Back To The Mission

Tavua and Anna go back to bury the dead.

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Kappedal brings the empty basin back inside, kneeling down and pushing it under a table. He stands back up carefully, mindful of stitches, and sits down on the edge of a crate, picking up a mess of gauze that got knocked over during the bombing and starting to re-roll it.

Tavua is, well, snoozing outside as he usually is. The barely clad islander reclines outside the aid station, a good way away so as to not cause any trouble or congestion, resting beneath a palm in the sand.

Mildred is advancing upon Slayback, a length of tubing in her hand. "Roll up your sleeve and make a fist," she says in a tone that brooks no argument. Around on other cots are two men awaiting the doctor for surgery and a third with heavily bandaged arms who are all asleep now that the bombing excitement has wound down.

Slayback nods and rolls his sleeves the rest of the way up. He removes his hand from the hilt of the knife and clenches his fist tightly, pushing the veins to the surface.

Annabelle has been mostly keeping to herself since arriving from the missionary station. She's wearing the borrowed marine uniform Woods got for her, the too-big sleeves rolled up to mid-forearm. After a brief look around, she heads for where Tavua is snoozing. "Tavua?" she calls quietly, not wanting to wake him up if he's well and truly asleep.

Mildred ties the length of tubing around Slayback's arm and starts rubbing at the inside of his elbow with a cotton ball and alcohol. "Good man, spirit of the corps and all that. Your friends will be proud," she says as she connects the needle to a longer tube, and that to the glass jar.

Woods neatly sets the box down. His eyes are wide at the needle affair. Especially once the man reaches for the stiletto. "Oh, are you? Well, that's nice of you," He seems curious, trying to mouth what's going on. He goes quiet though.

Tavua opens an eye as he hears Annabelle calling to him. He sits up, smiling up at her, chattering a little in his native tongue, a greeting no doubt for the missionary woman.

Kappedal watches Slayback and Mildred for a time, then turns his dark blue eyes towards the tent exit and the daytime sun streaming in. His hands keep rolling fabric, attention occasionally going down to what he's doing.

Slayback smirks and makes a joke for the folks in the tent, "Y'know, when I give blood I usually just ask for a handgun and a bucket." He snickers and waves to Woods, "Hey, Kid."

Annabelle gives a weak smile back Tavua. It's not that she's not happy to see him, it's just been a rough few days. "G'day," she greets in English, then switches to his language. "~~Can we talk please? Need your help.~~" Her Melanesian is pretty decent, so long as she sticks to simple concepts.

Mildred's small hands tap at the vein in the marine's arm, helping it to the surface before she slides the needle in. She ties it down with some cloth strips before releasing the tubing and watching to make sure that it is flowing down into the jar. "We'll try it this way, this time. Less mess. Right? Now have yourself a bit of a lie down. Keep that cot from escaping while I type this."

Tavua gives a little nod, patting the sand next to him. ~Come, sit~ he offers, scooting a bit to make room in the sand as he looks up at Annabelle.

Annabelle gives the native a grateful nod and sits down on the sand beside him. In spite of having asked to talk, she's silent for a long moment. Gathering her thoughts probably. Finally she says, ~I need go back to the mission. Have to…umm…~ Her vocabulary fails her, and after a moment she pantomimes digging in the ground. ~Edward and Reverend, rest.~ She looks over at him plaintively. ~Will you help please?~

Kappedal is still simply watching the outside from where he sits on the crate, one leg pulled up under him. SHadows pass, people go in and out. When he finishes rolling up the tangled strip of gauze he sets it down by his leg and gently adjusts the brim of his cap.

Slayback winces slightly as she pricks his arm. He just nods to the nurse and lays back in the cot, "So, what's Anna talking about over there?" He can only spot the two just outside the tent.

Roarke heads off East.

Woods nods, at Slayback, "Hey. How're you?" He grins a little. A polite smile at Mildred, "Hello, ma'am." He doesn't watch as the needle goes in. Needles, eeee. Woods shrugs, "Dunno. Wish I knew. But it seems rude to ask, they seem like old friends." He tilts his head, "You want to talk while you guard the cot?"

