Kappedal, Woods and Annabelle find Tavua in the village, but he is not happy to see them.

Kappedal beams a grin at Woods, dimples showing. He nods to Fredricks, looking back down at the parrots. "That's too funny. Hey Elly…" He holds out his hand, which is probably useless since he hasn't got a biscuit or anything. "Say 'klutz'. Klutz."

Fredricks smirks as Ben tries to mess with Ellys language skills. "Yes, I think the Captain might not appreciate himself being mimicked." He chuckles and turns to moves to a table, taking up a clipboard, looking to Roarke, "Hmm?"

Annabelle comes into the new aid station, but for once it's not her shift. She seems to be looking for someone. A slight smile is given when she sees the guys. She heads over to the gathered. "G'day, lads."

Roarke turns and looks at Annabelle. Ooo, someone with female genitalia. He slightly swoons but tries to hide it from anyone who might be looking. He finishes moving his chair and addresses Fredricks, "What were you guys saying about bired?"

Woods beams back and even grins after a moment. "Well, that or the profanity," Woods points out. The parrots are approaching. Their flight formation - move in for scritching and grooming. Battle plan: SET. They hop up towards his hands, each extending a talon carefully to test it. Elly peers as Kappedal repeats a word for her. He's got her attention. Woods turns and smiles at Annabelle. "Hiya!" Then a pause, "Byrd? Great guy."

Fredricks is of course, looking at Roarke, and blinks at the swoon. He takes a step toward Roarke, "Are you alright?" He asks, tilting his head to observe the man to see if he looks unsteady again.

Kappedal grins at Elly looking at him like that. Holding out his other hand for Frank to attach himself to, and he sits up once both are perched. Armed and ready! "There's a girl," he tells Elly. "Klutz, you can say that. Klutz. My mother would be so proud." He smirks, running a thumb along Frank's feathers, then looks up at the sound of another voice. "Evening, ma'am!" He's parrot-covered again.

Annabelle shifts a bit uncomfortably after that look from Roarke, but does her best to ignore it. She focuses her attention on the others. "I was going to go on to the village and see if anyone's heard from Tavua. Are you lads still able to come along?"

Elly is enrapt. She follows a curl and then… and then, "Klutz!" Just for Ben! She seems to like the man. Frank chirrups, eyes closing as the thumb runs along his feathers. Aw yeah. The two parrots are happily perched atop a Kappedal. This makes Woods smile, eventually grinning. Roarke gets a couple of blinks. "Yes'm. I've been asking for the morning patrol." Just to be sure he's about.

"Mazel tov," Kappedal tells Elly, grinning. Good girl! Then oh, Anna's talking, and his focus shifts. A quick nod. "Sure, ma'am. Let me uhm…de-parrot, here." He stands up, carefully, and starts herding the parrots onto a nearby cot.

Fredricks looks to the others, "wish I could, but I'll be rapped about the face and neck if I went into a combat area."

Annabelle nods to Fredricks. "No worries, doctor." More easily said than done. She looks worried. "All right if I take a few supplies?" She has a standard-issue marine satchel over her shoulder presumably for said purpose.

Woods smiles at Elly and Ben. Cuteness abounds! Frank and Elly let themselves get herded, warbling curiously. Likely, the parrots cruise around the aid station if not shooed off. Woods takes a deep breath, "I've got my gear. I'll be ready when you are." Nod.

Fredricks nods to Annabelle, "Just be careful, and if you can find out anything about Yahzees whereabouts or fate, keep it in mind. We're going to need to find out for certain. He -IS- a Codetalker, after all."

"Doc?" Kappedal picks up one of his travellin bags, stepping over towards Fredricks. He pulls the bag strap around his shoulder, motioning to Fredricks so he can ask something more softly.

Fredricks turns, leaning to Ben, to listen.

Annabelle nods, "Much obliged." She looks curious when Codetalker is mentioned but doesn't ask now, anxious to get going. She gathers some supplies, enough for a meager aid kid. Of course Kap has stuff too but you can never be too careful. That done, she goes to stand by the door.

Fredricks nods to Ben, "Don't worry about it. I'll handle that."

Kappedal mutters something to Fred and looks grateful at his reply. He turns around and starts for the tent exit, following Anna and Woods out. "We'll keep an eye for Yahzee," he promises the doc, and then he's off.

