A Letter From Fish

Dear Mother and Father,
I am writing if only to selfishly ease my nerves. That and I worry about you, working so hard at home. How are my brothers and sisters? I have had so much grief since I was promoted, now I know why men look so old here sometimes. I've made friends, and some of the people here are very kind. But this island is itself, in a way, a circle of hell. The night I am writing this is a bit rough. I fear some have been lost, and it pains me. Why should it pain me? It is such a regular occurance, but they were my squadmates… I was supposed to watch over them. But I couldn't, but I didn't. Why does this sinking despair creep in so?
I can't really go into detail, but I've been learning a few new things. I can catch fish now! The chaplain here is Catholic, so I've been making confession and going to the Masses as I can. We even learned how to make tea with the flowers here. I met some parrots too! They're very vibrantly colored and can speak. It is the most precious thing, they have teeny talons. Would you believe it? I suspect the only reason I'm not sick is that I reek of napalm all day. On a happier note, my camera is getting a lot of work. The guys like to send pictures home. Some of the poses are funny, but they like them. What can you do really? I'm sending back a picture of myself with a fish and some friends. We fried it up. It was very nice.
I am sorry I have to write this in English, German tends to get looked at a little funny. It's good practice anyway I guess. I send you all my love and home to come home soon. I miss Nana and my fiancee very much. Is she sick? She has not written to me and none of you mention her anymore. I hope things are alright. I wonder if she'll be mad I've got a rather nasty scar on my jaw now. Well, maybe not nasty. Someone said it looks a bit fierce? I don't know what to think really. It's a lot to think on. But if you could, please send something like clean socks. That'd be fantastic.

With love,
Your Fish (Ryan).

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