Tavua gives a nod in response to Annabelle. ~I can help.~ he says, in his own native tongue, conversing with the missionary. ~We go later? darkness better, less chance of a patrol or botherings of the young ones.~ he adds, pointing to the marines.

Mildred nods at Woods, finally seeing his return. "Thank you, private," she says with a somewhat more friendly smile. "Do try to keep it down boys, we've got a couple in a bad way." She turns and moves towards the table to get the bloodtype of her volunteer figured out.

Slayback nods to her, "Yes ma'am." A wink to her. Oh, the older ladies love Lars. He looks over to Woods, "Oh, sure. You got something you need advice about, eh?"

Kappedal watches the ground, where the wall of the tent meets the dirt. He finally stands back up, stiffly, leaning down to snag some bloody cloth or other that someone dropped. Hands laced behind his head then, he paces a little bit.

Annabelle nods to Tavua, looking rather relived. She was afraid he'd say no. "Aye," she answers. ~Dark better.~ If the prospect of traipsing around the jungle in the dark bothers her, she doesn't show it. Her expression is resolute. ~Thank you, Tavua.~ She gives him a grateful half-smile.

… Skipping over various RP in the aid station that will probably be in another log. …

Annabelle offers a polite nod to the returning doctor, but stays out of the way. She's distracted, though, by looking out the door and noticing that the sun has gone down. She steps out of the tent and looks to see if Tavua's still sleeping under that tree.

Fredricks listens to Kappedal, looking to the ground a few feet in front of him, nodding, "Alright." He looks to where he's pointed, "Private Yahzees liver then." He sets down his bag and moves to start scrubbing, thinking, "Sounds like quite a tally."

"Aye, sir," Kappedal says, tone on the verge of apology. He looks over as Annabelle leaves, watching the back of her head, then steps past Fredricks to grab antiseptic and some other supplies.

Tavua is standing but a few feet away, but the native scout is rather difficult to see. It's not racist, his dark skin just makes him very difficult to spot, probably a reason he declines wearing shirts, long pants, hats, or wearing anything overly noisy! He makes a little whistling noise, trying to beckon Annabelle over.

"Aye, sir," Kappedal says, tone on the verge of apology. He looks over as Annabelle leaves, watching the back of her head, then steps past Fredricks to grab antiseptic and some other supplies. There's a brief look at Slayback, a slight shrug.

Slayback spots Tavua beckoning the young lady over. He decides to investigate further…it's not that he doesn't trust Tavua…he just hasn't grown to know him yet. He proceeds to try and sneak around the back of Tavua and find cover.

Annabelle is mildly startled by the whistle, but purses her lips in a nervous half-smile when she sees the native there. She steps over, giving him a brief little nod. ~I'm ready,~ she says to him in Melanesian. At least this time she has boots.

"I'm not weird," Woods pouts a little again. "It's a very cute bird," He smiles. Woods is a gentle critter, admittedly easy to amuse. His grin grows though, on seeing the birdie respond happily to the patting. "Oh, you're precious. Are you someone's pet?" He considers, peering at the lil parrot. "Um. Is it ok to have the bird in here?" Woods asks quietly, of any medical staff who will answer. "If not, I'm gonna go outside…" And pettings will ensue.

Tavua gives a curt nod to Annabelle. ~We go then.~ he says, the native is not fooled by the clumsy Marine snooping, merely turning to lead Annabelle off to the west.

Slayback stops the group, not in a rude fashion, just inquisitive, "Sorry but, where are you two going?" He just stands casually in front of the two people. Heck, he doesn't even have his gun…must be going soft.

Fredricks goes into Yahzees chest, working through the blood, and comes out of it saying, "Alright, we'll have to see how he does for a bit. Keep him monitored, and I want a status report on him if he takes a turn for the worse." He says, frowning, not pleased with how it went.

Annabelle is surprised when Slayback steps in front of them. "'Tis not your concern, mate," she tells him tersely. "Excuse me." She tries to step around.

Tavua goes to follow Annabelle around the snoopy Marine, saying nothing.

Slayback raises an eyebrow at that and just lets her step past him. A shrug and he turns to her and says, "Would you two like an escort or something? I'm assuming you're going to the mission house and that's pretty deep in the jungle."