Woods looks pained at the mention of Yahzee. "Yahzee… hope he's alright," Woods frets a bit. He shakes his head, then smiles. "The parrots will help you if you need, Doc." He takes a deep breath and follows now, not wanting to keep them waiting. He offers a little wave before he goes.

Roarke obviously zoned out for a second and he looks up and says, "Hey, where is everybody going?" A glance around to see if there was perhaps a Jap behind them that scared them away.

Annabelle nods, remembering to say, "Aye, we'll keep an eye out." A look to Woods. "I hope they both are." She doesn't answer Roark's question, looking to Ben and Woods to see what they say. She opens the door and steps out.

Woods follows Annabelle, smiling and waving. Though it's apparent Woods is worried about something. "Just to check on some things," He nods at Roarke. "Be back soon.:

Fredricks moves to sit in a chair, watching the team leaving. He nods to them. "Be careful, I'll be ready in case of something happening, just get back here."

Kappedal fixes the twisted strap of the heavy aid bag on his shoulder, glancing up at the night sky before following Annabelle in earnest. Cause like hell he knows where they're actually going.

Roarke sighs as everyone leaves except for the doctor. Roarke nods to Fredricks in passing and stands at the door leading out to the airstrip.

Fredricks nods to Roarke, moving to start preparing a table for use, just in case.

Kappedal heads along over the airfield after checking his weapon, unbuttoning the flap that keeps it secure in its holster. "Why would Tavua go back to his village and not here?" He asks quietly as they go. He wasn't at the ambush, so all the drama is lost on him.

Woods follows along, and adds quietly: "Well, he never really took orders from us in combat. He may not have known where we went." Woods looks a little worried. "I wish… I spoke more of the language."

Annabelle shakes her head. "I don't know. I thought we had sorted things out between him and Doctor Fredricks about getting treatment in the hospital. Maybe he just got scared and went home." Or maybe he died out in the jungle, but she can't bring herself to voice the thought.


The Grid-----> > > > > THE GREATEST GENERATION < < <

Coordinates : 8 13

Few parts of this island are really the sort of place you'd like to go in peacetime - but this is one such place! A Pacific beach, dazzlingly bright in the sun, with the blue ocean beyond. When not marred by war or the need to find safe food or water to drink, this place is about as close to heaven as it gets. The tropical heat is such that the clear blue waters are more appealing than the scorched sands, however.

It is currently night time.

Sub-Rooms :

1. Hut

2. Hut

It's night time, the village is still alive though, fires have been lit as well as little tiki-torch-like torches, letting the adults of the village work. Most look to be finishing up for the evening, putting things away and making sure the children are in bed and safe. Tavua sits over by one of the crackling fires, leanining against a fallen log. There are several sentries about, what with the commotion as of late, all armed with Japanese rifles or machetes.

Woods is following along with Anna and Ben, likely either taking point or the middle to keep his eyes out. His Reising is slung over his back, easy to pull just in case. He moves silently, thoughtfully towards the village.

Annabelle leads the way along the beach to Tavua's village, spending most of the trip in quiet worry. When one of the sentries spots their less-than-stealthy approach and issues a harsh challenge, Anna calls back, ~It's all right. It's just myself, and a few of the "Yankee" lads.~

Kappedal understands none of the Melanesian, of course. His vocabulary's very limited. He stops as people begin challenging and answering, glancing at Woods and then back at the villagers. "~Hello~," he calls out, hesitantly. Hopefully he still remembers the pronounciation. Kinda.

The Guards look a bit suspicious, though they recognize Annabelle well enough. ~Leave the guns~ One of them retorts warily. They don't look too jumpy, just cautious, having heard the stories of the tan-shirts recent exploits.

"What're they asking?" Woods asks quietly. ~Thank you!~ He calls, apparently having learned the wrong word. He seems cheerful enough and smiles. Whoops.

Annabelle looks uncertainly to Woods and Kappedal. When Woods prompts, she remembers to translate. Duh. "He said leave the guns behind." She doesn't have a gun to leave, so she just starts walking slowly toward the sentry. ~We're looking for Tavua. We heard he was hurt.~ The worry is evident on her face. ~You seen him?~

Leave the guns? Cripes. Where? Kappedal glances behind him for somewhere to put his pistol, giving Woods a wary look. He pulls the firearm from its holster, putting the safety on and kneeling to put it down by a rock. "Ms. Annabelle," he says quietly. "Make sure they know not to let anybody touch these. They're dangerous." Nightmares of someone shooting themselves in the foot. Or worse.

