelle, seeing her relative comfort with this odd voodoo priest. ~Ok.. if you say so.. but I don't want to watch.~ he insists, making a point of looking away and closing his eyes, very grown up of him!

Jenkins frowns. "Clever things, yes. Not worth killing." He tries patting Elly on the head. "But still animals aren't supposed to talk. How else do we know we're better than 'em?" He strokes absentmindedly as he mulls over that one. "Not saying it's bad, just strange is all."

Fredricks nods, "Of course." He says, and moves to reapply Annabelles bandages, taking a look at the wound on the womans arm, "Well, you're healing up quite nicely, you'll be glad to know." He then looks at Tavua once she's all buttoned up. "what's he doing?"

Annabelle nods, "Aye, thank you. You did a fine job." She smiles a bit at Tavua. "He said we can go ahead and sew his hand, but he doesn't want to watch."

Fredricks nods, "Ah, Well, I can give him a local, so it won't hurt." He rises, and moves to get the things.

Warblewarble. Elly's little eyes are blissfully closed up. One little talon even lifts up. Oh yeah! Woods is thoughtfully petting the little male in turn. "They don't really /talk/ I don't think, it seems like they learn to mimic noise. But I could be wrong. And besides, it's kind of fun I guess. Dunno if I'm better 'n a parrot, she's better at flying than me," Woods comments wryly. He has to close his eyes for a moment. All this perkiness does take a toll on a bruised brain. Phew. He opens them after a moment. "They seem to like you."

Jenkins gives the parrot a suspicious look. "It said hello." he says. "That's talking to me." He considers the idea for a moment, frowning, before coming out with a stubborn "But we're better." He moves down to stroke the bird's wings. "Everyone does." He replies with a wide, cocky grin.

Tavua keeps looking away, eyes closed tightly as if expecting the doctor to chop his hand off or something.

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