Kappedal shrugs at Woods. "I don't think it's too bad, long as it's not sitting over someone. Have to ask Doc." He grins at Woods just a little, most of his attention on getting Fred's things ready for surgery. As the man plunges in, he can't help but stand there and stare into the poor guy's chest. "Aye, sir." Status, right. Pulse, breathing, check.

"Well, if you guys are about to work, I'm gonna sit outside," Woods grins back. He seems to grasp the idea of clean conditions and wanders outside. He keeps cooing to the bird and gently scritching it. He notices Slayback and pauses, "Hey! Wanna meet my parrot pal? He's pretty keen."

"That won't be necessary," Annabelle replies, tight-lipped. "Thank you for your concern." She nods to Tavua and keeps walking.

Tavua continues, well, following Annabelle quietly. He dosen't look overly nervous, out for a walk in the park as far as he is concerned.

Slayback sighs and nods, "Alright. Tavua, you keep her safe." He knows it probably doesn't sink in to the native's brain but he says it anyways. He slips his hands into his pockets and looks up at the stars before glancing over at Woods, "Is he now?"

Tavua heads off West.

"Thank you," Anna offers over her shoulder when Slayback says that. But she keeps going. Once they've left the beach, she looks to Tavua. "Suppose he meant well," she comments, as much to herself as to him since she says it in English.

Tavua dosen't seem to respond to Annabelle, only knowing a handful of english words, mostly stuff he picked up from the Missionaries and light conversation with Marines. He knows the big words, no, go, jap, stay… all that. He continues trudging up the sand, remaining silent, whatever footsteps he does make are washed out by the roaring surf.

Sneaky, the lanky young woman is not, but Anna nonetheless does her best not to sound like a herd of elephants tromping through the brush as they venture deeper into the jungle. She walks along in nervous silence.

Tavua leads Annabelle successfully to the Mission, be it so haunted. The Islander pauses just at the edge of the clearing, already a little overgrown. He waits several moments, trying to detect the presence of Japanese or others, namely the absence of animal chatter or anything that strikes him as odd. After waiting, he figures it is clear, motioning for Annabelle to join him as he begins walking to the mission house.

Annabelle waits at the edge of the jungle until Tavua declares it clear, and then starts walking towards the house. She stops about ten feet from the door, nerve failing her for a moment.

Tavua remains at Annabelle's side, in case she needs some help. He dosen't touch her though, a little unsure how the missionary reacts to grief and loss, a little different from his own culture. He is respectful though, silent, the wind rustling the palm trees surrounding the mission.

Annabelle swallows hard, tears brimming but not falling. "We should dig first," she resolves suddenly, putting off the trip into the house. She tries again so he can understand. ~Dig first.~ That way she can put off the inevitable. ~The garden.~ It's less for sentimental reasons - though the reverend did truly love his little herb garden - and more for a practical matter of the ground being easier to dig there.

Tavua offers a nod of understanding. He finds his way to the garden, letting the moon guide his steps as he uses, ironically, the Reverend's gardening shovel, beginning to dig into the soft, well tilled earth. He shows some emotion as well, he knew the Reverend as well, afterall, and so each shovelfull of earth seems to get harder and harder for him.

Annabelle gets a spare shovel and starts digging as well. Her fingers are soon blistered but she doesn't seem to notice, single-minded on her task. They work in the light of the moon until they have two decently sized holes. Not as deep as proper, but they don't want to be here all night. ~Good.~ she concludes, looking down at the holes.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Beach (5 13)!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Beach (5 13)!

Tavua finishes, wiping a bit of sweat from his brow. He hears gunshots in the distance, but says nothing, the occurance hardly registering. Besides, he can't tell the difference between a Marine Garand and a Jap Arisaka yet. He steps aside, taking a few breaths, looking at Annabelle to make sure she is ready to go on.

«Ground Combat» You notice Kaito arrive at Clearing.

Annabelle hears the gunshots and looks up, but they sound pretty far away. But as she looks, she gasps, grabbing Tavua's arm to point out the Japanese fellow striding into the clearing.

Kaito comes tromping through the jungle brush. Not making much of an attempt to be stealthy. As who would be stupid enough to come back to this place, really? Perhaps he was sent back to look for that radio in the house. Or something. He mutters to himself as he goes. It's Japanese, but it probably has something to do with drawing the shit detail on this one. That sort of thing is universal. He tenses at the sounds from the beach. Marines!