The sentry nods to Annabelle. ~Yes, he in the village, by the fire I think.~ he says, gesturing with a hand to the village itself, a few hundred meters off. He dosen't seem too mind the missionary, his attention fixated on the tan-shirts, glowering.

"Huh? Um, ok…" Woods will set it down, looking a bit confused and wary. Safety on, and right near Kappedal's pistol. Why the glowering? Woods gives the sentry a rather pained look. What'd he do now? "… did I say something bad?" Woods asks quietly.

The look of relief is apparent. "He's here," Anna says, actually smiling a bit. That is, until she notices the way the sentry is looking at the marines. Her brow creases, but she chocks it up to normal native suspicion. "Some of them don't like outsiders." Maybe. She sounds unconvinced, though, since this guy is talking to her nicely enough. She nods to Kappedal and says to the sentry, ~You keep their gun safe? No one… umm…~ mess with. Hrm. Vocabulary gap. She settles on the literal. ~Touch. Danger.~

The sentry rolls his eyes, raising his own rifle, ~We know. No one will steal them.~ he states somewhat flatly, ~Tavua not in the best mood… mourning the loss of Jacob, he won't be happy to see them.~ he says, gesturing to the tan-shirts.

Kappedal stands back up, shifting his medical bag so it sits against his hip again. Keeping his hands out of his pockets, he starts after Anna once Woods has put his SMG down. "He is?" His voice brightens a little at the bit of good news. The rest of it is obviously lost on him. He's just sticking by the missionary.

"Tavua?" Woods perks up a little. He seems confused though, by the mixed signals and feelings. Did he say something bad? Is his fashion sense or breath offensive? Hmm, maybe it's his hair. A little nod at Anna's comment, "Sure. I guess…" He rubs the back of his head. They were nice at the party… Maybe he shoulda brought the parrots after all. He offers a feeble smile. Friendly, yeah?

Annabelle must've missed the rifle in the darkness. She looks a bit chagrined, and nods. Her face falls at the news of Jacob but she motions them on. ~We try not anger him. Thank you.~ She moves on, then, into the village, offering a slight nod to Woods. "Aye. He's upset that Jacob died." Her voice is sad at the mention of the other native.

Jacob? Who wha? Kappedal looks over at Woods questioningly, then back at Annabelle. "Jacob, ma'am?" He asks quietly as they move on.

"Oh… the young fellow who went with us when we got ambushed," Again, Woods looks pained. Deeply so. "He seemed like a good guy, I'm - I feel really awful now." His heart sinks into his boots, it seems. He was looking forward to meeting them again after, perhaps.

As the white people enter the village, the women scatter, scurrying into the huts, taking the children with them. Only the men remain, and even they don't look very happy. A deep silence falls over the villagers as they watch, Tavua not noticing them it seems, sitting by the fire with his back to the newcomers.

Annabelle nods to Woods. "Aye, him." She looks pained as well. "He was one of my students. He scouted for Edward." She blinks back tears as they move further into the village, looking for Tavua. She looks puzzled and a little hurt at the reception they're getting, particularly from the women. Approaching the fire, she calls tentatively. "Tavua?" She crouches down caddy-corner from him.

Geez. Woods sniffs himself. Not that bad, right? He looks sort of hurt. He looks down. "I wonder what's going on," He murmurs. Weren't they popular at the party? A wince, at the mention of Jacob being a student. "Ah…" He takes a deep breath. Right. "Didn't they like us before?" A headtilt.

"Oh. I'm sorry," Kappedal tells Anna quietly. He too seems a little baffled by the scattering, brows drawing a little bit. But his main focus is undoubtedly Tavua, as Anna spots him and goes to him. He doesn't get overly close right away, stopping on their periphery to let Anna have the first workds with the man. His blue eyes are concerned.

Tavua gives a bit of a start as Anna speaks. He turns and looks back at her, spying the Marines in the distance, "What?" he inquires, narrowing his eyes at the Marines before looking to Annabelle once more, ~Why did you bring them?~

Annabelle looks back over her shoulder at the marines. ~They worry about you. We all worry. Tavua, what's the matter? Why is everyone so angry?~ Anna looks genuinely baffled at the turn of events. Even as she asks, she surveys his injuries, those she can see from afar.

Woods blinks a few times. "Hi," He offers quietly to Tavua. His green eyes are also fraught with concern, so he stays still, not caring to look around for now.

