Dear Lucy

(by Jenkins)

Dear Lucy

I write this at sea. They've told us where we're off, after some airfield on one island or another. Good to know the trade they taught me will come in useful. Tell your pa that. Can't say I'm missing that other island we came off of, New Zealand, not enough people around, guess it'll be the same over at the new place. Boys seem alright though, we're all eager to see action.

How is the town? Any of the other men joined up? Bet it's quiet there without me. Missing you terribly, the food they serve on the boat aint nothing like the sort you and ma cook. Call into my parents place and tell them I'm doing alright. My pa will want to know 'bout this ship, aint seen an engine like it in my life, big thing, goes through fuel like no one's business.

Anyway this might be the last chance I get to write to you in a while, depending on how hairy things get. Remember me in your prayers, doing my duty and all. My love to you, my folks and your pa, hope I'm doing him proud.


The letter seems to have been written a sentence a sitting as the writing swerves from painstakingly neat to swerving up and down the page in the space of words.

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