«Game» Tavua changes its style to Stealth!

«Ground Combat» Tavua tries to hide!

«Game» Annabelle changes her style to Stealth!

«Ground Combat» Annabelle tries to hide!

Tavua motions to Annabelle for silence, drawing his machete. He watches the non-chalant Jap, squinting. Where there is one, there are usually more. He motions to Annabelle, putting a finger to his mouth, indicating silence as he silently slips into the night, circling, stepping lightly, his barefeet helping to muffle his movements.

«Ground Combat» Kaito fires his Arisaka Type 99 at Annabelle and hits!

Annabelle suffers 4 wound damage to her right arm.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Clearing (0 10)!

«Ground Combat» Tavua moves to engage Kaito in close quarters combat, and succeeds!

Kaito shoots at the first white thing he sees. Not really realizing it's a woman.

«Game» Tavua wields its Leuku!

Tavua sees that Kaito is distracted by Annabelle and charges in, howling to draw the Jap's attention, swinging with his Machete!

«Ground Combat» Tavua attacks Kaito in melee combat with its Leuku and hits! Kaito suffers 4 wound damage to his right chest.

Kaito barely glimpses Tavua until he's charged. He hastily raises his bayonet…which leaves him open to be stabbed in the chest.

Annabelle nods to Tavua, wide-eyed. She ducks down, clutching the shovel to her for protection, but isn't fast enough. The soldier shoots, and she's hit in the arm. She falls with a pained cry, clutching at her arm.

«Ground Combat» Kaito attacks Tavua in melee combat with his Arisaka Type 99 but misses!

Tavua manages a quick slash across Kaito's chest, drawing blood. He rears back, making quick work of his machete, as if cutting bamboo.

«Ground Combat» Tavua attacks Kaito in melee combat with its Leuku but Kaito blocks it!

«Ground Combat» Kaito attacks Tavua in melee combat with his Arisaka Type 99 and hits! Tavua suffers 2 wound damage to its left chest.

Kaito manages to get in a jab, fighting through the pain of his sucking chest wound.

«Ground Combat» Tavua attacks Kaito in melee combat with its Leuku but Kaito blocks it!

«Ground Combat» Kaito attacks Tavua in melee combat with his Arisaka Type 99 but misses!

«Game» Annabelle changes her style to TakeCover!

Tavua takes a stab to the chest, as it were. He reels back, swinging in vain, the pain causing him to miss wildly, but he returns with a vengeneance, fueled by rage!

«Ground Combat» Tavua attacks Kaito in melee combat with its Leuku but Kaito blocks it!

«Ground Combat» Kaito attacks Tavua in melee combat with his Arisaka Type 99 but misses!

«Game» Tavua changes its style to Banzai!

Annabelle clenches her teeth tightly against the pain, trying not to make a sound in case other soldiers are about. She watches the melee on pins and needles. Go Tavua!

«Ground Combat» Tavua attacks Kaito in melee combat with its Leuku but Kaito blocks it!

«Game» Kaito changes his style to Standard!

«Ground Combat» Kaito attacks Tavua in melee combat with his Arisaka Type 99 but Tavua blocks it!

«Ground Combat» Tavua attacks Kaito in melee combat with its Leuku and hits! Kaito suffers 3 wound damage to his head.

Kaito continues to strike at Tavua, but he's clearly struggling. Having his eye jabbed doesn't help.

Tavua clips Kaito upside the head, beating the somewhat smaller jap down with brute strength. The obscene length of that Arisaka makes it a little harder than one would think.

«Ground Combat» Kaito attacks Tavua in melee combat with his Arisaka Type 99 but misses!

«Ground Combat» Tavua attacks Kaito in melee combat with its Leuku and hits! Kaito suffers 4 wound damage to his abdomen.

«Ground Combat» Tavua attacks Kaito in melee combat with its Leuku but Kaito blocks it!

«Ground Combat» Kaito attacks Tavua in melee combat with his Arisaka Type 99 but misses!

Annabelle flinches as Kaito is struck once then twice. She's holding her breath, fearful for Tavua.