Tavua gives a snort, ~They abandoned us. Jacob and I were attacking some japanese that were killing them from afar, we bravely attacked and almost killed them all.. and when we turned to look.. the Marines had fled, like cowards. They are only out to save themselves. they care not for my people, or our lives. This is our home, our island. They are invaders no different than the Japanese.~ he declares loudly.

Kappedal scratches at a mosquito bite on the side of his neck. Damn things love him. He slides a thumb under the strap of the bag that crosses his chest, blinking slowly at the loudness from Tavua. Which, of course, he doesn't understand.

Some of the other men have hung around. There's a hint of menace, but no overt action. They nod vigorously at Tavua's words, muttering a few phrases of agreement.

Anna is taken aback by the venom in Tavua's words. Her brow knits in a pained expression. ~Is that what happened to Jacob?~ she asks softly, for a moment forgetting to translate.

Venom need not always be translated. Woods looks a little pained, at Tavua. He opens his mouth to ask, but for someone who abandoned islanders, he certainly doesn't look or act like much of a conquerer. He glances around, and gives Kappedal a puzzled look, "Do you think we offended them?"

Tavua is glaring icicles, ~Yes. Jacob was a brave warrior, he gave his life so that I might live.. he would still be here if they had not fled like cowards. They are not warriors, they hide behind their clean clothes and guns and their flying machines, they are not warriors, I will not fight with cowards.~

"I…guess so," Kappedal replies quietly, uncertainly, to Woods. "I don't understand, did something happen between you when you fought the Japanese?"

A few quiet tears fall for Jacob, and Anna wipes them away. ~He was a good lad,~ she says quietly, the last word in English. Confused by the tale Tavua tells, she looks over her shoulder at the other two. "He says you lot ran away, left him and Jacob behind." Though she's obviously trying to give the marines the benefit of the doubt, there's just a hint of accusation in her voice, believing that Tavua wouldn't lie about this.

"What!?" Woods looks shocked, his eyes wide. "No! They didn't even follow us directly far as I knew. We didn't give them orders… Tavua doesn't normally take orders from us," He shakes his head. "We were ambushed, and chaos broke out. The officer leading us was killed, so were many of our rear and scout groups. It was hard to keep track of everyone," Woods admits. "The officer ordered a retreat before he died. So did I. We were surrounded, they had at least one machine gun. I never saw the natives after awhile, when we split up," Woods is trying to think. This was a painful time. "If I'd have known…"

Tavua hardly seems to acknowledge Woods's words, evidently the marine speaking too quickly for him to pick it all up. Given his manner though, the native draws his own conclusion. ~See? They run, abandon us. Jacob and I killed a machine gunner and many of his friends so that they could escape, and they do not even stop to offer a hand, they just… run.~

Kappedal watches Woods as he talks, gently rubbing his ear. His eyes shift back to Anna and Tavua. "If they were ordered to fall back, then they would have fallen back," he says, quietly. There's a soft exhale through his nose. "Twenty-five men went, only a few made it home. I just can't believe that they would have left someone on purpose."

Annabelle eases off at Woods' explanation. She nods to them both then turns back to Tavua. ~He said you… umm…~ She pantomimes splitting up using two fingers going in different directions. ~Different ways. They not know where you go. Many Yankees killed, only few come home. They not know.~

Tavua looks hardly convinced. "They saw us, we were with them. I told them we would take out the japs and that they should help. And we did, at least most of them before I was hurt.. and then Jacob saved me… when we looked for help.. the tan-shirts were gone. They didn't tell us to do anything. They were more confused than anyone. Even the lowest warrior in the village here can take charge if he needs to. Them tan-shirts… just… like a chicken with its head cut off.~

"Some people ran the wrong way… I tried to call out to them, but- Yahzee-" No, no, no. Woods looks pained. "If I had known, I would have gone back for Tavua and Jacob," He swallows. "I suppose an apology is meaningless," He seems quieter now. "We couldn't stay, it would have been suicide for /all/ if we had. I don't know if Tavua knew the hand signals I gave," He finally admits, "It's bad we had to retreat." Gloom. There's a little raincloud over his head now, if such a thing could happen.

"We should apologise anyway," Kappedal says towards Woods, quietly. 'We', he includes, even though he wasn't there. "The living have to respect the dead, no matter their way of passing or fault for it. It happened…we can't ignore it."

