Grigory Zaizev
Grigory Himmelreich Zaizev
Portrayed By Jason Statham
Gender Male
Age 35
Aliases Durdan Mikhailovich
Place of Birth Stalingrad, Russia
Occupation Writer


  • Born in Stalingrad to a successful, yet outspoken Communist Party Official, Orvick Zaizev and his German wife, Annalize.
  • Raised not to think like the masses by his mother, who was later killed by rioters trying to rid Stalingrad of outside influences.
  • Sent to Kiev by his father to attend the university there. Shortly after this, Orvick's highly anti-Communist political views led Stalin to exile Orvick and eventually to his imprisonment in a gulag.
  • Went to school to become a writer, but his anti-Stalin writings that he writes under the pseudonym Durdan Mikhailovich do not do well in the highly indoctrinated Russia, leading him to struggle for money.
  • After serving in the military for a few months during Stalingrad, he was taken by a Commissar to a penal battalion.


Here is a man with something to prove. Just on this side of tall with a lithe build, he seems to be feeling the full weight of his years. Looking somewhere in his mid-thirties, there is a light of determination and thirst in his face, as well as a distinctive stubbornness. As far as good looks go… While he -is- striking, he is not the most handsome man to ever woo a lady. However, there is a certain fire in his eye, a purposeful air to his walk, and an expressive smile that some might call "charming".

The spark in his light blue eyes is one of resolve and passion. The two eyes peer from between thick, dark lashes; a slightly crooked nose rests amid the typical chisled features of a true Russian giving him the look of a shrewd thinker, and a head of dark hair is worn close to the head, just long enough to appear black in shadow and lightly sun-streaked with brown and gold in full sunlight.

This soldier is wearing a baggy light green tunic and pants, with darker green collar tabs, a leather belt crossing over their waist, together with an ammo pouch. A leather driving cap rests on his head when a commisar isn't around, his pilotka staying strapped through his belt: it has a brass button on the front, imprinted with the ubiquitous hammer-and-sickle of the USSR. A long felt mantle covers the tunic and pants. Across his chest is strapped a light brown messenger bag full of various items.



  • Taught German by his mother before she was killed.
  • Galina Solokov, his friend and lover, is in the army, much to his dismay, but they still find time to spend together.
  • Has a minor in psychology.
  • Deeply religious, but he hides it well.
  • Took piano lessons for several years.
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