«Ground Combat» Tavua attacks Kaito in melee combat with its Leuku but misses!

«Ground Combat» Kaito attacks Tavua in melee combat with his Arisaka Type 99 and hits! Tavua suffers 2 wound damage to its head.

Kaito is now flailing rather desperately from loss of blood. His bayonet is still sharp, though.

Tavua swings a few more times, giving Kaito a bit of a bash, taking one in return. He looks to be fumbling a little, the surprise of it all. He bleeds from the head now, looking a little worse for wear as he tries to keep up the fight!

«Ground Combat» Tavua attacks Kaito in melee combat with its Leuku and hits! Kaito suffers 7 wound damage to his head.

«Ground Combat» *boom* Headshot!!!

Annabelle pushes herself to her feet when Tavua is struck again. "No," she gasps, but fortunately the native is right there with the comeback headshot. Yay! But also… eeww. And still also… Ow.

Kaito falls limply to the ground. Without his head.

Tavua swings, putting all his muscle into it. The not-exactly-sharp machete hacks through the thin Japanese neck, the meaty object tumbling to the grassy floor with a light thump, blood spurting from the arteries as the Islander watches the Jap crumple. He pants heavily, blood soaking his muscular chest, staining his loincloth as he watches emotionlessly. A few more breaths and he looks to Annabelle, rushing towards her, kneeling, making sure she is ok.

Annabelle falls back to her knees after the soldier is dispatched, still staring at the corpse with wide eyes. Only when Tavua comes next to her does she tear her gaze away, gulping. "Are you…" the words fail her as she sees his bleeding head. Her own arm is limp at her side, the other hand pressed over it. Face tight with pain, but she doesn't seem too bad off.

Tavua shakes his head, ~I fine.~ he grunts, his wounds are a little deep, but nothing too life threatening of course. ~We go back… or stay to bury Father?~

Annabelle is relieved to see that Tavua isn't too badly hurt. At his question, she looks uncertainly to the graves they dug. She knows it isn't safe to remain, but a look to the mission house sways her. ~Stay, please. Finish.~ the words are gritted out. They've gone through too much to just walk away.

«Game» Tavua unwields its Leuku!

Tavua nods, putting his machete away, not bother to wipe the blood yet. He moves to the mission house, looking to see if he can find the bodies. The smell must be a little bad, given the humid atmosphere. he dosen't seem to mind a lot, picking up the first body and carrying it outside towards the graves.

Annabelle isn't much help, unfortunately, with her arm all a mess. She does stand, though, as the body is brought out. Edward's. It's probably good that it's so dark and she can't get a good look. Two days in the jungle can't be pretty. She ducks her head, eyes shut.

Tavua gingerly lays the man to rest in the grave. He is as respectful as he can be, given the circumstances. He stands, taking a step back, glancing to Annabelle to see if she wants to speak a few words.

Annabelle waits until he's finished, and then does speak, her voice taut with pain and grief. "Dear Lord…" The prayer is mumbled in parts, not that Tavua can understand most of it anyway, but then at the end she finishes with. "Goodbye, darling." Still holding back on the waterworks, but only barely.

Tavua solemnly fills in Edward's grave, patting the soft, fresh earth, remembering to return later and put up a cross when time permits. He sets the shovel down and goes to bring back the Reverend, setting him in the other grave, returning to Annabelle's side.

The process is repeated once more for the dear Reverend, and the graves covered up. Anna then looks back to the house. "There's something…" Switching for Tavua's benefit. ~Must get.~ She walks to the door, which is mostly off the hinges after the grenade and whatnot, and ventures tentatively inside. Must not look at chunkified soldiers, though the stench causes her to gag.

Tavua follows Annabelle, remaining outside the house. ~I return tomorrow… take care of bodies… keep smell out.. you move back in?~ he asks, ~Welcome to stay in village if you like~.

Annabelle manages somehow not to be sick. Probably because she didn't eat much today. She nods her thanks to Tavua. ~Thank you. Stay with soldiers for some day. Help doctor. After, maybe village.~ She proceeds into the back of the mission house to get two small books from the bedroom. By the time she returns, she's looking a bit unsteady on her feet. ~Finished.~ she says weakly.