Annabelle looks torn, hearing the two sides of the story and not knowing what to believe. Also very sad. Finally she settles on Tavua. ~Your people good warriors. Yankees join fight slow, still learn.~ A typically Imperial view of the American involvement in the war. Better late than never. ~They good people. Want to make right.~ She nods to Kappedal. "Aye, mate. Not your fault, but I think it may help."

Nods to Kappedal and then says to Woods.

Tavua stands, somewhat clumsily given his wounds. He calls to a hut off to the side. A young looking girl peeks out, peering at the crowd, looking a bit scared. Tavua calms her with a few words, enticing her to step out. She looks to be about twenty, carrying a small swaddled baby, with quite the fluffy afro going. Hesitantly she steps to the edge of the porch on her hut, a small boy joining her, taking her hand as he regards the Marines with contempt. It is then tat Tavua turns to the Marines, ~Jacob's wife, son and daughter. He had a family, a new child just born. He will not be here to raise them, because of them.~ Boy he is upset, ~Words… do not bring back brave warriors and fathers from the dead.~

"I know. What I meant in that… is Jacob's still gone. I want to say I'm sorry many times," He admits. Woods frowns, and blinks as the boy and his mother come out. And … geez. The look Tavua gives provokes a frown from Woods. "But - I don't know. The whole thing went so badly," He shakes his head. He's quiet, perhaps either about to burst into tears or thinking of better words.

Kappedal watches this, eyes turning towards the woman and baby. There they stay, fixed for a few moments. No, he can't understand Tavua's actual words, but the situation is knitting itself together in his head. He draws a slow breath in through his nose, looking at Tavua and Anna. "Ms Annabelle, could you please help me. Translate something for me?" He'll wait for her consent before he says anything more.

Fresh tears spill down Anna's cheeks when Jacob's wife is trotted out. She's met the family before, but the angry grief on the young native's face is wrenching. She offers heartfelt sympathy to the young woman, before returning her gaze to Tavua. ~No, nothing can help that pain. Words still..~ She fumbles a bit, having a hard time finding the words in Melanesian for abstract concepts. ~True.~ She seems to know that wasn't quite the right sentiment. Hopefully it gets across. She nods to Ben. "Aye, I'll try." Woods gets a sympathetic look as well.

Woods nods, "I'd like … to apologize too, but I have to think of a good one. I'm sorry doesn't seem quite right," He admits. He looks sad, sympathetic and lost. Geez. Poor lady. Awkward too. "I'll be quiet for now."

Wifey Jacobs bounces her little baby, cooing down at it as she seems to be waking up a bit, warbling and squawking, kicking a bit. She rocks her gently, whispering soothingly, planting a little kiss on her forehead as she watches the Marines.

"My family is from Germany, in Europe. That's where I was born," Kappedal says. He talks slowly, not in the interest of patronising Tavua or making it easier on Anna, but because it's difficult to say this. "We're called Jews, we're…" he glances at Annabelle uncomfortably, then back at Tavua. "…a different people. The man in control of Germany right now, Hitler, he made laws to make us lose our jobs and our homes. My father and my brother, and my brother's family are still there. The last we heard from them months ago, Hitler was…destroying our churches and burning our homes. Killing us." He clears his throat quietly. "I thought that when America joined this war we would go there and fight against that, but we haven't. We're here. I know I have to do this, and a lot of it is for my people over there. For my family, who I don't know if they're alive or dead anymore. The Marines who died here still, in my heart, died for my family. And…it's the same for Jacob. He died for my family and to my people that /makes/ him my family, and for that I'm sorry. I'm grateful as I can't express, ever, and I'm so very sorry. It doesn't bring him back but I won't forget. I won't stop fighting for them and I won't stop fighting for him."

Annabelle gapes a bit at Ben. As much for 'you want me to translate THAT' as what he actually said. She does her best to get the words across, but some things just don't translate well into Melanesaian - jobs? laws? Jews? The first part is fairly well muddled, but she does better with the end. ~Jacob die for my family, that makes him my family. I am very sorry, and very much thank him. I fight for him.~ On Woods' behalf, she motions to him and says, ~Vince sorry too. Very upset.~

Annabelle adds, for Ben, "I'm sorry, my Melanesian isn't good enough for all that, but I think I got the gist of it across." She hopes anyway. "And I'm sorry, for your family," she says, more quietly.

Woods is quiet now, looking rather serious. He keeps his eyes to the ground, when not glancing up. And he DOES have to glance up to see faces.