Tavua nods, remaining silent. He offers to help Annabelle, leading her northwards and back to the Marine camp.

Annabelle takes the offered help with a nod of gratitude, and leans on him as they head back to the American camp.

Tavua heads off North.

Annabelle is leaning heavily on Tavua when they finally make it back to the American camp. Trudging through swamps and jungle is not fun when your arm hurts like hell. Her sleeve is soaked with blood, a bullet hole visible if one gets close enough. In her good hand she's clutching two leatherbound books.

Fredricks comes out of the Aid station, lookin tired, RIGHT in time to see the new wounded, "Shit!" He says, and heads over, "Come in!" He calls, moving to help support

Tavua looks a little worse for wear, his entire chest and legs soaked in blood, a few wounds on his own form. He dosen't seem to understand Fredricks, glancing warily to Annabelle, white voodoo doctor!

Annabelle lifts her head up when she sees the doctor. ~Is all right,~ she mumbles to Tavua in Melanesian. ~He says go in.~ She nods her head towards the tent. She'll go wherever they take her.

Tavua nods, making his way to the first aid tent. He looks a little more nervous than usual, especially when he sees all the wounded Marines and those tools of pain.

Fredricks moves the pair into the tent, and Moving Tavua into a Cot, He looks to Annabelle, "What happened?" He asks as he starts looking at the wounds incurred.

Annabelle sinks down onto a cot, wincing at the movement. "Nip soldier. At the mission." She grits her teeth, biting back a sound.

Tavua takes a seat on a cot, glancing around, nervously still as he lets the Doctor apply some bandages to staunch the slow ooze of blood from his fresh wounds.

Fredricks takes an evil White Man thing and pokes Tavua. White it may be but it makes all the pain.. go away. After the Morphiene, he starts working on Tavua, "This isn't too bad, really, but some of it's serious." He looks tired. "you went back to the mission? I thought the Japanese were there."

"Not when we got there," Anna explains. Feeling a little lightheaded, more from emotional shock than any physical damage, she lies down on her cot, cradling her arm. "Tavua," she calls, ~You all right?~

Tavua gets a more relaxed look in his eyes, slumping a bit on the cot as the strange drug flows through his system. With a little contented sigh he slinks back on the cot, bleary eyed, the pain sure did go away!

Fredricks finishes with Tavua and moves to Annabelle, starting to work on her, stabalizing her wound, "Well, he's asleep. You speak his language, I take it?" He asks as he applies a local anesthetic to the wounded area.

"Is he all right?" Anna asks again, brow furled with concern for her friend. She gives a weak nod to his question. "Aye, passably well." She stifles a cry when he starts fiddling with the arm.

Fredricks nods, "He'll be fine, your arm is worse off than his wounds." He continues working. "You should take one of the Marines with you if you go off, Ms. Clark." He keeps working, "almost done." He says, pulling out a small piece of metal, "you're lucky you survived."

Annabelle whimpers quietly as the bullet is dug out of her arm, other hand clutching her books with a white-knuckled grip. "Thought they'd stop us," she mumbles, a weak explanation for not taking Slayback. She doesn't comment about her luck.

Fredricks tinks the bullet into a metal basin, "What makes you say that?" He asks, applying the bandages. "I'm sure someone would have gone with you. As it is, you're lucky this is all that happened. Not a firearm between the pair of you, and the Japs are not exactly forgiving about that kind of thing."

Annabelle shakes her head. "I just thought…" Thought that the marines would have better things to do than escort a crazy missionary into enemy territory to bury the other dead missionaries. But she can't really articulate all that just now, being rather overwhelmed. "I'm sorry," she whimpers, tears spilling over. "Please, it hurts very much." A weak plea both for drugs and a stay of execution on the lecture.

Fredricks nods, "Shh, it's okay." He says, finishing the wrap, resting a hand on her shoulder, gently pressing her into the cot as his other hand deftly inserts a needle into her, "It's alright, don't worry about it. Rest, and when you wake up, you can help Tavua recover from this." He says gently, "We're trying to help. That's why we're here."

Annabelle gives the doctor a weak nod, crying a little until the morphine kicks in and she drifts into a restless sleep.

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