Tavua seems to understand at least a little, the concept of jews, germany and hitler are completely foreign to him. A glance is given towards Jacob's family, seeing the wife nod just a little. Tavua looks a little unconvinced. ~She accepts… but I am wary. My people are wary. The trust has been broken… words cannot fix what has been done.~ he states flatly, ~We are not mad… anymore… but…. we lose many of our men to your war. And we cannot replace them like they can with their boats. When they leave, we will have to pick up the pieces, and we cannot do that if all our fathers and brothers are dead.~

"All I can say is hello and thank you," Kappedal says back to Anna, awkwardly. "I can't complain." Her apology about his own family draws a little head motion that's like a cross between a nod and a shake, his focus on Tavua and the others. Once the man speaks he looks back at Anna.

Annabelle nods slightly back to Ben, wiping away the tears once more. She listens to Tavua, then relays. "Jacob's wife accepts your apologies. But he says they lost… they don't quite trust you, us, any more. Many of their warriors have been lost in the war." To Tavua, she nods. ~We understand. But do not forget that Japanese attack first. We lose many fathers and brothers in war also.~ And husbands, but she doesn't say that aloud. Just in the pained look that accompanies her quiet words, with a glance over at Jacob's wife.

This is fairly devastating news. Woods just seems to be losing pals left and right thanks to that ambush. His face twists. "I see. I'm sorry. That's very sad. I was honored to call them friend at least once then, and will always remember enjoying their company. I would like to be friends, but I suppose I understand." He understands, he doesn't WANT to, but he does. "I feel bad the Japanese attack them too." A headshake.

Kappedal makes a deep bow of his head towards Jacob's wife. He glances at Woods and nods, then looks back at Anna and Tavua. "We wouldn't have come here if not for the war that the Germans and Japanese started. There will be war until we defeat them. That's what we're here to do. Win this war so that no more of their people or ours have to die."

Tavua remains stern. ~Our chief is old, he will not be around for long. I am the next to be Chief… to lead the village and perhaps my people.~ he explains, ~Time may mend the wounds, but not all. A warrior is only as skillful as his prowess in combat, and his honor. I doubt the honor of the tan-shirts, and their skill in battle.~ he sighs a little, ~We must mourn the loss of our brother. The tan-shirts do not know how to fight on our island, they fumble about in the forests and the swamps, make loud noises, they are not good fighters. They blunder into the enemy, and are not brave in the face of them. Until they have proven themselves to us, we will not fight alongside them.~

Annabelle nods slightly to Kappedal. "I'll tell him." She listens to Tavua, mouth drawing into a thin line. This is not good news. She holds up a finger to indicate that a reply is forthcoming then asks the marines, "What did you lads do before the war?"

Woods pauses, "Huh ? I was a student." Woods blinks, looking a bit surprised. "Was going to go to college and study chemistry or engineering." Which might translate to 'Woods will still find a way to get his sorry backside blown up'. For now, he just looks confused.

The question catches Kappedal a little off-guard too. Surely Tavua didn't ask that, himself. "I was an orderly. New York Downtown Hospital."

Annabelle nods to them both. "Thanks. I, umm… I'll explain in a moment." There's only so much her brain can handle at once. She looks back to Tavua, then. ~Your people are hunters. Warriors. Before war, Vince was student for…~ How does one translate college? Or engineering? Hrm. She handwaves that part and just leaves it at student. ~Ben help doctors. Yankees not warriors. No jungles in Yankee land, far far away. They ask to come here to fight. That is brave. If you help teach them, they learn to fight better here. Protect your land from Japanese.~ Only then does she translate what Tavua originally said, back to the marines. "He says they don't want to fight with you any more. Because they think you ran away and, umm…" she's reluctant to say the last bit, but does anyway, "didn't fight very well."

Tavua remains silent, ~No forests.. of course there are no forests, they come from the ocean, there are no trees on water.~ he insists, the most education he's ever received is a little bit of english and reading the bible, no America in the bible!

Woods smiles a little. An orderly. Huh. He just kind of nods at Annabelle, "Sure thing." He accepts this answer, although he's puzzled as all out. He doesn't understand a word of what Tavua says, he simply peers at the fellow.

Kappedal is not a marine, darnit. "Because they retreated from suicide?" He asks Anna. "Tavua's been with us when we've won engagements, hasn't he? Thanks to his help, no small bit. He makes us better warriors. And if the Japanese win this island…" He glances at the huts behind Tavua, then back at Anna. Yeah, big burny.

Annabelle just nods to Tavua's point, not really wanting to get into the finer points of American geography. She nods to Ben. ~He says they better warriors if you help. If Japanese win this land…~ Hopefully Ben's pointed look at the huts is conveyed without translation. She looks back at the marine and Navy corpsman. :) "Maybe it would be best if we left him alone for a bit, to calm down."

"… I only wish I'd been able to tell the natives we were retreating and to help them out too. I wasn't really in charge, but the Officer'd been shot," Woods admits quietly. He takes a deep breath. "But Ben's right. Tavua's a great fighter." A nod. He just closes his eyes for a moment.

Tavua crosses his arms, ~If they want to learn, I will teach them. But they seem happy enough in their own way.~

Kappedal is so not a diplomat. "Guess it'd be useless to offer to at least look at his wounds before we go, wouldn't it." His blue eyes flicker to Tavua, then back to Anna. Poor lady and her poor brain.

Woods is sadly, neither a diplomat. "I guess. Don't want to annoy him," Woods admits. He rubs the back of his head, looking sheepishly.

Annabelle is not a diplomat either, and the strain of the translation - not to mention the sad situation itself - shows on her face. Woods gets a sympathetic look. "I'm sure you did all you could, mate." She nods to Ben. "Aye, I wouldn't push it. I think he'll be all right. He says that he's willing to teach you lot how to fight in the jungle." Their own technical advisor. Woot! To Tavua, ~They say you are a very good warrior. They have much to learn.~

Tavua nods, leaving it at that then as he turns to lower himself back to his seat, adding a few logs to the fire to help it grow a little more, keep the chilly wind off maybe.

"I can't speak for all them," Kappedal tells Anna. "But we could pass it along." He's not really a combatant himself, technically. Even if the Japanese have shown a taste for shooting at the red cross on his helmet. He reaches over and lightly claps Woods' shoulder, then lowers his hand. "Yes, we should go. Fredricks is covering for us if Christie comes round, and it's nearly time for his rounds. If you want to come back though, Ms. Annabelle, be glad to help."

Woods smiles at Ben at that. "Well, if it helps… I guess I could learn a few words, like run, fight or move and hopefully it won't happen again," He offers. "That sounds nice," He nods. "Thanks, Tavua." He seems relieved. Even if he can't win the friendship he knew briefly at the party back, it's a good start. Although, admittedly, the parrot was the main draw! "Yeah. I would be glad to help too if you wished to visit again." Nod.

Annabelle nods a few times. "Aye. Thanks, lads." She looks back to Tavua. ~We go now. I hope you will come to "clinic" to talk again.~ If not she's sure to be back. She rises, brushing some dirt off her pants. A few quiet words are exchanged with Jacob's widow before the young woman seems prepared to leave.

"~Thank you~" Kappedal says in melanesian, before they turn to head out. It's the only other word he knows, thankfully it's apropos. He waits for Annabelle before heading back to collect his pistol.

"~Thank you~," Woods adds. He will wait too, and eventually re-gather his Reising.


The Grid-----> > > > > THE GREATEST GENERATION < < <

Coordinates : 6 12

The airstrip itself is an artificial creation - hacked out of the encroaching undergrowth by the efforts of Japanese engineers at first using nothing but strong arms and sharp tools. Later on in the campaign SeaBees using heavy machinery manage to make the place a little flatter and a little more civilised.

A few ramshackle buildings have been erected around the airstrip. Among them was a storage building that now serves as the aid station. The structure consists of metal sheeting attached halfhazardly to a wooden frame. The roof is covered with palm branches, and there are large "windows" on either side to allow a cross-breeze. Cots line the walls, with a small surgical suite curtained off in the rear.

Annabelle is quiet on the way back, a sad pall lingering.

Fredricks is in the Aid Station, reading a comic, sitting beside a prepped Medical table, ready for someone to get drug in missing pieces.

Woods is quiet too, looking a little guilty. He doesn't seem quite as sad as before, though - perhaps hopeful.

Kappedal slides his pistol back into its holster as they get close to the airfield, snapping the top shut. He's been quiet too, most of the way. "Sorry, Ms. Annabelle," he says, finally. For what, exactly, isn't clarified. Maybe a lot of things.

No missing pieces, it seems, as the trio returns. Just a bunch of long faces. Anna slants Ben a confused look. "Sorry for what? Not your fault, aye."

Fredricks looks up as the group approaches, rising and looking the lot over, "Well, any luck finding the boys?"

Woods shrugs, "Just - feel kind of bad about it. Wish I'd've known. Suppose hindsight is always claer." He smiles weakly. A look to Doc, "Just Tavua." He has mixed feelings about this apparently.

"Not fault, just…" Kappedal waves a hand uselessly, indicating around them. "Everything. I'm sorry all this has happened. To you." He smiles a bit at Vince, then nods to the doctor at Woods' words, heading off to get some cups of water. Hot out there.

Annabelle looks down after Ben's words, shaking her head slightly. "Thanks," she says, feeling it inadequate. Fredricks' question makes her look back up, guility. "Oh, blast, I completely forgot to ask about Yahzee. I'm sorry. We didn't see him though," she offers lamely. "Tavua's very angry about what happened to him and Jacob. He said his village wouldn't fight with the marines any longer." The five second version of what seems from her expression to have been a very exhausting conversation.

Fredricks blinks, listening, "He's angry. He got left behind I'm assuming." He nods, "Alright." He considers, "so they're going to remain neutral in this?"

"Neutral as one CAN be. The Japanese don't seem to respect much," Woods points out quietly. He smiles back at Ben. He nods, "To a point. The natives never really took direct orders from us - he sort of did his own thing. I don't think he realized we had given the order to retreat or that he even cared for such an order."

Kappedal returns with two cups of water, putting one by Annabelle and one by Woods. He sits down by where the big green pack marked 'KAPPEDAL B' sits on the floor, unzipping the side pocket and tugging his kippah out from it. Off comes the heavy helmet. "He said he might offer to teach how to jungle fight and stuff…I guess that's sort of good," he mumbles as he tosses his helmet onto the cot.

Annabelle nods slightly. "He implied that he and Jacob were doing rather well against the soldiers they were fighting. He didn't think there was reason to retreat. Given what Vince described, I think maybe he didn't have the whole picture." She shakes her head. "It's all a blasted mess," she says sadly. "Oh, thank you," to Ben, and she gulps down the water. She looks to Fredricks then, "His village, anyway. I doubt it's true for all of them. Many of the other villages resent being forced to work in the Japanese labor parties. They've been happy to work as scouts."

Fredricks nods, listening, "Yes, I suppose the whole picture isn't exactly something that he has the language skills to get on the fly." He sighs, and shrugs, "Oh well. He and his people aren't soldiers. Tavua is a fighter. That's vastly different."

"He didn't, really. They'd come from behind us and the sides, we were surrounded and heavily outnumbered. The officer with us was killed, so it all fell to pieces," Vincent shakes his head. He smiles, and looks to Ben. He doesn't seem to mind the kippah or probably supposes it's just a cool hat. Who is he to judge a man and his hat? "Time may heal the wound, it's hard if you've just lost someone. I just hope- they are left in peace," By the Japanese. A shrug and Vincent looks over. "It's alright. To be fair, we did get kind of scrambled after our leader died. But… what happened happened," He pauses. "Did Elly and Frank behave?"

Kappedal hehs. "If they won't help and the Japanese slaughter them all, that'll be our fault too I bet." He shakes his head and reaches behind his dark hair, clipping the kippah in place. "If they spent the energy hating us on hating the Japanese this would be a lot easier."

Annabelle frowns a bit, looking unhappy at some of the comments. "I suppose we'll see." Setting her cup aside, she says, "Thank you for escorting me, lads. If you'll excuse me." She offers no explanation for where she's going, but ducks her head a bit as she turns toward the door.

Fredricks points to a couple of feathery lumps perched on top of a cabinet, sleeping solidly. "They've been boring." He nods, "Tavua doesn't understand that his choices are us or getting enslaved by the Japs?" He looks to Annabelle. "Take care, Ms. Clark." He says, tilting his head slightly.

"I hope not," Woods replies and winces, seeing ANnabelle frown. He smiles seeing the feathery lumps sleeping atop the cabinet. "Probably tuckered out." A sigh, "I doubt it. But if he keeps that katana…" It won't go over well. "I don't know. We'll see how it goes," He waves as Annabell goes. "See you. Guess I should get back to being useful soon."

Kappedal doesn't seem about to apologise to Annabelle. Nor say anything else for the time being. He stands up again, turning around to one of the windows and folding his arms on the sill, shoulders tense. Plane. ROOOOOOAR.

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